[Elle Korea] 10-year anniversary, Jung Hye Young and Sean’s Rewind Wedding


Sean et Jung Hye Young - Elle

Sean and Jung Hye Young celebrated their 10-year anniversary on October 8th… I actually can’t believe that I’ve been following this annual celebration for like 5 years now. It always feels good to see people who look happy, and I mean, really happy. Of course, life ain’t easy for no one. But this is what happiness is about, knowing how to keep it together and see the bright side to things and keep moving forward no matter what. And this little family, this couple, just puts a smile on my face. And Sean makes you want to believe that most of K-dramas’ second leads (you know this sweet and nice guy that the lead girl NEVER chooses over the controlling and possessive and childish lead guy?) might be true at some extent… which I don’t know if it’s a good thing or not, actually… Any-wayyy, these are the quotes taken from their Elle interview for their 10-year anniversary wedding photo shoot.

“The swan looks beautiful when you look abover the water, but in order to look beautiful on the surface, the swan moves its feet quite a lot under the water. It’s the same for our family. If you look from the outside, we shine through this peaceful and happy image, but behind all of this, there’s the sacrifice of Hye Young who tries her best as a wife and a mom.” (Sean)

“Raising 4 kids is hard, but I didn’t know how much fun it would be. Ha Eum, Harang, Ha Yul, Ha El, each one of them thinks being the only one with a treasure house. The maknae grabs any pencil or bracelet she sees on her unnie’s desk and stores them in her underwear drawer. My first kid hides stuff in her bag, the second one, it’s behind furniture, the third one, it’s under a pillow. It’s cute, right?” (Jung Hye Young)

“I used to be rough and harsh. I was short-tempered. However, like the jeweller at work, my husband makes me beautiful, even if it means being stung and bleeding because of his words. People who have known me for a long time say that my personality changed a lot since I got married.” (Jung Hye Young)

“It’s common for wives to badmouth their husbands when they get together and the husbands cut their wives down to size. Every one has their good sides and flaws, is it necessary to criticize in front of others the one I’m spending my life with? What I’m saying is that if we bring each other up, we can really become this person we can be.” (Sean)

“I think love isn’t about sacrifying yourself. It’s about sharing a mutual happiness. When you think in terms of “sacrifice”, it’s tough, but if you think of it as happiness, strength comes.” (Sean)

“When I think back about these 10 years, what I remember the most is when I gave birth to my first, then second, third and fourth kid. Then, it’s the day Ha Eum wen to school! The whole family went to see her off at the school gate and I cried. I was emotional.” (Jung Hye Young)

“This is what I say to the kids. “Kids, your birthdays are days to be thankful for your mom who really went through pain to bring you into this world!” (Sean)

“I receive so many gifts. Five for my birthday, the marriage anniversary, the 1,000th day, the 2,000th day, Valentine’s day, to Christmas! We’re getting closer to the 5,000th day!” (Jung Hye Young)

[t/n: in case you wonder, I’ll save you the math. 5,000 days are a little less than 13 years]

“This morning, before the “remind wedding” photo shoot, I suddenly thought about our wedding which happened ten years ago. Although 10 years have passed, loving this man is something I’m very thankful for, I feel that it’s a blessing and I’m lucky.” (Jung Hye Young)

“As life goes on, a husband and a wife change. If my spouse doesn’t become a jewel, she’s not the problem, I am. Because I’m not doing what I must be doing, my partner can’t change.” (Sean)

“We never hesitate to express our affection even in front of our kids. This morning too, we woke up and greeted each other with “bless you”, “I love you” on our way to the bathroom.” (Jung Hye Young)

“Love must be expressed. What’s important is not to do things the way I want to but to do things the way she wants to. And you can clearly get this “I’m being loved by this person” feeling!” (Sean)

“Because of the greediness that makes you want to feed your kids better and no one else, many bad things happen in this world. However, more than having one kid living well, I want a world where my kids live happily because it means that my kids will also be happy.” (Sean)

10 Years ago…

“I think marriage is this on-going process about polishing a rough jewel and turning it into a gem. The probability to meet your partner is to find that one person out of 3,000,000,000. And, through me, this person will become a jewel for me and only me. So more than being worried about who I will meet, I think what’s important is what kind of person I can become for this person I [know I] will meet. In my case, when I compare Sean the singer from ten years ago and the Sean I am today, if there’s a change, it’s because Hye Young made me this way.” (Sean)


“Our family thinks of today as the most important thing, that’s why we’re happier today*. I don’t want our kids to be miserable even for a day in order to go to a good college ten years from now. If we live like this one day after the other, just like today is a day I didn’t think would come ten years ago, won’t we enjoy a bigger happiness ten years from now?” (Jung Hye Young)



* She’s actually using the quote Sean posts on Twitter and Instagram all the time. “오늘 더 행복해” = being happier today. I so want to be there for their 20th anniversary. I want another photo shoot with the kids.


Original article: Elle (1), ( 2)
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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  1. Jess says:

    Thank you for translating this! Sean and Hye Jung are such great people.

    1. onesunnylady says:

      Thank you for sharing!

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