[February 2015 – Vogue Girl] Han Hye Joon – Interview


Vogue Girl - Han Hye Joon

“Seonam Girls’ High School Investigators” is a drama about real-life issues through cases solved by high school girls. I play 20-year old genius photographer Haraon. I read the novel and I totally loved it. My acting skills are still lacking, but I think I got the role because the director appreciated how much I wanted to play it.

Ha Ra On’s character is a chic and cold guy who doesn’t care about dating. He’s very different from my 4-D and off-the-wall personality. There’s a love line with (Jin) Ji Hee. To express the aura of a photographer, I studied and watched real photographers’ gestures.

The atmosphere on the set is friendly. However, I’m careful in any of my actions because the squad five members are girls. It’s my first acting job, so I’m quite nervous and I’m all stiff or I mess up sometimes. Even worse, it happened once that I even asked Ji Hee what was my last line as I held the script in my hands.

Your complex is how my face easily turns red. When I’m nervous or ashamed, starting from my ears, my whole face turns red. For the rest, I’m just trying to be satisfied. I don’t think I’m good-looking, but I consider that I inherited from my parents’ looks, so I’m just thankful.

Your name is actually Kim Min Joon. I’m working with Kim Min Joon-sunbaenim. The first and last hanja characters of our names are exactly the same. It’s exciting because there aren’t that much Kim with this hanja character. My new name Ye Joon means being full of artistic emotion. You write it with the character Ye for “art” and Joon for “gathering”.

Later on, one day I want to play cool characters like Kim Tan, Young Do in “Heirs”. Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin show natural charisma. I’m not charismatic and I’m not good at pretending that I am, so I think the road is still long for me. My birthday is January 11th. I have to shoot that day. Tomorrow, which is the day before my birthday, I’ll have to keep my health in check as I should, so I’ll have a small party with my friends today (January 9th). We’ll just have diner, play bowling and have some beer to celebrate the fact I’m turning 20.

The gift I want to receive is Perfume? On my coming-of-age day, my fans only sent me written letters. I was extremely happy, though.

If I wasn’t an actor, I’d probably be working part-time. I’d earn some money to travel because I’d be able to experience the real world early. Before I started studying acting, one of my dreams was to work part-time for 6 months and earn enough money to travel for a month, then work again for 6 months, travel for another month. I wanted to do something like this.

Vogue Girl

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