[20141219 – Starnews] Kim Woo Bin – Interview


Kim Woo Bin

On the 19th, “The Technicians” press conference was at a bar in Joong-gu, Seoul. Starnews published a “full” interview…

It’s your second movie and it’s the first time you have a lead role.

I was burdened when I met the director. He gave me certainty about doing this. I heard about the movie’s style, Ji Hyuk’s hidden story, and about the other sunbaenims who got cast. I thought I’d be able to make a good project while learning comfortably from sunbaenims. I started it by trying my best to get rid of any burden. Today, I think it was a good choice and a good way to learn about acting. I had many scenes with Kim Young Chul-sunbaenim who was the most experienced sunbaenim on set. Just by looking at his eyes, all the emotions were there. I learned just by watching him. Go Chang Suk, Im Joo Hwan, Jo Dal Hwan, even Lee Hyun Woo, all of them are all my sunbaenims. I’m thankful for leaning so much from them.

The comparison with the previous heist movie “Thieves” is unavoidable.

The comparison cannot be avoided. However, the movie did well, so it would be a positive thing and I wasn’t worried. I realized that whenever I worry like this, I’m the only one going through a hard time. I did it with positive thoughts. If the movie does well, it’s good. However, I’m not greedy about box-office numbers because they’re in God’s hands. It’s also meaningful to have this project with great veteran actors. I tried my best in my situation. Doing this good project with good people is what is the most meaningful to me.

Although it’s a movie with an ensemble cast, you can’t escape the fact it’s called “Kim Woo Bin’s movie”.

I have a lot of scenes, but nearly all of them are shot with the sunbaenims. There’s almost no scene where I’m all alone [t/n: random shower scene, anyone?]. It was about running together toward the same goal, so I started this with the trusting and learning mindset. Sometimes I took a step back to see the whole picture. I tried my best to make as little mistakes as possible because there were times when the feelings of each moment were overwhelming.

Your character is funny and mischievous in a different way compared to your previous movie “Friend 2”. The director said your real-life personality just blended with your character.

There’s this light, playful and sly side at some extent. I try my best to be as sincere as I can and bring out all of these things from the inside. I wonder if it doesn’t come out because these things are here at some extent. Never lying is even harder. The image I show in “The Technicians” is closer to me than the one I showed in “Friend 2”. I’m good at expressing my feelings rather than being all blunt and manly. I usually say “I love you”.

To the people around you?

It’s clearly something you can say to your friends, but it’s not easy to bring it up. However, I realize that I can have regrets when I don’t say it. I wondered why I should hide good feelings, so I decided to throw it out there just whenever I feel like it. I say “I love you” often to my friends, my colleagues, my family, my parents. If you take a look at the text messages I send them, there are many hearts in them. It’s excessive. I think it’s a good thing to express it, so I do it as much as I can.

Even to your sunbaenims like Go Chang Suk? Do you also say it to actresses?

I also told Chang Suk-hungnim I love him. He was more kind-hearted and nicer than what I imagined. Of course, I said it a lot to Yoo Oh Sung-sunbaenim. Many sunbaenims were quite confused. They probably wondered what was wrong with me, but they still accepted it with a smile. I think they thought I was cute because it wasn’t a word just said like that. It could create misunderstandings with actresses, so I’m careful with the hearts emojis. I keep the hearts emojis coming when I send them to men, though. (laugh)

When Ahn Sung Ki, Park Joong Hoon, Jang Dong Gun, Hyun Bin get together, your name was brought as the hoobae they want to call in these moments.

I went out for the first time last year. Kim Soo Ro-hyungnim and Kim Min Jong-hyungnim I got close with through “A Gentleman’s Dignity” called me and they said many good things about me. The sunbaenims said many great things about me. We mostly talked about acting. It was a great time. If they call me again, I must go running with a thankful heart.

You had so many scenes in “The Technicians” that it was hard to find scenes you were not in.

It’d be a lie to say it wasn’t hard. However, the filming atmosphere was so great that no matter how tired I felt on my way to the set, my energy came back as soon as I arrived. We talked, drank tea and ate while we were waiting to start shooting. The food truck lady was the one who was on the set of “Friend 2”, so we grew even closer. She put delicious dishes to the side for me even on the days I would eat late because filming had took longer. I was so thankful. Do you want to know if I texted her? I did. And I also sent her heart emojis. (laugh)

Is there any scene that you watch and tell yourself “I did a good job”?

I can’t really watch myself acting. I’m so embarrassed that I get goosebumps. It makes me feel uneasy and it’s even more uncomfortable when I watch myself with other people. I prefer watching myself when I’m all alone. I wonder if I must do acting for another 50 years to feel comfortable. I think it won’t be okay if I’m satisfied then.

You’ve always showed great “M/M chemistry” [t/n: I guess “bromance” would be the most accurate translation… but m/m chemistry is closer to the Korean expression in my mind] with each project. It’s the same here. You played a lot of strong characters, but don’t you do melodramas with actresses?

I’m comfortable with working with hyungs… I guess it’s because I’ve always enjoyed being around hyungs since I was a kid. I never got to shoot a melo with an actress, but it’s only because I was never offered the opportunity. It’s definitely not because I prefer the “m/m chemistry”. (laugh) More than thinking “I want to become this kind of actor”, my dream is to become a good actor. I played many strong characters, so there are people who worry and ask if I should stop playing such roles. I’m thankful and I do have the same concerns. Still, I don’t like choosing a project because I want to let go of one specific aspect. I mean, I don’t think like “I played many students, so I won’t wear a school uniform anymore”. I just do the projects that can move me. I think you do a project when you’re fated to do it.

You recently acknowledged your “dinosaur” nickame.

I often heard about that dinosaur thing right after my debut. People would call me the “carnivorous/predatory dinosaur”. It’s something that has been going on since “School 2013”, but people have been sending me dinosaur dolls ever since. I heard it so often that I feel this way too sometimes. I didn’t want to acknowledge it, but I realize that I just do. (laugh)

It’s true that you give off a different vibe from other flower boy actors. I think it’s what makes you different from others.

And I think that’s why people have been showing me interest since the beginning. Even from a man’s perspective, there are many pretty actors. I wonder if seeing an odd guy among all of them and playing strong characters got more of their attention. I’m thankful for the interest showed about me. If I had stepped in earlier, I think my work opportunities today would have been more limited. I had no intention to become a flower boy actor. I thought it wasn’t my league. I thought there are not only good-looking actors. I started working as an actor because I liked acting itself, so I’m moving forward telling myself “I know real life too, so let’s try to express thoughts and worries in a way that no one else but me can do”.

There’s a lot of interest about your next project.

I think I will do PR work for “The Technicians” until January. The premiere of the movie “20” is set for February or March. After that, I think I will greet you with a new project. We’re still in the middle of deciding what my next project will be. I want to find the right one and show you a good image. I haven’t decided it if would be a movie or a drama. I will go for what feels like fate.

T/n: And I vote for a 20-episode cable summer rom-com.

Original article: star news)
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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  1. jandoe says:

    Hehe what perfect timing, just watched him on RM last night. Great interview, he sounds like a really humble person πŸ™‚ thanks as always 1sunnylady!

    1. onesunnylady says:

      I lufffff him. He seems to be so sweet and kind-hearted.

  2. kfangirl says:

    Wonderful translation, thank you! I LUFF THE WOOB. Reading this interview made me so happy, and Woob sounds as sweet and sincere and serious as I’ve always thought him to be. πŸ™‚ And now I must share this on my Facebook page. Coz good things must be shared! ^^

    1. onesunnylady says:

      Thank you for the support! I really appreciate it πŸ˜€

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