[June 2007 – Allure] Yoon Mirae – Interview

Allure - Yoon Mirae

Tell us about your 4-year hiatus. Your fans were really waiting for you.

Because of problems here and there, I went through a lot of hardships. There were a couple of turning points in my life. When I signed my singer contract, when my parents got divorced and this hiatus. They were turning points. I was really hurt by people I trusted, people I thought would always be by my side, people I followed unconditionally. I’m different now. Even when people say good words, I’m suspicious and wonder about their intentions. It’s not a good change. However, I think it made realize how precious my family and my true friends are.

You’ve experienced ups and downs that other artists won’t experience easily. What did you gain through these experiences?

Thanks to these exhausting and bad experiences, I’m awfully good at expressing my feelings when I sing. Haha. I just want to see it in a positive light. What I experienced was difficult, but I’m also thankful because it made me grow up. Of course, sometimes I want to go back to the days when I was just a kid who didn’t know anything.

If you take each song separately or the overall album, I feel like you let go a lot of your usual strong feeling. Was it intentional?

It wasn’t intentional at all. I think the album turned out this way as time went by through these past 4 years. As I figured out what was important to me, what was precious to me, I think my singing or the mood in my music came out more naturally.

As you got more and more experiences, did your singing get upgraded like it happens in acting?

I think it did. Don’t people say that you can figure out someone through their songs?

What can we understand about your personality when we listen to your songs?

When I’m tough, I’m tough and sometimes, when I’m gentle, I’m gentle.

After your solo debut, you focused on R&B or soul music. There are many fans who miss the powerful rap you showed in your previous promo activities.

I also think my older songs were more charismatic. Of course, there were soft songs. I’m fine when I’m recording these songs, but I’m bored when I sing them on stage. Funky songs are good to feel the crowd’s energy and to have fun.

That’s why many fans are expecting your concerts.

The concert is titled “Yoon Mirae and Tasha”. I’m planning to include every style I’ve been doing until now like ballads, hip-hop songs, R&B songs.

Do you think your singing skills were a gift?

I think I was blessed. To be honest, I don’t like my voice. When I listen to other female singers, like Mariah Carey, they’re great. Still, singing like them wouldn’t suit me, it would feel fake.

Your rap is the best. Because of this strong image, we can’t picture “Yoon Mirae, the woman”. When do you feel like a woman?

When I’m shopping for shoes? Haha. Even if I don’t wear them, I’m obsessed with shoes. Heels, tennis shoes, boots, I buy them in large quantities. I don’t really care about clothes or bags, but shoes are the exception. I have more shoes than I can count.

How are you in your daily life?

I just stay at home and listen to some music, I read books, I watch movies. Sometimes, I clean the house, I enjoy cooking things like cakes or spaghetti. When I’m at home like this is when I’m the happiest. I hate working. Haha.

Oh my God! I didn’t know I’d hear such words from you.

I’m a little bit like that. However, there’s nothing I know how to do. And we have to earn living, right? At first, I started music because I really loved it. Now, music gives me a lot of stress. I must care about my sales, my concert tickets or my chart ranks. I’m conflicted between the music I want to do and the music my fans want from me. There are so many problems like that.

What is the think you’re lacking the most of and you must get better at?

Self-confidence? My self-confidence completely disappeared because of this hiatus.

No way. Is this the powerful Yoon Mirae?

I’ve learned so many things. Before, when you gave me a mic, there was nothing I envied in this world, nothing I was afraid of, I was just happy. Now, I’m nervous to the point that my hands get sweaty and I can’t breathe. I keep telling myself “they are people who came here spontaneously because they want to hear my songs”, but I get more stress as I tell myself “you can’t disappoint them”. I think this anxiety and this stress are getting worse as time goes by.

Is this a problem than can be solved by performing often on stage a little bit more?

I don’t think so. I think it’s a fight with my self-confidence at the end of the day.

So do you trust yourself?

I really don’t know.

This doesn’t sound like a Yoon Mirae-like answer. So, are you unhappy right now?

The feeling comes and goes. I think I know what happiness is because I felt things like hurt, tears, hardships. I know what’s important. I think that’s why I got closer to happiness.

So there’s a rumor that has been around. Is it true that you’ve been dating Tiger JK for a while?

No. Haha. I’m not just with JK. I’m always with my oppas like Bobby Kim, Dynamic Duo who belong to the “Movement” crew, but I didn’t date or meet anyone in the past 4 years.

Being the only woman among all these cool guys, don’t you feel the need to have your own man too? Well, when talking about Yoon Mirae, words like “marriage” don’t seem to match.

I read a lot of magazines and I watch TV a lot, so I think I’ve been warier about it. I’ve already gone through a bad breakup just because we talked about marriage after being in a good relationship for a while. Marriage… If I do it, I do it, but I don’t think it’s an obligation. Still, I want to love. If I find someone to love, then if I must make a choice between this person I love and music, I think I’d choose love.

t/n: this interview should have been translated with the COTM all the way back last year… I didn’t get around to do it because when I moved my blog to the address, this draft got lost in the process. I finally got around to do a big cleanup of my dashboard and found it all the way back in my early drafts. So there it is 😀

Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Myra says:

    Thank you for finishing this translation.
    Je suis un peu dĂ©solĂ©e pour sa mauvaise passe, et surprise aussi…en 2007 elle ne sortait avec personne et ce depuis 4 ans? Il est nĂ© en 2008 Jordan, il me semble, j’ai toujours cru qu’elle Ă©tait avec JK depuis des annĂ©es ou alors il y a eu rupture.
    Ce qu’elle dit sur le stress fait sens aujourd’hui, elle ne sort pas beaucoup de singles, ne travaille qu’en groupe (MFBTY)…et sur l’amour car elle privilĂ©gie sa vie de famille alors qu’elle a appraremment eu des opportunitĂ©s musicales aux Etats-Unis. Quant au mariage, ça explique peut-ĂȘtre le fait qu’elle n’ait pas teuu Ă  avoir un mariage conventionnel avec la grande robe blanche et les photos.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      non xD ils mentaient. C’est Tiger JK qui ne voulait pas qu’elle ait une mauvaise image Ă  cause de lui, donc les mĂ©dias avaient beau leur poser la question Ă  l’Ă©poque “mais on dit que vous sortez ensemble”, ils rĂ©pondaient systĂ©matiquement que non. Ils l’expliquent ici https://thesunnytown.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/dazed-200904-yoon-mirae-king-of-sorrow-interview/

      Perso, je pense qu’elle a Ă©tĂ© tellement traumatisĂ©e par sa carriĂšre solo que ça ne l’intĂ©resse plus vraiment et qu’elle prĂ©fĂšre travailler avec son mari pour rester dans son cocon et ĂȘtre sĂ»re qu’elle ne revivra pas les difficultĂ©s qu’elle a vĂ©cues.

  2. Myra says:

    Ah, je me disais aussi! xD Merci pour le lien.

    Je comprends. C’est dommage pour nous les fans mais je prĂ©fĂšre qu’elle se mĂ©nage un peu, en effet.

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