[December 2014 – Vogue Girl] The three-model crew who knows how to party – Lee Yoo Jung, Lee Ho Jung, Lee Sung Jung


Vogue Girl - Décembre 2014

How did the three of you get close?

LHJ There are actually more than the three of us. Narae, Ho Yeon, Jin Kyung, Se On, Jung Sun. The 8 of us are close.

LSJ Yoo Jung-unnie gathered us at her house and we got closer. Yoo Jung-unnie is the only one of us who lives on her own, so we often go to her place to have fun. It’s like our hideout.

I saw it on Instagram. How do you party over there?

LSJ First of all, I’d like to say something about Yoo Jung-unnie’s house. She lives in Nonhyun-dong, so it’s a strategic point in terms of traffic and there are many restaurants and such close by. Besides, there’s this famous bakery called “Cake Opera” right next to her place. The bread over there is very delicious.

UYJ It can even happen three times a week that they sleep over. They all know my door password and they just have fun even when I’m not there. They talk, they watch movies, they also clean around.

LHJ Her house has this antic lighting. If we turn off the the lights and just keep this one one, the atmosphere just calms down to the point we can easily share our secrets.

You had a Halloween party not long ago. Do you plan to have a year-end party?

LHJ How about a pyjama party? Anyway, it’d be only people we’re close with, so we’ll wear comfortable clothes, the kind you wear so you can talk until dawn before going to sleep rigth away.

LSJ I think it’d be fun that each of us prepare an outfit for the party and get the pajama if we do a lottery. We did it for the Halloween party and it was a lot of fun.

Is there a place you think of when it comes to partying?

UYJ We don’t have one specific spot. I think the place must be soundproof. It already happened that I received a civil complaint because we were too loud.

LSJ It doesn’t have to a fancy place, but a place like a hotel would be nice. Having a party in a hotel room is every girl’s dream.

LHJ We like running all around the place, so wherever it is, the place should be on the first floor or underground.

Which music do you want to listen to when you do a pajama party?

UYJ Always hip-hop. The party concept doesn’t matter. The music must be only hip-hop.

LSJ We all get into the vibe, we dance and we laugh a lot. We filmed a couple of videos, but we can’t reveal them. That’s too bad!

LHJ Sun Jung-unnie is really a good dancer. When she dances, she kills it.

What do you like to eat during a party?

UYJ Bread, cheese, water… We need those three.

LHJ The cheese must definitely be “Belcube” [t/n: for French readers, les apéricubes, mes amis] and the bread must definitely be bought at “Cake Opera”

Is there someone you’d like to invite to your year-end party?

UYJ “Show Me The Money 3” winner Bobby as well as Dok2 and The Quiett!

LHJ We’ve really been into Bobby’s music these days. It’d be great if Bobby could come to our year-end party and sing live for us.

Original article: Vogue Girl 
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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