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Lee Minki - Nylon

How does it feel to be on “Nylon” cover?

Although I was a model for a long time, I don’t have one single picture of me at home. When the actors I’m close with have good pictures, I have them enlarged and put them on my walls, but I’m not the kind to do this stuff. I really like this concept this time around. This might become the first time I actually hang pictures of me at home.

“Nylon” and you have history together. It was a photo shoot where you had long hair. Do you remember?

Of course, I remember. Because I talked a lot about it even around me. (laugh) After that, there were so many changes in my life. The films I starred in for the past two years didn’t really do well. I felt like I changed. That’s what Nylon was to me. These “Nylon” pictures were so beautiful that I loved them. I really enjoyed the tone you used for the pictures back then and the one you’re using today.

Reporters who interviewed you said you seem to do a photo shoot even when you stay still. There are also times when you seem to be doing a photo shoot even in your everyday life. Are you aware of that?

“Don’t look cool on purpose, just be natural”. That’s what I tell myself. Whoever feels an awkward gaze gets stiff and uncomfortable. When you get rid of the pressure and feel comfortable, it’s when you are the most natural. When I do a photo shoot, I don’t worry about looking cool either.

Your everyday life looks like a photo shoot. It’s kind of hard to see you for the human being you are and to approach you.

Because I don’t enjoy exposing myself to the audience. People look at me and I don’t want them to guess this or that about me. There are times when I purposely close my heart.

I watched a variety program you did recently. You didn’t talk, but you sometimes said suggestive words. They had a big impact.

It’s true that I’m not the type to speak before someone actually talks to me first. However, my character or my personality changes according to the moment. It depends of the person I’m talking with. Isn’t it the same for everybody?

You called yourself a good drinker. I feel that your personality comes out somehow when you drink alcohol.

It’s different every time. The variation is naturally big, right? I drink a lot in one time. I don’t have hangovers because I think to myself “let’s drink fast and get drunk fast and let’s go home!”. That’s because drinking parties that last forever aren’t something I enjoy.

When you say you don’t have hangovers, do you mean that you’re healthy?

I feel like my health got better while I was filming the movie “Shoot My Heart”. When a film shooting is over, the actors and the producers usually go to a bar, but this time, my co-star was (Yeo) Jin Gu who is in high school. Thanks to that, when the shooting was over, I got to stock up some energy while resting at the dorm. (laugh)

You have a 12-year age difference with him, but you play characters of the same age in the movie “Shoot My Heart”?

I tried my best to convey the feeling that we’re the same age since there’s such a big age difference in real life.

I feel like I heard about this movie about 5 years ago. I remember it as the production took quite some time. Didn’t you get a hard time because of that?

I first got the scenario 5 years ago. The character in the scenario was in his mid-20’s. It was exactly my age, so I enjoyed playing this role. I got to resolve some of my worries while shooting this movie. The worries I had for five years were the same, so it was a good thing. I still couldn’t get rid of these worries, but there’s a difference between living while having these worries and when you don’t have them [?].

Can you talk about which worry you had?

I was just worried about my future. People think “it’s okay to be unhappy today for the future”, but I wonder if it means finding happiness for sure. While doing this movie, I thought to myself “don’t sacrifice today for a better future”.

Living a life while staying true to reality is harder than you think.

Indeed. I’m not good at sacrificing the present for a moment that might not even come.

After doing mostly movies with characters that stand out, wasn’t it hard to choose a movie who was more about a strong story than a strong character?

Of course, this was what I worried about at the beginning. The audience feels the charm of wild characters. However, it’s a movie with a strong story, so I think it will leave special memories.

What are your standards for what you’d call good acting and bad acting?

Isn’t bad acting about being too emotional and isn’t good acting about leaving something to the imagination of the audience? There are times when you can show emotions too strongly when you’re into the role, but this will be a burden for the actor(s) you act with or for the producers and of course for the audience. On the contrary, if you’re sure about your character, you have more freedom in the way you portray it.

When was the worst reviews you got from the audience?

I don’t look at comments on a regular basis, but I do read them sometimes. Bad comments can be made anytime, so I don’t really worry about them. It’s just that I feel like I’m lacking sometimes. When I feel this way, it weighs on my mind.

How do you feel better in moments like this?

There’s no other choice but to go through it. I have no other method but to suck it up and tell to myself “I’m lacking on this aspect. I need to fix this”.

Have you ever had insomnia because of mean comments?

I’m not the kind to get overly anxious. On the contrary, when I read clever mean comments, I think it’s amazing and I say to myself “wow, how can he/she get such unique way of thinking?”.

You debuted more than 10 years ago. Aren’t there people in this industry you can call “my people”?

I still don’t have that. If anything, there’s no director I worked with until now who hasn’t called me back for a new role. When they called me, I was really happy. Because of the circumstances or because there were schedule conflicts, there were times when I couldn’t work with a director who called me. I could only be sorry when it happened.

Is there something you’d like to tell to yourself?

I want to make a few requests. First, I hope I won’t get tired of changing. It’s not about the situations. My feelings can change, so I think I need not to be too sensitive. If I’m happy today, there might be unhappiness tomorrow, so I think I’ll need self-control.

Do you have special plans for this month?

I’m determined to live a little bit more organized life. I’m thinking of drinking less and make life plans. (laugh)



t/n: He probably did this photo shoot just a couple of days before his surprise enlistment in early August.

Original article: nylon
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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  1. jandoe says:

    Hi onesunnylady 🙂 haven’t been here in awhile, hope you’ve been good! 🙂 Thanks for translating this, omg I had no idea he enlisted in early August… I will miss seeing him on my screen but as far as my memory goes, the military experience has mostly done good things to actors so I’ll wait patiently for his comeback :p thanks again for translating, I enjoyed reading this!

    1. onesunnylady says:

      I honestly think it was the right timing for him. I read a couple of his interviews in 2013-2014 and he sounded… I wouldn’t say bitter, but he was very blunt about how his career wasn’t as successful as he wanted it to be or how people anticipated it would be when he debuted. I feel like he needs time to clear his mind and figure out how to gain back control over what he really wants to do. 🙂

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