30-DAY KPOP CHALLENGE – Day 4 + Day 5


Day 04: a song by your favorite male idol

Well, anyone who knows me knows that Taeyang is my ultimate love. For this challenge, I’m going to answer “Just A Feeling” from the “Solar” album. There’s just something about this song that has this groovy, sexy, soul-ish, funk-ish vibe that, I think, allows Taeyang to shine the most as an entertainer. The song structure is perfect for a concert. You have the “yeah yeah” the crowd can respond too, there are moments when you can just stop music to tease the audience without making things awkward when the music is turned back on. You can switch the beat several times… I mean, the song can be remixed as a slow-tempo song or something more electro, it would still sound good.

Day 05: a song by your favorite female idol

Are Gummy and Yoon Mirae considered as idols? I don’t think they are… Except for BoA and IU, I don’t know any female idol, so… Oh maybe Lee Hyori? Yeah, I’m going to go with the obvious. Miss Lee Hyori. And I choose the song “U-Go-Girl”. I guess you’re probably going to start seeing a pattern now. “U-Go-Girl” is such a catchy and makes-you-feel-sexy song… I love it. Sixty years from now, I know I’ll still be strutting my stuff on this song like I’m the most beautiful model on Earth.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Myra says:

    Ah Does Rain count as an idol? If he does then I choose “Hip Song” xD

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Je devrais reprendre mon kpop challenge, mais flemme

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