Choi Seung Min’s Dance History – “Dance is life” Kazu [29/30]


Kazu is a Japanese dancer who had a big influence on Korean hip-hop.

His popularity goes way back. People got to know him because he freestyled in the music video of Japanese group ZOO’s 6th album in 1993-1994. Back then with the dance boom led by Yang Goon (Yang Hyun Suk), many dancers used Kazu’s dance style as a life motto.

It was the same for Amry, but finding info on Kazu was hard. When the Young Tucks Club was doing activities for the song “Jung” from our 1st full album, Kazu’s activities were highlited in a video of dance content called Japan Dance Delight. the Young Tucks Club’s 1st album activities. Many dancers paid attention to him and to what he did.

Kazu who was going for the traditional hip hop style was a member of the team called Strut. The members were Kazu, Shinichioba, Oshima. Many singers such as the Young Tucks Club, HOT, Goofy, Turbo, Jinusean were influenced by them.

For his solo album activities in 1999, Lee Juno personally invited Kazu to Korea. This album was a global project with Korean dancers (Choi Seung Min, Poppin Hyun Joon, Kang Min) and Japanese dancers (Kazu, Oji, Gori, Go, Xingya). After that, he also worked in Korea as a choreographer for SM Entertainment singer Boa.

He’s over 50 now, but he’s still active as a dancer. He’s now a mentor. I still remember what he always said. “Dance is life”. He’s one of the most respectable dancers.

Original article: sportsseoul
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