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Elle - Yeo Jin Gu

Your acting in “Hwayi” was memorable. You received many good reviews. How do you feel about these compliments? I’m thankful and I feel burdened at the same time. It didn’t turn out well because I did it all by myself. I think about all the people who helped me and were by my side.

So many good reviews would mean there was a lot of people who had big expectations. Didn’t that make you nervous? More than nervous, I’d say I have somehow a sense of responsibility. The responsibility to show the character more than showing myself. That’s why I think that if I get so many compliments again, my sense of responsibility will get bigger. If I receive bad reviews, I will keep them in mind and thinking about them while I’ll be preparing for my next role.

Did you read the novel “Shoot My Heart” that the movie is based on? I read the scenario first, then I read the novel.

I heard author Jung Yoo Jung came to the filming set, did she say anything in particular? I told her there were many things I was curious about for Soo Myung and she told me “I just hope you can just see that Soo Myung is a smart kid”. Somehow it sounded like she was giving me an assignment. Aren’t there different ways to interpret the word “smart”? That’s why I was thankful. More than lengthy explanations, she made just one point and that got me thinking a lot. I was able to create an image for Soo Myeong in various ways.

Your character in “”Shoot My Heart” is 25. He withdraws into his own world because he’s scared to show himself to the world. Didn’t you feel depressed while portraying this character? To be honest, I had to do many efforts because this character was different from me. There are times when I was a little bit depressed on the set, but when I left the set, I didn’t really feel any change about myself. On the contrary, my personality is closer to Seung Min who is the character Lee Min Ki-sunbae plays. I’m usually someone bright.

To be honest, you seem a bit taciturn… That’s what most of people think. I’m a bit shy around people I don’t know, but when I get close to someone, I’m straight off joyful.

You and Lee Min Ki share the same Chinese zodiac sign, your characters are the same age. I’m the hoobae, so it was my duty to go to him and greet him first and I was worried because I’m shy. Besides our characters are the same age, so we had to be close and I wondered if we’d manage to show it. I was hesitating, but he’s the one who walked up to me first and told me to be comfortable around him. He told me not to use honorifics. He told me “I’m very happy because being with you will make me look quite young”. I’m thankful because he treated me like a friend [t/n= as his equal] and not like a little brother when we were together.

After getting along with adults like him, how do you feel when you meet your school friends? When I’m with my friends, it’s just fun. We joke around, teachers scold us. Ah! There’s definitely one thing I can’t understand. Outdoor brand padding clothes are the trend right now, right? I just don’t get why people wear them at school. I understand you wear it because the weather is cold. And I get it also if you’re on a filming set. Anyone just wears it and work. However, these hiking padding clothes don’t show fashion sense to me. (laugh)

If you get confined somewhere just like your character in the movie, do you think you’ll fight? Like Seung Min, even if I look from the side, I think I wouldn’t be able to confront anyone, I wouldn’t even speak. As you get to understand a situation, won’t you stick to it?

When you’re past 20? I want to get my driver’s license. If the circumstances allow it, I also want to go on a trip. I want to do a backpacking trip with my friend. If it can happen, I’m planning to experience many things. Although indirect experiences are important, I want to experience some things directly.

Aren’t there things you didn’t understand until the end about Soo Myung? I didn’t get why he only wanted to always hide. I thought “even if he had a trauma, did he have to hide in any corner like that?” I talked about it with the director. I was able to understand some things at some extent, but there’s just this aspect that it was for me to understand.

When you’re with your friends, are you the assertive type? When I think I’m right, I speak up without hesitation.

What do you usually play with your friends? Regular stuff. We exercise or we play video games.

It seems that you also enjoy exercising… Because I like how we do it as a group.

Are you good at sports? I’m not exceptionally better than others… Saying this myself is a bit embarrassing, but when we set up teams, I’m usually the second or third choice?

Do you have any interest about playing action roles? Sometimes when I see hero roles, I think that I want to give it a try, but it’s not easy to imagine. Because while you need to imagine things that aren’t there and you use a lot of CG effects, you must act, so I admire how the actors can do so well.

In “Shoot My Heart”, you mostly hit [?] Hitting [?] was fun. I like acting with my body.

You’ll be in your 3rd year of high school next year. Will you go to college? I want to. I feel like experiencing college life will make me go through some emotions.

Is there a subject you want to study? There’s nothing clear. I want to study something to help me with my acting, but I must think a little bit more about other options.

It’s only fair that there must be many people around you who think you should major in acting. Indeed.

What else are you interested in, acting aside? I want to study music. When I’m filming a project, I spend a lot of time on my own, so I think it’d be a nice way to spend time if I could play or study an instrument even when I’m alone.

You started acting at a young age. Did it happen through a particular occasion? When you’re a kid, don’t you often say “I want to do this”? Acting was one thing among others. When I say I want to do something, my parents usually tell me to give it a try, so they’ve been actively supporting me ever since I was a kid. I was a kid at that time, so I think it was more about me wanting to be in a movie or be on TV than how I feel today about which kind of actor I want to become.

Have you ever thought about doing another job? Sometimes I do. Of course, it’s not because I think about my future as an actor in a negative way. It’s more that I think about it lightly like “if I weren’t an actor, what would I be able do?”.

Have you ever special discussions with your parents to talk about your future? Compared to my friends, there’s the fact that my future is set in a clear way, so I don’t think we ever had a serious discussion about this. We mostly talk about what I should do more as an actor, about self-improvement.

Do you have any moment of anxiety? Here’s the certainty that I have about that. I think that as long as I strive forward, this work won’t betray me. It’s a job that I love, so I won’t do it any harm either. I think that if I work hard like I do right now, if I like acting, I will be able to keep doing it.

I must ask because I’m curious, but are you satisfied? I hear many things and make my own judgement because it can be what I think, but it can also be a different opinion from mine. If I combine my opinion and other people’s opinion, will I be able to find the image to match the role I play and will a lot of people be appealed by the emotion I show and accept my sincerity? It’s something I wonder about.

Which role do you want to give a try in the future? Many roles because there are many roles I haven’t gotten to try yet. Right now, I want to shoot a teen melo since it would match my age. I want to play an athlete. I also want to play a villain.

Original article: Elle
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.com


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