The Sisterhood of The World Blogger Awards.


So this is my first time doing this. I don’t know if it will be the last. lol. Jandoe@dramaphilic nominated me for the Sisterhood of the world blogger awards.

First of all, I will thank Jandoe once again for nominating me. I rarely comment on her blog, but she’s one of the most articulate and well-spoken person I’ve met during all these years of my fangirl life. Her fangirling on Twitter reminds me of myself back in 2009 and I would literally tweet anything in my mind. Haha. I’m in my chill phase now, but it’s always adorable to see peoople spazz.

I will now answer her questions. I am too lazy to try and find screencaps and pictures to make a nice post, but do believe that I put my heart into this.

Name a show you don’t necessarily love, but would totally recommend to others.

Recommending something that I don’t love… I had to think hard. I would actually name the only French tv show that I’ve been following diligently for the past two years, but no one would know what I’m talking about. So for a US show, I’d say… “Fame” (all episodes are on Youtube). It’s an old school show. I decided to marathon it last year and I had such a bittersweet feeling because my memory kept only the cool factor of “oh my gawd! i’m in high school to receive training to become an artist”. While the show dealt with some serious issues, some of the characters I used to find so cool were… not that cool for the adult that I am. BUT that’s what makes “Fame” timeless for me. They were brats, they were teenagers and 100 years from now, teenagers and brats will still be able to relate to them. Okay I make it sound like I really really love the show. I’d only keep the first two seasons.

Now on with a K-drama, I’ve been out of it for three or four months and it turns out that the brain gets quickly rid of the few memories you have. I spent two days thinking about the answer. I’d say “Nine”. It was an intriguing drama. The plot was really… wow. The actors nailed it. However, it’s really a guy show as in there was only one female character. She started out fierce but turned out to be just a damsel in distress with our hero being rude to her all the freaking time. I did understand why the rudeness was necessary at some point around the middle of the drama, but I was so fed up with the lead guy at this point that when we reached the ending, I just didn’t care at all if they got together or not. So really, it’s about the plot and not character’s development here. I’d also say that it should be marathoned. The plot is well-structured, so it’s easy to miss out on important details if you take too much time between two episodes.

Honest opinions about the recent upswing of idols in Kdramas?

Well, I think people tend to forget that there are actually a lot of idols who joined the industry because they wanted to be actors. If anything, I think musicians should be upset that people who want to be actors use singing as their way to get there. It’s actually something that I talked about a few years ago with one of my Korean teachers who didn’t understand why idols in dramas was something that stood out for me from my Westerner point of view. And there were not even as many idols as we’ve been seeing for two or thee years. To her, idol turned actors were already a natural thing and that is because the Korean entertainment industry is based on versatility. If you just look at how many TV actors are also musical actors (and I insist on actors, I feel that actresses struggle more to cross over between musicals and TV… but I haven’t researched about it enough, so let’s keep this as a “feeling I have”), acting and singing aren’t two opposite fields in the Korean entertainment industry. Where I live, the entertainment industry is structured by categories and there’s the prejudice that a singer should only sing and an actor should only act because it is impossible to be good at both. That would be another debate on the meaning of the word “entertainer”, but to stay on track here, I’d say that the idol system today is based on the fact that idols are seen as potential actors since the beginning anyway. So to me, the problem isn’t that they’re idols. The problem is their talent. It’s not because you’re an idol that you can’t act. To me, you’re a bad actor because you’re a bad actor. Some bad actors can improve, though.

At the end of the day, people have been criticizing idols for the past two years, but if it weren’t for Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk being so successful for the past two years, I’m pretty sure that the influx of models turned actors we’ve been seeing for the past year would have created a bigger debate because, unlike idols who can rely on their vocal skills (even if some of them are bad singers, but they’re officially singers), models can’t pretend that they’re models for any other reason than their physical appearance. There’s one thing that Kim Woo Bin has been saying for the past 2 years: he got lucky because his unusual looks matched the trend at the right time. Forgive me to use Lee Soo Hyuk as an example, fangirl alert, but I really think he debuted too early as an actor OR maybe he just didn’t get or didn’t choose the right opportunities to make him stand out in a good way because he or whoever gave him advice just didn’t know any better. I feel like Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk were in the same range in terms of acting when they debuted, and the turning point was 2012. In 2011, people were able to watch Lee Soo Hyuk in three different roles at the same time because the airing dates of his dramas overlapped. That does not happen quite often except for veteran actors who are courted for supportive roles because they are veterans who have nothing to prove and who already got recognized for their talent. I don’t know why he didn’t get to capitalize on that, but this was a good opportunity he missed out on. Maybe he was afraid of being typecast? I don’t know. I feel like his choices didn’t match what he was able to play at that time. On the other hand, Kim Woo Bin’s career took off in 2012 with rebellious but complex teenagers characters that took him out of his comfort zone. And he got to act with veteran actors early in his career. He had a good mentor to show him what acting was about whereas Lee Soo Hyuk, at least from the impression I get in his interviews, he figured out a lot of stuff by himself and had no real guidance… So, yeah, model turned actors also bring competitiveness to the acting field. It’s not just idols.

