[March 2015 – Marie Claire] Lee Hyori – Interview

Marie Claire - Lee Hyori

I heard you’re planning to leave Jeju and spend some time in the city. Do you have any specific plan?

I don’t. Being only in Jeju means not getting to do some things, which is a bit sad and that makes me miss the city life sometimes, so I’ll just go to many good restaurants and attend nice shows or going to some exhibits.

With your blog, you share with a lot of people about your daily life in Jeju. Was there a reason for you to share with different people about your own life and thoughts?

I’m close with Lucid Fall and he manages his homepage with small details of his daily life. I saw this and thought it was nice. That’s why I decided to give it a try with a light-hearted mindset. I didn’t know so many people would be interested. Once I got married, I settled down in Jeju and I think I wanted to show to other people some small stuff and beauty I discovered while I was spending time with my pets. I think I also wanted to show off. Being able to communicate with people sharing the same thoughts and for all of us to confirm our thoughts and feelings is very enjoyable.

When I saw you sing on stage as a Fin.K.L member, I would have never pictured you moving to an island and lead an easy and free life. Did you go through some dramatic change at some point?

It’s not a sudden change that would have happened because of one specific incident. I decided at some point to listen to the voice inside of me. This voice was telling me that I wanted to be truly happier. And I gradually listened to this voice. And in order to become happier, I changed the way I lived, one thing after the other. Changing your life style required courage in no small measure. However, now that some time has passed, I think it was the right choice for me.

You said “it’s nice to live like a person these days”. What does “living like a person” mean?

I think people are naturally good-hearted. As they live, they compete against each other. Living in hostility like this is exhausting. This is not the natural way for human beings to live. I don’t know what living like a person is, so I can’t give one precise definition. Still, a life when you have to kill someone else to live, this is obviously not living like a person.

Do you think you’re someone with courage?

I was very active about the SsaYong cars union problem. To be honest, I lack a lot of courage. I’m an ordinary person who keeps going back and forth every day between reality and the life values I’m looking for. If I were someone with real courage, I’d be living differently today. When I look at people who have true courage, I’m ashamed and I become more serious.

It’s not easy for people with potential influence to care about issues many people disregard, to care about the weak and to reveal their own believes about such problems.

Until now, living with the Nature, my pets and people, the answer I get is “nothing lasts forever”. I think we’re all connected. Even if just one of us gets broken, we will all end up getting broken. “This person” is weak today, but I can be next. If one of us fails, we all fail because nothing lasts forever. This is the reason that gets me interested in this.

I think we’re getting used to this simple image of you, more than the fancy image. Isn’t it some pressure to show the audience a simple life as a celebrity?

There’s no pressure because I show you only what I want to show you. This is not a problem and that’s how I think about it these days. I don’t know if I’m the way that I am because I just want to show something to others, to get recognition from them, to get compliments. You can say it’s like an “addiction”. Because of the obligation I felt to be recognized by others in the past, I don’t know what makes me feel alive for the first time of my life . I want to find freedom within this kind of thoughts.

What’s the best thing about leaving Seoul? And I think there must also be things you miss.

The night is pitch-darked and quiet. I like that the night is like the night and the day is like the day. Not being able to see my friends and my family often is something I regret, and the fact there’s no jajangmyeon delivery? (laugh)

You must have met new people since you changed the base of your life. Is there a new connection that influenced you in a particular way?

Most of people I see here are people who saw me on TV. They can’t be completely free of prejudices against me. However, there are many people who share the same life value that I’m looking for, so we exchange our thoughts and I’m comfortable with them. There are many things I can learn.

You problay have a big influence on people around you, but I think you must also be influenced by those around you. Who is the person that influences you the most these days?

My husband. He’s the one who spends time with me the most, so I think I cannot not be influenced a lot by him. My husband brings me stability with his constant composed energy.

What are you the most interested in these days?

Living happily and being healthy. That’s why I’m focusing on yoga these days.

Do you have any plan for this year?

As for Sogildaek (her blog) or as a singer, I have no specific plan. Life never turns out the way you planned it to. Ah! I want to learn how to play the piano. I don’t know if it’ll turn out good, though. (laugh)

Marie Claire
Translation: @onesunnylady – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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