[November 2014 – Marie Claire] Beautiful, Lee Guk Joo


Marie  Claire - Lee Guk Joo

You look so much more beautiful in real life.

Do I? I wonder if people would say I’m beautiful if it wasn’t for me being “gagwoman Lee Guk Joo”. (laugh)

Besides, your skin is so white and so pretty. Do you have a special skin care routine?

I didn’t know how great my skin was. I’ve been doing more photo shoots lately and everybody tells me that I have soft skin, so I realize it now. I didn’t have that much interest in skin care. I often went to sleep without taking my make-up off. However, hearing all these compliments about my skin got me thinking that I must love my skin more. I definitely remove my make-up and I also apply some cream before going to bed now.

You definitely wear make-up without skin care?

I started wearing make-up at a young age. I have a big body, so my desire went to make-up and accessoiries instead of clothes when I wanted to embellish my appearance. I was so crazy about make-up that I would put fake eyelashes even just to go out in front of my house. I even carried various kinds of eyebrows glue.

Which make-up style are you the best at?

I don’t have clean-cut features, so I focus on my eyes, nose and lips. I like the smokey make-up and I wear lipsticks of various colors. My skin is white, so I can wear colors such as red, burgandy, orange.

You sound like a make-up expert.

When I went to the beauty salon with make-up on yesterday, the make-up artists were surprised. I think that studying arts for a long time helps me with make-up.

Personally, I was quite impressed when you wore red lipstick. That’s why we suggested a beauty photo shoot.

I was surprised when I heard on my way here that it would be a beauty photo shoot. I don’t have a pretty face… I think seeing me with heavy make-up on while doing parodies on TV can give strength to other women. Should we say it’s realistic? I feel like they probably think “if Lee Guk Joo can put this much make-up, I can do it too”.

When I said this beauty photo shoot would be with you, beauty brands and artists said they would do it.

(laugh) Thank you. Actually, I get modeling offers from beauty brands. Nothing is decided, though. However, most of the people contacting me are women. I really have a lot of female fans. I used to say as a joke “I only like bitches with no flavor”, but girl power is quite strong these days. I love it!

Your schedule is quite full. If you get some free time even for one day, what would you do?

I’m not the kind to be always active. I’m always lacking sleep, so if I get some free time, I sleep. If I have a bit more free time, I laze around and watch TV. I watch a lot of beauty programs these days. I learn about special make-up techniques. I watch closely the cleansing products that aren’t good for me. And I cook one full meal. Even if I leave some, I cook a lot of food.

I cannot not ask you this. Are you on a diet?

Of course! I lost up to 8 kg through dieting. However, dieting is something very hard to do, but it doesn’t show. That gave me a lot of stress, so I didn’t lose weight. Now, I’m just enjoying the image that is mine. It’s like plastic surgery. If you want to do plastic surgery, you must invest a lot of time and money. I think it’s better to invest this time and money into traveling and eating nice food.

Anyone has a complex, but anyone has something unique that is their strength. If you wear to chose your best physical feature?

My jaw line used to be clean-cut, but I lost it because I put on a lot of weight recently, I have a double chin. That’s what depresses me the most. And if you scrutinize my face, it’s quite pretty. I say as a joke “I have everything there is to have”. Just like I had double eyelids and didn’t feel the need to draw my eyebrows even when I was little, I often heard the word “you’re beautiful”. Ah, hearing me saying this, you’d think it’s an actress speaking. (laugh)

It seems that a lot of women would like to hear dating advice from you. So to end this interview, do you have your own secret method to get a man?

First of all, you must approach him! If someone like me stays still, no man will approach her. I express my sincerity by coming with an open heart and helping with what I can help. I don’t think it’s something that applies only in my case. My friends are always waiting for men to make their move. You can play push and pull, but if hoping and playing push and pull is all you do, who would like it? Even if you do play push and pull, you must pull first, so do whatever you must do!

Original article: Marie Claire

Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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  1. whateverwha says:

    Lee Guk Joo 🙂
    And the “are you on a diet?” question…seriously?

    Je suis contente qu’elle ait l’opportunitĂ© de poser pour des magazines de mode.

    1. onesunnylady says:

      Tout le monde lui pose la question. Dans son itw Vogue, c’Ă©tait pareil. Je fais celle de Grazia, mais il ne me semble pas encore vu la question… verdict quand j’aurai fini xD

      1. whateverwha says:

        A ce point lĂ  :/
        Suspense alors…lol

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