My point IS being an idol or a model doesn’t determine if you’re a god actor or not. If anything, being able to sing or to move in front of a camera are just skills that can help you in an acting career. To me, the problem is the system itself that doesn’t give room to rookie actors and it pushes aspiring actors to be idols in order to become actors. And the few successful idol turned actors like Im Siwan or Lee Joon (the only female example coming to my mind is Eun Ji from A Pink, BUT only her role in “Reply 1997” really stood out, so does she count for this argument?) reinforce this vision. However, I’m saying this now, but dramaland is changing. Sponsored webdramas, the fact that cable dramas are getting praised for their quality, the fact that people would rather watch reruns at their convenience and not sit down in front of their TV to watch a drama will probably have an impact on how actors are being recruited. For instance, if idols were mostly cast for webdramas, rookie actors would get a bigger chance to be on TV? On the other hand, agencies are also strenghtening their acting department, they produce their own dramas… So… We shall see the evolution in a couple of years.

Of all the shows you’d reviewed and/or expressed opinions about before, is there one that you wish or plan to rewrite differently?

That one French soap opera that I’ve been recapping. I actually like the show, but there are problematic aspects in characters development, so I was probably too harsh on season 2. With that said, I decided to keep the negativity out of this blog, so I’ll try to be more… indulgent about the stuff that I don’t like because who am I to judge?

Do you feel like you live in the wrong era and/or location? Why?

That’s a tricky question. I’d like being able to travel around the world and experience other cultures, but no money for now, so I can only dream. I’m glad to live where I am, though. I honestly don’t see myself settling down in another country for the rest of my life. Living abroad a few years because of my job or to do research, why not?

Now about the era, from a subjective point of view, I would have enjoyed the Classical Antiquity (Roma and Greece) for its culutre, although as a woman back then, I don’t know how much of a culture I would have had access too. For more recent times, I’d say the 1960’s. The music, the fashion were so cool and I feel like it was a great period for humanity to stand together and make the world a better place. From an objective point of view and as a Black woman, living in today’s era, as problematic as it is, is still better for me than any other era, compared to the past 6 centuries. Overall, I wouldn’t see myself living in another era. Each era has great and bad aspects. I’ll just deal with what I know from my personal experience and stay in my era. ^^

Share the love! Reveal your must read, go-to blog and/or website.

Like I said, I don’t read many blogs. My internet routine can really be summed up by Nate for Korean entertainment news, TV shows and Twitter… Once again, after thinking about my answer very deeply, I’d say that for K-related stuff, kimwoobineyebrows@Tumblr gives me my daily fangirling fix. For non-K-related stuff, I’d say that I read Jenny Trout’s blog once in a while. I found out about her through her 50 Shades of Grey recap. While I may not always agree with her opinions on other matters, I always enjoy reading her thoughts. And there’s also the Snarksquad. They recap books I read when I was a child and also TV shows or movies. I think they’re hilarious. It’s snarky and quirky.

The Sisterhood of the World Blogger Awards

Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
Put the award logo on your blog.
Answer the questions they have sent you.
Make up ten five new questions for your nominees to answer.
Nominate five blogs and make sure they are aware they are nominated.
When you have responded, leave a link in the comment of the person who nominated you.

Questions to nominees

1) Why do you blog? And how do you find the balance with real life?
2) Would you call yourself a fangirl and what does the term mean to you? (your fangirlism can be about anything, it’s not just about celebrities)
3) Do you have an OTP? Tell us why. (can be a pairing from tv shows, novels, real life)
4) Do you think you’re living your life at its fullest?
5) What would you like to change about this era?

