[December 2014 – BNT] Kim So Hyun – Interview


BNT - Kim So Hyun

It’s really cold today.

It is. It snowed, so it’s quite cold. Be careful and don’t catch a cold.

You have a beautiful heart. I watched your old videos since your pre-debut days while I was preparing for this interview.

Ah, really? Was it embarrassing? Well, thanks for watching everything (laugh).

While I was watching the videos, the words “she really grew up well” unconsciously came to me. You debuted when you were 10, right?

Haha. I debuted when I was 10. Back then, I was thinking “when will I go to middle school? When will I go to high school?” and it seemed far away, but ten years have passed and I’m 17 now.

You saying “it seemed far away” was cute. Meanwhile, you played in projects you can be proud of, you worked as a child actress for lead roles. Wasn’t it a burden?

More than feeling this as a pressure, I’m thankful because these were big roles. I think I worked really hard to play the child version of a lead character and I practiced a lot because I didn’t want “to hurt” the character.

Viewers do talk about the “synchronization level” between a child actor and the adult counterpart. It seems taht you’ve only received praise for that.

I played the child version of great actresses, so hearing every time “they really look alike, she really played well” makes me happy. It also makes me more embarrassed, though. (laugh)

Especially for the drama “I Miss You”. Did you often hear that you looked like Yoon Eun Hye?

I did. Fans also talk a lot about this drama. Because we looked alike, but this drama made me think a lot.

Really? Is there a particular reason for that?

I played wicked characters (laugh), cold characters. This time, the character was gentle and it had a story, so I was able to show a range of various emotions. That makes this drama even more special to me.

In “The Moon That Embraces The Sun”, the romance with Yeo Jin Gu didn’t happen.

Haha. Using the word “romance” is too strong.

I saw it earlier during the photo shoot, you can focus really well. Same goes for your facial expressions. And it’s even better when you’re acting. What helps you when you’re acting?

Music. I think I can adjust my emotions while listening to music right before shooting a scene. I find the songs that I must listen to to match the emotions I have to play that day. I think it helps me a lot.

I heard your music taste is more mature than your peers’.

Haha. I did an interview in the past and I talked about the songs I liked. At that time, I was shooting “I Miss You”, so I was listening to [old] songs like that.

Is there a song you listen a lot to these days?

To be honest, I don’t care about the genre. I listen to every genre. Real-time chart? I just listen to everything.

You’re currently a music show MC. I thought you were just a good actress, but you’re also a good show MC.

I was shaking at first because I was so nervous. Of course, I’m still nervous because it’s a live show, but people around me help me a lot, so I think I’m less nervous than before. It’s a different experience from acting, so it’s fun. I get to hear live and close all the songs I like. Haha.

I think you must have heard this question a lot and you’ve already answered it a lot too.

I think I know which question… (laugh)

Ah, busted! Should we say there’s rivalry between [Kim] Yoo Jung and you? The two of you are often compared to each other. Yoo Jung recently became the new “Inkigayo” MC and many of the released articles brought it up.

I receive this question a lot. Haha. However, although it is brought up every time, Yoo Jung answers the same, and I say the same. We don’t think of each other as opponents or rivals. We’re in the same agency and we work in the same field. When we meet, we tell each other “let’s do well”. She began acting before I did, so there are many things I can learn from Yoo Jung. I hope it can be a win-win situation between us. (laugh)

Who is your role model?

Son Ye Jin-sunbaenim. Is it okay to give one more name? Haha.

Who is it?

Rachel McAdams. I think she has this charm that puts people in a good mood. I want to become someone like this.

Is there an actor/actress you’re close with?

Ji Woo-unnie. Ji Woo-unnie who played in the movie “Villain and Widow”. She’s the one I’m the closest with.

I’m curious about the image you have when you’re not in front of a camera. When you go to school, aren’t your friends jealous?

More than being jealous, they find me cool which is what I think it’s amazing.

Doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?

It doesn’t. Absolutely not. There’s nothing awkward about it. It’s fun when friends or hoobaes come to greet me and we get to talk.

What are you interested in these days?


There’s not much time left before Christmas.

I hope Christmas will come soon. Eating delicious food, receiving gifts. Haha. Just talking about Christmas makes me excited.

I hope you will enjoy Christmas. There’s not much time left in 2014. What about your future plans?

I’m preparing for a movie. I think I will greet you with a nice project next year. Please anticipate. I will work even harder. Hehe. Thank you.

Original article: bnt
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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