[January 2013 – Elle] Kim So Hyun – Oh My Girl – Interview

Elle - Kim So Hyun

At last, we meet, “Soo Yeonie”.

(laugh) Haha. Hello, how are you?

I think “I Miss You” must have shown you an image of you that you were not aware of. What do you think?

The sunbaes who watched the drama said they cried, they said they felt sad just by looking at me. (laugh) I think I must have looked quite pitiful.

It really feels like you’re much more mature than when you did “Moon That Embraces The Sun”.
When I look at myself in “Moon That Embraces The Sun” and in “I Miss You”, the feeling is completely different. Back then, I looked awkward. This time, I felt a little bit more immersed when I watched it. (laugh).

Soo Yeon, your character in the drama, feels more mature than her peers and there’s also this soft feeling. Wasn’t it hard to express these feelings without prior experience?

I started filming only after one reading session for episode 1. Soo Yeonie seems to have a dark personality, but she’s an innocent girl, so it wasn’t easy to express all these different emotions.

You had a lot of indirect experiences through “I Miss You”. Is there a scene you remember the most?

When some of the victim’s family members find her and hit her. I think it was my first time experiencing such feeling of despair and sadness. And there’s the scene when Jingu-oppa and I are standing under the street light and we stare at each other. I really like this scene because I think I managed to express this fresh and heart-racing moment.

What do you like about acting?

Acting hm… It’s about feeling new and special emotions each time. I get to meet new people, live different lives, so I feel like I get more mature with each new role. Acting is about many things, and it’s fun too.

Have you ever had a secret crush? Like Soo Yeonie who likes Jung Woo. I had never had a secret crush before I did this drama.(laugh) So my mom and I worried a lot about how to create this beautiful picture. But when we started filming, I realized how good of an actor Jingu-oppa is. I think he’s really good at the melo genre. We fall for each other, and we like each other in the drama, but in reality there was no heart-racing feeling. Haha.

It might be because I saw you wearing a school uniform in “I Miss You”, but I wonder which kind of student you are in real life.

You’re talking about the uniform created for the drama? Well, there’s this line Jung Woo says in the script: “the famous girl with the red uniform!”. That’s why I wore this red skirt. When I’m at school, I can make friends quickly. There are many people who have a prejudice against me. I try to approach them first, and I try my best to be easy-going and to get along with them.

Among the young actors you work with, who are you the closest with

(Kim) Yoo Jung and (Jin) Ji Hee? I think we’re close because the three of us are child actresses and we’re the same age.

What do you usually talk about when you meet? You probably won’t talk about acting. (laugh) Ah, we don’t! Haha. However, we monitor each other. Yoo Jungie watched “I Miss You” and she sent me a Kakaotalk message to tell me I did a good job. We usually talk about school or about boys.

How many times a day do you hear “you’re pretty”?

(with a bashful smile) But when you listen to this compliment each time, there’s nothing to like about it. When I look at my face, I think I can show various images. I thought that I had a face who could help me to portray various roles.

Isn’t it hard to work with adults sometimes?

Working with adults also means that I stepped into the working world early. I think I get to know a little bit about the adult world. I think I’m more mature than my peers. I think I learn how things work.

You’re still at an age when you can dream of this or that. Besides acting, what’s your second dream?

I like writing. I often participate in writing contest. I’ve been writing a lot since 5th grade. I also write three or four pages in my diary every day. I’m thinking about turning it into a book one day.

The diary Soo Yeon writes in the drama, by any chance did you personally write it?

I did. I wrote everything. I really stayed up all night to write it. So far, I have already written two diaries, and I finished one not long ago. They said I must keep writing. Haha. I think writing this diary made me learn more about Soo Yeon. Like what kind of girl she is, what is going on her mind although she’s taciturn on the outside… I understood how much she loved Jung Woo.

What do you think about the most these days? The things you are interested in.

Right now… I don’t have a boyfriend. (with a bashful smile) Before I filmed this drama, I didn’t particularly pay attention to boys, but after shooting “I Miss You”, I think to myself “it’d be nice to experience such a beautiful love”.

You should date now then!
Haha. Should I?

Interview: Elle
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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  1. SADEGH says:

    I Like Oh My Girl With Kim So Eun.

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