I really don’t know about my nominees because most of them have already been nominated by others, so… Tumblr is microblogging, but blogging neverthless, so I will nominate a few people from there as well. I’d like to know you guys better, so if you’ve already answered someone else’s question, feel free to just answer in my comment section if you have time. 🙂

Rhys Ford
(her blog is NSFW, click at your own risk xD)

7 Comments Add yours

  1. jandoe says:

    So many distractions right now reading this haha, but I loveeee your answers about idols in K-ent! You raised lotsa great points 🙂 and stuff I didn’t think about or consider before about this. And especially that bit about Kim Woo Bin and Lee Soo Hyuk and their respective “timing” – hmmm, interesting point you brought up! I see what you mean about the KSW vs LSH advantages/disadvantages, though it also makes me wonder if it’s just a combo of poor mentorship (or lack of) and poor project choices for LSH. …and also a matter of talent of course, that KWB deff has a natural acting talent whereas LSH kinda… developed his? Now it makes me think of how people can have similar starting points but end up at completely different points depending on each person’s luck, talent etc…

    Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to answer my Qs, 1sunnylady!!! 🙂

    I’m gonna randomly butt in and answer some of your Qs, though I’m gonna skip 1 cos I think I’ll end up writing an essay (with points that are pffft, way obvious) and focus on Q2 and Q3 haha.

    Answ to Q2:
    Fangirl- liking something/someone to questionably creepy levels i.e. makes you do things you usually don’t do whether in RL or just in your every day online ventures. Examples of creepy behaviors – online stalking, making crazy expensive and/or long trips just to see your faves… haha. Not that it’s necessarily a bad/negative thing, but it’s… strange? Like it’s not something you can just openly and coolly admit in RL haha.

    Answ to Q3:
    Oh my gosh I actually OTP-ed so many people hahaha that now I can’t name specifics. Though typically I would OTP them only onscreen (if they’re dramas/films) and strictly within books for lit. BUT I think if I were to really, really go for one – it would be none other than Nodame and Chiaki. I can rewatch their dramas and movies forever I think haha, and also reread the manga (oh, I also even watched the anime!). My sentiments for them and their romance are kinda like not normal haha (I so, so wish the series would go on forever).

    Okies time to get back to my readings 🙂 (Thanks again! ^_^)

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Art is probably the only thing in the world in which making efforts doesn’t mean you’re good at it. Talent is subjective too (unless someone is very very bad). So idk if KWB was gifted in a way that LSH wasn’t in terms of acting skills, but they don’t have the same background either. KWB is a free spirit and his mother always encouraged him to try new things and learn. On the other hand, I feel like LSH was trapped in the cool image he wanted to project like teenagers/young adults are. It’s also a big difference in ther interviews through the years. KWB knows his own taste and how to approach new experiences. LSH is still in the middle of figuring himself out.

      No matter how talented or talentless you are, you always need that one breakthrough. KWB had his drama one with “School”. Idt he’s had his movie one yet. For LSH, “Valid Love” might be that drama breakthrough… Problem is, he isn’t getting any younger and I think he has to go to the army for his military service, so… He needs that breakthrough like now or next year. He can be a late bloomer like Choi Jin Hyuk or Song Jae Lim, but something needs to happen b/c actors coming back from the army are starting “all over again” to go back to their pre-army status. Or maybe he should just go now, so he can spend his late 20’s only focusing on his career? Idk. I do feel a bit frustrated because I don’t think he’s a great actor, but I don’t think he’s a bad one either. He’s lucky enough to have distinctive looks and a very unique voice (i think he doesn’t use it well), but I feel like he doesn’t get to show everything he can… oh well * shrug * it’s his life.

      Q2 &Q3 – it’s funny that you say that b/c I’ve always been a proud fangirl. I wasn’t OBVIOUS about it, but I remember in middle school that my classmates knew the boy groups I like, so whenever they came across a magazine or merchandising, they’d give it to me or at least tell me about it. (And they= boys and girls) I was the only one like that and I don’t know if they thought I was weird or something. Hey, another memory just popped up. When I decided to start all over again and get a BA in Korean. There was this guy who knew I was a fan of Taeyang, so when he went to Korea, he brought me back Taeyang’s first album (which I had already bought) but it was such a sweet gesture! My point is I never felt embarrassed or felt that I should be embarrassed. I’ve always embraced this side of me. K-Pop made me discover a whole new level of how fandom can be structured. You used examples of extreme but still okay behaviours except for stalking. But like flying out to another country for a concert, buying every merchandising, that’s my definition of “stanning”. Like you have fangirling < stanning < crazy fanstanning (saseng style). The first two are okay, the third one is a nooo, I agree.

