Nam Sang Mi talks about “Slow Video”


Nam Sang Mi

What was people’s reaction about Soo Mi who was a bright character?

First of all, I really liked this character. I felt like I was finding some positive energy again, so it was good. The director and Cha Tae Hyun saw me and said “this is definitely Soo Mi”. People around me also said we were similar. They said we had in common the fact that we’re wild and straightforward, we don’t judge this or that and we just go straight ahead. Some people said I looked like more So In, my character in “Joseon Gunman”, than Soo Mi, so my question was “do I look that smart?”. (laugh)

Why did you decide to shoot “Slow Video”?

When we were reaching the last stage of “Goddess of Marriage” filming, I wanted to do a bright project. I wanted a fun character to have good energy. I was telling myself that I wanted a bright role for my next projet and I was offered the role in “Slow Video” at that time. I actually wanted to take some rest, but I wanted to do a bright role, so I started filming the movie right after I finished “Goddess of Mariage”.

Your character in “Goddess of Mariage” was really depressed, so how did you manage to play a bright character right after that?

Actors have their own way to leave a character when a project is over. For me, it was to get a good opportunity. Playing a bright character right after “Goddess of Mariage”, I was able to enjoy to leave the character behind. Acting made me get rid of the hard stuff acting brings me. I feel quite blessed when I see this. I live by being thankful.

I liked Soo Mi’s hairstyle and outfits.

I really liked it too. When Kim Young Tak made me his offer, he was cautious as he said he’d like me to try this hair style. I think it was because I’m an actress. I really liked the suggestion, so I said okay. I felt very comfortable once my perm was done. I even want to keep this hairstyle in my daily life. Even when I tied my hair, I had volume and when I washed my hair, I could just brush it and I didn’t really have to worry about it. It was nice. And people actually didn’t recognize me. (laugh) And there was no other style of clothes that went well with this hair style. I usually buy clothes according to the project I’m working on, so when I was playing Soo Mi, I bought many knitwear. I have many at home.

What was good about acting this role this time around?

I let go when I was on the set. The words the director told me the most were “does an actress must do things like this?”. More than playing Soo Mi, I just let go. When I was monitoring myself, I fell asleep because of the stove’s warmth as if I wore padding. I’m usually nervous when I’m on a set, so how much did I let go for the director to say “don’t actresses usually sleep on their way to the set? It’s my first time seeing an actress like me”. It was possible for Soo Mi. I could absolutely not do that for “Joseon Gunman”, “Goddess of Marriage”, “Life is Beautiful”, “Light and Shadow”. I let go, which I hadn’t done in quite some time.

What was the best thing about filming “Slow Video”?

The emotional taste was good. Nowadays, there are even mixed-used apartments, smart phones make everything convenient and it’s all about going fast most of the time. Our movie has this analog side to it. There’s this nostalgia, this fragrance to it. It’s a movie that allows you to take a break and breathe. And I enjoyed the pictures created in the movie. There’s this on-going warmth because there’s something touching about it as if these pictures were short and unintentional. When I first received the scenario, I thought it’d be a business movie, but when I looked at the final result, it feels lyrical. It was like a fairy tale and not like reality.

What did you think of actor Cha Tae Hyun and how was it to work with him?

I’m a fan since I was in middle school. I was a fan when Cha Tae Hyun-sunbaenim danced and sang. Then, I found out more about him while watching hhim in dramas and variety programs such as “1N2D”. I thought he was someone with a bright personality who made people smile/laugh. I thought he’d be talking non-stop and joke around. However, he’s actually quite focused. Working with him made me realize his actor’s strength. He’s also charismatic. His attitude suddenly changed whenever he even worried about the staff’s energy and the atmosphere on the set.

Are you stuck with the nice girl image?

I want to take on a villain role or a charismatic role with action scenes. I’m confident about it, but I don’t know if it’s something the audience would want to see me do. I’m confident that I don’t have expectations for “nice girl” roles, but I think many people still have this question mark about me because there are reactions like “I wish Nam Sang Mi would be like this”. As an actress, I’m ambitious, so I want to show a different side of me, but I think overcoming this is what I must work for. I think I must wait. I think they must diligently give me constant trust. When you knock at a door, it will open eventually.

What’s different about acting when you’re in your 20’s and when you’re in your 30’s?

There was less pressure when I was in my 20’s. It’s clear that being in your 20’s makes you brave. Now, I act while feeling this sense of responsibility, pressure and expectation. When I was in my 20’s, my mind was more at ease because there were many things I was discovering. Now, I spent a lot of energy by focusing on just one thing. I feel like it’s becoming less sincere when I try to immerse myself in one emotion. As an actress, I try my best not to lose this sincerity. I think I must be careful about the projects I pick. That’s why it was comfortable for me to play Soo Mi.

Original article: Osen via Nate
Translation: @onesunnylady


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