[October 2014 – Vogue Girl] Jang Ki Yong and Nam Joo Hyuk – Oh Boy! Interview


Nam Joo Hyuk et Jang Ki Yong - Vogue Girl

VOGUE GIRL: The two of you are both models who made their first step into the acting world. Joo Hyuk is currently filming “Surplus Princess” which is being broadcast on tvN. Ki Yong was cast for TV Chosun’s “Greatest Marriage”.

Joo Hyuk: Baek Seung Ryong PD-nim saw me in the Akdong Musician’s music video and personally called my agency to offer me a role. I was planning to refuse politely at first. I was worried because of my braces that made my pronunciation inaccurate and I had no desire to be an actor. However, the director was so enthusiastic and people at my agency said it was a good opportunity that they convinced me and I changed my mind. There was nothing like being enthralled by the director’s words such as “I will make you the second Lee Jong Suk”.
Ki Yong: People said many people auditioned for the role I played. I heard the one who auditioned right before me was about five times better, but I got selected because I matched the character and the image well.

V.G: Ki Yong, your “1-second cameo” in “It’s Okay, It’s Love” made a big impact.

Ki Yong: To be honest, I didn’t even take an audition for this cameo. Thanks to the fact that the director liked me, I got to shoot briefly. I had no line, I ride a bike and I just appear like that. I pick up Oh So Nyeo (played by Lee Sung Kyung) and I disappear. It’s the end. It seems that it did make an impact.

V.G: Nam Joo Hyuk, are you similar to your character “Big”?

Joo Hyuk: Big is me. I just made the character to be me. I have a bright personality like him, so I just acted like I usually do and it turned out well. More than doing things in a certain way or having one specific intention, I’m just trying to make it natural.

V.G: Ki Yong, what do you think of Joo Hyuk’s acting?

Ki Yong: We both have no experience in acting and we’re both from Kyungsang-do. However, Joo Hyuk’s character uses saturi, so I feel it makes his acting a bit more natural. And since they have similar personalities, people who look at him aren’t burdened. It doesn’t seem bad for a first time. (V.G: Joo Hyuk, did you watch Ki Yong’s scene in “It’s Okay, It’s Love?”)
Joo Hyuk: I didn’t.
Ki Yong: Hey!
Joo Hyuk: I didn’t. I must see his real debut that isn’t a 1-second cameo. It’s “The Greatest Love.”
Ki Yong: You know it’s “The Greatest Marriage”?

What is the most impressive thing about being on a set?

Joo Hyuk: I’m getting used to the “stand-by time’ on the set. Fifteen minutes before call time, things get delayed for an hour. Then ten minutes again before call time, it gets delayed for five hours. You’re already out there, but there’s nothing to do, so you only keep eating.
Ki Yong: I remember the scene where I speak with Jo Eun Ji-sunbaenim while driving. I’m a country guy, so I had fantasies about how TV filming worked. I had always been curious about how driving scenes were filmed. It was awesome to actually film one. There’s one car in the front, there’s also one camera in front of the car and on the side. I feel like I told Jo Eun Ji-sunbaenim 100 times how awesome it was.

V.G: You mean a “country guy” who is from a megalopolis?

Ki Yong: Definitely a country guy! Ulsan is smaller than Busan where Joo Hyuk grew up. You can’t compare this to Seoul. There’s nothing you can’t find in Seoul. There are so many people. When there’s traffic jam, it takes about 2 hours to go from one neighborhood to another. If there’s traffic jam in Ulsan, you’d take like 30 minutes to go from one end to another end? When I dreamed about being a model and I watched fashion show videos, my heart almost fluttered because I was so excited. It made me fantasize about Seoul. Like when I’d see with my own eyes the King Sejong bronze statue in Gwanghwamun.

V.G: I heard the two of you are close in real life.

Ki Yong: We’re in the same agency, but we got many occasions to work together, so we became close. Joo Hyuk is always smiling, he treats his hyungs well. The work he also did as he made himself known is praiseworthy. When he sometimes says nonsense things to be funny, I want to punch him, but he is definitely cute.
Joo Hyuk: I guess it’s because I’m an only child, so I just follow the hyungs. I joke around a lot. The first time I saw Ki Yong-hyung was for a photo shoot back when I was in my third year of high school. I would have never thought we’d get to work together and we’d get to talk.
Ki Yong: Just two years ago, (Park) Hyung Seop and I were almost always the maknaes among male models. There was usually a five-year age difference with the other hyungs. At some point, I became a hyung too and I also want to take care and help the others. (V.G: As in when the interview is over, you’re going to have a meal together. What would you say to him?) Hm, when I’m eating, I must focus on my food.

