[December 2014 – The Celebrity] Yeo Jin Gu – Teenage boy and Man – Interview


The Celebrity - Yeo Jin Gu

You’re definitely taller than when I saw you last year.

Sometimes I look at my height as if I’m going through an inspection. Every time, I feel at ease when I can say “I’m still growing up”. I wish I’d grow a little bit taller and I wish I’d lose some weight too.

I think it’s not just your height. You’re definitely manlier.

Am I? I guess it’s because I also get more worries as I grow up. I don’t know if I’m living a time when I must look back at many things. Next year will be the last year before I turn 20 and many things will probably change. I’ll go to college, I’ll be officially an adult, I’ll become an adult actor too. I’m searching the things I’ve done until now and what I must do in the future.

You’re talking about adolescence.

I’ve already gone through adolescence.

How was your adolescence?

I think I went through it quietly, with no disturbance.

You mean you never purposely slammed a window, tried to run away or locked yourself up in your room?

Exactly. There was no such thing for me. Can we say that my adolescence went on while I was filming? I think I was on a filming set when my friends were saying “I feel like I’m going through adolescence”. However, it seems that I fell in a slump at some point. I think it was between my first year and second year of middle school when my voice changed.

This is when “Yeo Jin Gu’s voice” was complete.

Many people say that my voice is one of my acting strong points now, but it was really tough for me back then. My voice didn’t come out naturally. When I spoke loud, my voice cracked. I was eager to hide the change in my voice and the thought “I won’t be able to be an actor” scared me. I didn’t know what to do. I kept thinking that I couldn’t go on.

Your adolescence was about acting. Your friends who experienced a regular adolescence are at the age to worry about the job they will do. When you see this, do you feel different?

I think finding my path early was the opportunity to give me stability. With that said, I don’t feel different from my friends. When I see my friends setting their goals according to their grades, I feel bitter in my heart because while I’m an actor I wonder about things like is being able to do something I love so precious to me, do I need it?.

Among actors your age, you’re the one who was able to choose various roles the most. Did you get more roles than what you expected as an actor? Or did you get less?

I don’t know. I need to know which point I’ve reached first to figure this out. I really don’t know. All I did was to work hard here and there. However, I got many good opportunities and I don’t want to miss the ones to come.

Do you get to voice out your opinion a lot when you’re choosing a role?

Yes. I talk a lot with my agency or with my parents, but it often happens that I’m the one deciding first the project I want to do.

When you want to portray a role, why do you want to do it?

Sometimes, it’s because it seems fun, sometimes it’s because it seems it’s a role I can pull off, but the most attracting thing for me is when it’s a role I have yet to try. I think that’s when a synopsis is the most interesting.

Are you bold?

I am. I think I’m familiar with challenging myself and trying new things because I can accomplish them when I study and research them.

You’re the perfect student. You’re even the perfect student with an innate talent. I heard you’re famous for being quite serious about your research for a character.

Ah, that’s because I see people around me working hard when they research for a character. I’m not as good as them.

When you get a good grasp of a character, what do you put the emphasis on?

Hm… I’m not making the same exact character. For instance, in the movie “Shoot My Heart” that will premiere next year, the character I play is Soo Myung and he’s suffering from a mental illness. I had to know what a mental illness was, so I met nurses who treat patients and I watch TV shows or movies dealing with this theme. When I watched them, I said to myself “ah, so this is how he/she plays this”. However, I don’t think “can I use this element from this character for my own acting?”. Even if the characters are similar, I think it wouldn’t work. For each role, I want to create a new character that hasn’t been done yet.

You lived as many lives as you portrayed many new characters.

I think being able to live indirectly the life of someone else is truly a blessing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a life when you’re rich and happy or if it’s a life when you’re poor and pititul, it’s thrilling to live a life different from yours. And many staff members prepare things for me to live this life.

Is acting the thing you worked the most for until now?

It feels like it. It’s what I worked hard for the most and what I will work hard for the most too.

You’re no longer at the age to believe in Santa Klaus, but Christmas is almost here, do you have a wish?

I’m currently shooting the movie “Western Front” with Seol Kyung Gu. The weather is quite cold and we still have many outdoors scenes to shoot. I’m not worried because it’s cold, I’m worried because the body gets stiff when it’s cold. I hope you will tell me “please finish safely this movie”.

Original article: The Celebrity
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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