Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – Change of the freestyle concept [27/30]


Freestyle in the mid 90’s was well-knit like a choreography. It is true that back then, freestyle was more about showing your skills than enjoying dance itself. It was closer to showing off than true dancing. Some dancers like Yang Sun Kyu (Def Company CEO), Kang Min, including myself, knew how to enjoy dancing, thanks to the exchange we had with foreign dancers. We spread the true street dance in Korea. That’s why we cannot forget about the important role that foreign dancers play in bringing change and diversity to Korean dance.

Indonesian dancer Amri [sp??], Japanese dancers, Oba, Oshima, Kazu, Stenzo, Gori, Ozi, Hiro, Pino, Go, Ishigo. From the US, there were Elite Force (such as Buddha, Link, Bobby, Ejoe, Terry), The Electric Boogaloos (such as Pete, Skit, Sam, Sugar Pop)

Amri, Stenzo, Go, Ishigo freestyled by mixing new jack swing and the hip hop feel. Oba and Oshima spread the BOO style that was a mix between new school hip hop, pop and wave. Kazu’s style was about soul, tap dance hip hop and animation. Hiro and Pino did house dance, Gori did his own poppin style. Ozi spread the basics and the educational system about any genre.

Thanks to them, many crews such as Gorilla, NY Crew, People Crew, Hi.Tech, Dunga were formed. Many dancers began doing activities as they tried to enjoy dancing and diverse freestyling.

Original article: sportsseoul
Translation: @onesunnylady –


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