V.G: You do have things in common like you’re both models and you wore braces at the beginning.

Joo Hyuk: I asked him once if wearing braces wasn’t uncomfortable to work. He just told me not to worry about it and I felt at ease.
Ki Yong: Working with braces gave me this sweet and cute image and I got to do many photo shoots, thanks to that. For 1 year and a half, I felt I was just “eating and living”. As time went by, there was this big impression that I couldn’t have a manly image. I experienced a big slump for a while. When I got my braces removed, my face angles stood out more and I worked out too, so I got to do concepts that I couldn’t do before. I gained confidence as if I had gone back to the beginning.

V.G: Although you’re doing both modeling and acting activities, you couldn’t do fashion shows overseas while you were shooting a drama in Korea. Aren’t you worried about your modeling career?

Ki Yong: Either it goes well or not, I feel like I have regrets if I don’t try to work overseas. I want to see the end of what I have already started. When I finish filming this drama, I’m thinking about getting ready and trying to go overseas if I don’t have another filming at the end of the year.
Joo Hyuk: I haven’t been modeling for a year. I got to film a drama when I was wondering if it was time to do something properly, so it’s a bit unfortunate. Like, should I start all over again after getting adjusted to something? However, acting has its own charm. I want to try to do both. I’d hate to only put my feet in the model world.

V.G: So who would you pick as your model among actors?

Joo Hyuk: Seo In Guk-sunbaenim. He started out as a singer, but whenever you see him, you don’t say “why would he be an actor if he’s a singer?”. It’s so cool to see he’s recognized in both fields. To be honest, there are many actors who started out as idols or singers, but there are more and more cases when you hear bad things about them because of their acting skills.
Ki Yong: Clearly there will be a prejudice against the two of us because we were able to debut easily as actors. It can’t be helped because it is true that we didn’t study acting for a long time and there are many people who are much better actors than us. All we can do is to work hard and show proudly a good image. I hope I’ll get to be someone’s role model ten years from now and hear “I want to become like Jang Ki Yong-sunbaenim”.

V.G: Joo Hyuk, you also gained a lot of popularity because you filmed JTBC’s “Going To School”. Are you also interested in doing variety programs?

Joo Hyuk: I did “Going To School” with the mindset that I really wanted to go back to my school days. I feel like it was just like going back to my high school days. During class, I’d play omok and stay alert. I’d fall while playing soccer on the schoolyard. There was this classmate in the school I went to not long ago. He was quite fun and laughing was the only things to do. If there’s a “Cool Kiz on the Block” basketball special, I definitely want to go.

V.G: You don’t seem to be very active on SNS. Joo Hyuk’s Twitter page has 4 tweets, but there are 15,000 followers. What is this?

Joo Hyuk: Oh, really? I didn’t know! I gave up on Twitter because it’s too difficult. I almost use nothing but Instagram.
Ki Yong: I never figured out how to use Twitter. (V.G: When you get something new, you try it, aren’t you like this?) I usually watch my friends getting new stuff and use them first. Then I usually go quietly to the market on my own and buy it if they’re satisfied. I’m someone quite cautious.
Joo Hyuk: The moment I step out, anything I do is a game?

V.G: You’re both said to be nice people who behave well. You will probably get more famous as you appear on broadcasts, so is there a possibility that your personality change?

Joo Hyuk: Never! It can’t because I’ve seen “bad examples” before. I must never be like this. I promised this to myself. I think too myself “who would love someone like this? If I’m like this, I’ll fail.”
Ki Yong: I must go for the long run! First of all, my family makes humility an important thing, so such thing can’t happen. (V.G: Your father puts an emphasis on being humble?) Yes. Although my dad tells me that I understand quite well, he keeps telling me this. My mom is the same. It shows how important it is. They say it for my own sake, so even if they say it often, I must happily keep that in mind.

Original article: Vogue Girl
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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