[December 2014 – Allure] Song Jae Lim and Kim So Eun – Only You – Interview


Song Jae Rim et Kim So Eun - Allure (1)

Are you aware of the So-Lim’s couple popularity?

Kim So Eun: I couldn’t imagine the answer would be so hot. I was worried but hearing people say we’re doing good and it’s fun makes me happy. Feedback definitely comes faster than when I film a drama. People who see me for the first time say they enjoy watching us and they even watch the drama I’m in because of “We Got Married. I feel how doing variety programs definitely makes people more familiar with me.

Song Jae Lim: I was in real-time top rankings. However, my name rose and disappeared just as fast. Haha. I have nothing to do outside my home, so I can’t really feel this popularity. However, the lady working at the super market where I live asked me suddenly if I wasn’t the bachelor from “We Got Married”. I realized the power of variety programs.

Being a regular member of a variety program, this was probably not an easy decision to make. What do you think?

KSE: It’s the first time of my life that I got such a big headache about worrying over something. I look shy and I wanted to break the gentle daughter-in-law image I have. I thought that if I showed who I am in real life, I’d be able to change this image. However, they really didn’t tell me until the end who my husband would be. So that made me worry even more. It didn’t matter if I hate him or like him, we’d have to live together for a few months, so I couldn’t imagine how the situation would turn out because I didn’t know who my husband would be.

SJL: To be honest, I never watched “We Got Married”. There was just something about the fact that it felt like a set-up reality. You need to have this sense of awareness at some extent in order to act with honesty. I thought that doing a variety program would be something good for me, that it would be an opportunity for me to show myself completly in a different environment that had nothing to do with acting.

And it’s especially true for you, Jae Lim. We feel like you completly let go.

SJL: It’s true. I really wanted to do this with sincerity. That’s why I decided to let go of everything. I wanted to get rid of this taciturn Woon’s image. I felt that I needed a change. To be honest, doing “We Got Married” was like gambling. I was able to do it because I thought that I didn’t have that much to lose. People said that I was strange, they were like “what’s wrong with him?”. And it seems that what made it funny to them because I look taciturn, but I’m actually not like this.

Is there no pressure to show something new every time?

SJL: It’s not like that. It’s not a program where we must make people laugh like gagmen must do. I just try to do it with sincerity. There’s no way to know what viewers will like or which moment will make them laugh, so I want to go with the flow. If you prepare something, you must create the right timing to say those things. If you act this way, viewers will feel uncomfortable.

So Eun, it feels like you’re discovering your own sense of variety programs that you didn’t even know you had.

KSE: “So is this how we can see who you are?” This is something people I’m close with often say to me. Viewers never got the chance to see who I am. My words and my actions just come out like this, so I think people have this new fresh vision about me.

SJL: No matter what comment I make, So Eun always gives me a good reaction. She knows how to follow when I pull and how to reject me when I push. We’re on the same wave lengths.

You didn’t look awkward even at the beginning and it feels like you two are very comfortable with each other. Can we say that any tension is gone now?

KSE: Yes, we really became comfortable around each other. To be honest, I’m not the type to play push and pull when I’m in a relationship with someone. If I like something, I say it, I express everything I feel. However, I do play a bit of push and pull with Jae Lim-oppa. When we both go crazy, there’s no tension. Oppa is usually the one doing the pulling, so I do the pushing sometimes.

SJL: I feel like we do exactly the same thing. Of couse, when two people date in real life, they fight sometimes, but this program is about showing the good aspect of being in a relationship, we can’t help the fact that they highlight the moments showing things are good between us. Of course, we’re still in the newlyweds phase, so we have nothing to fight about anyway. Haha.

We get to discover a new side of you when you’re in a relationship. What do you think, So Eun?

KSE: I thought I didn’t have aegyo, but I realized that I actually do. I’m the eldest daughter. I’ve always heard that I’ve been my family’s pillar since I was a kid, that I was a breadwinner, so I was a little bit blunt. However, it seems that aegyo naturally comes to me. When I watched myself in “We Got Married”, I also discovered this new side of me. It’s the kind of aegyo that isn’t aegyo but feels like aegyo at the same time?

Do you remember the last time you dedicated yourself to do something for your girlfriend?

SJL: I learned how to make paper roses. 100 days had passed, so I started it because I wanted to give the roses to her on our first year anniversary. However, we broke up before. Every day, I would spend 15 minutes to finish this project in time. There was a couple of them left to do because we broke up before our first year anniversary. Still, I’m pretty sure I made more than 100 paper roses.

Are you enjoying this newlyweds life according to what you had imagined?

KSE: I thought it would be great to have a husband who is like a wife, a husband who is like a friend. I’m the type to speak a lot when I’m outside, but I almost never speak when I’m at home. So I’m talking about a husband who’d be like a wife who would talk a lot, who’d be funny, who’d cook for me. From this perspective, Jae Lim-oppa is definitely a match. He tries his best to make me laugh, he’s passionate and meticulous.

Jae Lim, you finally get to do this couple photo shoot you wanted to do!

SJL: I wanted to do a photo shoot that gives off this warm vibe. I feel like it matches the atmosphere of today’s set. I wanted a photo shoot with two people who gives this warm but not racy feeling through a little bit of contact. Can I say that this photo shoot definitely has this concept?

What would you like to do in the span of time you have left as newlyweds?

SJL: I want to go camping. I want to go camping and look at the stars and the moon. I saw this movie in which there’s a couple that goes on a ride, then they sit on the top of the car and look at the stars while drinking some wine. I was so jealous. It’d be great if So Eun and I could do something like this.

Did you make Christmas plans?

KSE: I think we’ll be in our honeymoon around that time.
SJL: We will probably be in the middle of a “WGM” shooting. Last year, I drank until dawn with a friend, so this year will be a Christmas that will be about going on my honeymoon with So Eun and that will remain in my memories.

Song Jae Rim et Kim So Eun - Allure (2)

Original article: Allure
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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