[December 2014 – Marie Claire] Lee Hyun Woo – New Face – Interview


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You just kept on working as you did “The Technicians” and “NLL” right after “”Secretly and Greatly”. You’re building up your filmography through films. How did you get to film “The Technicians”?

“Secretly and Greatly” was also an important project for me. It was my first time receiving so much attention. I started to become greedy. It’s a project that made me think that I must do better. That’s why I worried a lot about what my next project would be. I chose “The Technicians” because Jong Bae is a character with a lot of energy. He’s a character extremely fun.

How is the character you play in “The Technicians”?

What’s obvious at first is that he’s a genius hacker. He has a bright personality but has this chic, level-headed, sly side too. He’s a character that is very different from the ones I’ve played until now, so I think it will be fun. When I explained this character to people around me, they asked me if “Hae Jin” in “Secretly and Greatly” isn’t the same. However, for me, they’re completly different, so I think it’s a good opportunity for me to show a different image.

“The Technicians” is a heist movie that can be entertaining like “Ocean’s Eleven” or “Thieves”, so there are expectations.

With a harbor as a background, the story is about several con artists who get together and break into the Incheon customs office safe. It’s true it’s a caper movie. Within this story, various characters appear and various situations occur. There are reversal elements. There’s action too, there is comedy. It’s a movie that combines various charms.

I think the atmosphere on the set must have been fun because actors with strong personalities were gathered. Do you have one particulary memory about “The Technicians” filming?

The most memorable thing for me was Go Chang Suk’s driving skills. His driving style is tough. He’s totally charismatic. What I mean is that he’s a sang-namja |t/n: sang-namja = a man who is cool and charismatic]. Of course, he has a cute side, though. (laugh)

Among the three actors, who was in charge of making people laugh?

As expected, it’s Go Chang Suk-sunbaenim. He’s a nice person. He knows how to create a cheerful atmosphere. He told us a lot of interesting stories, so the filming was great. The atmosphere on set was fun and cheerful. After I was done filming this projet, I went back to “NLL” filming a week after, so many of my memories faded away.

I think the most important thing for “The Technicians” is the chemistry between the lead actors. Kim Woo Bin and you are young actors. What do you think set the two of you apart?

Woo Bin-hyung’s looks are very charming and they’re quite different from mine. He is tall, I am short. (laugh) In the movie too. Our characters’ charm is different. Their skills are different. Woo Bin-hyung’s character is the one with the technique to open the safe. I’m the hacking expert. Through his wide personal connections network, Go Chang Suk-sunbaenim is the one handling the general side of things. Everything revolves around the three of them.

Just like in the movie, if you could have a specific skill or talent, what would you choose?

Hm… I want to have the skill to time travel. I really enjoyed the movie “Jumper”. (laugh)

As a viewer, what kind of movie do you enjoy?

I like thriller movies full of tension. And I also like sweet romance movies. And I also like heart-warming dramas. I also like animation movies. I watch various genres.

It’s already been ten years since your debut. You started acting at a very young age. What kind of character your heart went to most of the time?

The type of character didn’t matter. Even if it was just one thing, I think I need to find an element that I find charming. There are characters that are one-dimensional and aren’t interesting, even if they’re the lead characters. There are characters that make me think that I can portray well, even if it’s a small role. It doesn’t matter how important the role is or if it’s just right for my age. Even if it’s just for one scene, the character can shine through this one scene and that’s what makes it interesting.

You started acting through “Sonagi”. You had to cut your hair short because of this role and I remember reading stories about you crying a lot because you got edited out.

I was distressed back then, but my parents were also very distressed. (laugh) When I think about it now, I wonder if my father’s dream wasn’t to be an actor. Ever since I was a kid, he showed me a lot of support and had my back. That’s why I’m confident and thankful. I feel like I have always been lucky. Even when you’re talented, there are many people who won’t see it. However, step by step, I was able to get here. That’s why I’m always thankful, I tried my best all the time. I feel like there was never a time when I thought otherwise.

When was the time you wanted to compliment yourself the most about your acting?

I definitely have this feeling these days while filming “NLL”. “NLL” is a movie about the real-life situation that occured in 2002. I play a characted called Park Dong Hyuk based on a real person. He may look weak, but he’s tougher than anyone else. He has some depth too. He’s a character that will move people’s hearts. He’s an important character, so the weight on my shoulders is big. As we shoot scene by scene, the important scenes turn out well. I’m really anticipating this.

What’s your definition of success?

Going up step by step, slowly just like I’m doing right now. I do hope I won’t experience big difficulties all of a sudden or get frustrated. Compared to others, I didn’t have many twists in my life, so I wonder if I have no immunity to difficult situations. I can be an actor until the end, but I do think sometimes that I could be doing something else if I run into a situation I hadn’t thought of. I’m confident that I can live, no matter what I do. (laugh) And I’m convinced that whatever I’ll do it will be something I want to do.

How do you see yourself?

I’m a bright and positive person. I am… A lot. (laugh) My friends sometimes say I’m like a maniac. Hm, when I go on variety programs, it’s a personality that doesn’t die? I think my personality won’t be hated. I’m think I’m an okay person. (laugh)

The year is already over. How was 2014 for you?

It was a year I lay low a little bit. I filmed one project and another one right after, so I was busy, but I didn’t show myself in many PR events or official conferences. It was on purpose. My agency and I decided it was better for me. For the projects I did this year, for the ones I’ll do next year. If there were a time for me to stay put and stand on my tiptoes to jump high, I think this year was the year for me to do so . Some of the projects I did this year will probably be revealed next year. I think it will probably be a time for me to jump higher.

Original article: Marie Claire
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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