[February 2015 – Allure] Do Sang Woo – Becoming an actor – Interview

Allure - Do Sang Woo

Congratulations. The ratings of “Legend of The Witch” went over 26%.

29.9%! It even reached 29,9% in Seoul.

Haha. You’re quite aware of the ratings. There are many veteran actors in this drama, so how’s the atmosphere on the set?

At first, I was very scared because there are great actors such as Park Geun Hyung, Go Doo Shim, Kim So Mi, Jeon In Hwa. However, they’re all very kind. Especially Jeon In Hwa-sunbaenim who plays my mother. I also call her “Mother” off camera.

Your character, Ma Do Jin, is close to his mother. That’s why viewers call him “mama’s boy”.

I guess it’s the reason… I think it’s more about the fondness between us. I also arranged her birthday not long ago. [t/n: I’m not sure if he’s referring to real life or the drama because an episode broadcast around the time the interview was released mentioned the mom’s birthday]

What would you say about Mama Boy Ma Do Jin?

Nothing much. I just think a man should act like a man.

Are you also close to your mom in real life?

We call each other a lot. To be honest, it’s just that Ma Do Jin cares a lot about his mother because he knows how much struggles she went through in her life. If his mother calls him or if something happens, he runs to her, but it’s not a character who’s like “mommy, mommy” for every little thing.

So you finally give us your vision of him! So we found out that he had a child with Mi Oh (Ha Yeon Soo), a girlfriend he had broken up with. The fact that the son was a secret is similar to Ryan Gosling’s movie. How would you react if you were in the same situation?

I would never tolerate it. I don’t know if I’d go crazy. The fact that I’d hurt someone I love and this person would give birth to my son and raise him secretly, the fact that she’d hide it from me, I just hate that idea. It’s the same when I’m dating. If my girlfriend says that she went out with someone and that someone was a guy, I’m fine with it. But if she goes and comes back, asking her who she was meeting with would make me angrier.

In “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, you played Choi Ho who was two-timing, but he ended up loving Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) more. Have you ever been in a relationship when you love the other more?

I think we’ve always loved each other in the same way. Jus as much as I love her, she gives this love back, so the feelings are going stronger. I’ve always been earnest in my relationships. I’m the type to have long relationships.

Actors who were models or singers first always talk about the charm of acting. What do you think got you into acting?

At first, I started because purely out of fun. Becoming someone else, it’s something really interesting. Besides, the fact that I knew nothing about acting made it fun for me.

And what about now?

I’m under a lot of pressure and a lot of stress. When I was filming “It’s Okay, That’s Love”, I even lost 7kg. However, when I’m acting, there are times when I’m working in such harmony with my partner that my way of speaking comes back and forth between what I had rehearsed and a complete different tone. This is when I feel something close to ecstsasy. It’s addicting.

Is this feeling of pressure still the same even now?

It’s a bit better now, but I can’t find satisfaction because the script comes out on short notice and I must get prepared when I’m running out of time. When I receive the script, I keep memorizing my lines, whether I’m taking a shower or my eyes are open or not. There’s nothing else I can do.

You’re the co-representative of “Ping Pong Pub” located on Kyunglidan-gil and it’s doing quite well. People are quite interested in models’ private lives, I have the feeling you’re standing on the front line of this trend.

It’s a good thing. People who enjoy trendy places go on my Instagram and they find this place. I love doing interesting stuff. I’ve been into decorating my home lately.

This is trendy too, a man who enjoys decorating his home.

It’s because I moved into a new place not long ago. It’s nice to have flowers and posters in your room. Sometimes, I want to create furniture. I think that’s how I relieve some of the stress.

Is this something you want to do when the drama is over?

Of course. There are so many things I want to do. Not long ago, Go Doo Shim-sunbaenim told me “I think middle-aged actors are even more charismatic, so I hope you will keep acting. Don’t give up. It’s better to be an actor than a short-lived star”. These words really moved me.

Those are really nice words.

These words weren’t about liking my acting. They meant that I should create something good with what I have. She also told me to try theater, so when the drama is over, I want to see a lot of plays.

For you, what’s the limit between being a star and being an actor?

You mean how long you’re able to do it? To be honest, I do worry when someone asks me “do you want to become a star or do you want to become an actor?”. It’s only fair to want to become popular. However, I hope I’ll be able to keep acting for a long time, even if the audience loses a bit of its interest in me. As long as work offers are coming, I’ll do everything.

Is there any role you don’t want to do?

No. There’s no reason to get picky over characters, whether the character is stupid or wicked.


When I finished filming a drama before, I went out for a drink with an actor who has been in the industry for a long time and we got drunk and he told me “you can’t act, you’re only working right now because of your looks”. And these words are true. There are countless of people who want to be actors and I just got lucky. Still, I’m keeping the same mindset. “I wasn’t good back then, so I will show you now how I can do it.”

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