      What I find interesting in your two answers is that your OTP is a couple that, iirc, start out with Nodame stalking Chiaki and being borderline a creepy fanstan? I must say I wasn't appealed by their romance (if you don't know what to blog about, feel free to share your feelings about this manga/drama/anime series ;D), does Chiaki end up being a nice boyfriend? Do they even get together or is it just about Nodame pursuing him? I don't remember that aspect. 🙂 But Nodame sounds to me like a representation of embracing your obsession for a celebrity?

      I feel like you used this post as a way to procrastinate and not do your class readings xD Thank you for taking the time to answer and thank you again for nominating me.

  2. emsterz says:

    Thanks for the nom haha I’m the world’s laziest micro-blogger lol you’re so prolific translation takes a shit load of time, thank you for doing it *o*

    1) Why do you blog? And how do you find the balance with real life?
    I started my drama tumblr because I was spazzing so much and bottling all those feels up was getting kind of unhealthy, so I figured I needed to find peeps to share it with at least. I picked tumblr cos that’s just the platform I was most comfortable with. Personally, I blog because that’s the only real private space I have in this world.

    2) Would you call yourself a fangirl and what does the term mean to you? (your fangirlism can be about anything, it’s not just about celebrities)
    Yes. I get super super affected by music and stories and tv, yet I never let how much I’m affected show in real life.

    3) Do you have an OTP? Tell us why. (can be a pairing from tv shows, novels, real life)
    Lol too many to count. most recently it’s just been everyone on unpretty rapstar ha.

    4) Do you think you’re living your life at its fullest?
    Nope. I constantly struggle between what I should do and I what I want to do.

    5) What would you like to change about this era?
    (You ask the hardest questions…………) I don’t know, there doesn’t seem to be any one thing I would change that would really change anything. There’re just too many variables in this equation.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      haha I understand. Thank you for taking the time to reply! I totally understand the feel to share all these thoughts about dramas and such. And you ship the girls from Unpretty Rapstar? lol i wasn’t expecting that answer. xD xD

  3. emsterz says:

    lol well I ship them as a family? like the sisterhood really really gets to me. I watch unpretty and realize how starved I am of female-centric television.

  4. ghizuu says:

    1) Why do you blog? And how do you find the balance with real life?

    I don’t exactly consider myself a blogger/tumblr person but if you could accumulate all the spazzing I do on twitter I’m sure it *could* be blog worthy XD. I aspire to be a blogger, but I haven’t quite figured out what exactly I want my blog to focus on as there are many out there that do what i’ve thought of doing.

    Back to the question….mmm I guess the balance for me would be… sacrificing some hours of sleep? Reality can get stressful but when you find something interesting to talk about online or see something on tumblr that excites you, you can’t help but reblog, like, search for more, lose track of time and therefore lose a few hours of sleep in the result of “getting away from reality”. That could just be me D:
    Well a mentor of mine did tell me “You’ll be sleeping for the rest of your life after you pass away, what does losing a few hours of sleep doing something you like make a difference?”

    2) Would you call yourself a fangirl and what does the term mean to you? (your fangirlism can be about anything, it’s not just about celebrities)

    I definitely call myself a fangirl (of many things) haha! I’m pretty proud and shameless of being one… around the people I’m really close to of course or else I sound like a crazy person to those who don’t know me well enough. (I’m the type to be pretty closed and quiet to the point of being mistakened as anti-social when people first meet me, but crazy and talkative about things I’m passionate about the moment they start getting to know me)

    The term “fangirl” to me is when someone likes a certain person/group/band or thing to the point where they anticipate the next project/release of new product. E.g. Apple fangirls anticipating the new iPhone/iPad/iMac etc… or anticipating (name of band/singer/actress/actor) and their next album/drama/photoshoot whatever.

    3) Do you have an OTP? Tell us why. (can be a pairing from tv shows, novels, real life)

    I tend to have an OTP for every girl/boy group I like and characters within dramas, but my biggest OTP has got to be Kim Jiwon and Krystal.

    It’s interesting because one is an actress and the other is an idol, but I believe they are just destined even fated to be together somehow. Not in a Homosexual way, but in an amazing way that has got them to work in 3 projects together in the span of 3 consecutive years (High Kick 3, Clean and Clear CF & The Heirs). As hard as I try to think of 2 people who have worked together as much as these two, I can’t exactly think of anyone (or I just don’t pay too much attention to others… I’m pretty sure others can agree with me though >_<). I have no doubt that there is a possibility of seeing these 2 have another project again together in the future, whether it's a CF or a drama.
    After watching many of their BTS scenes, interviews & photos one can see how much their personalities contrast each other,as well as see the kind of great friendship they have developed after working together for some time holding hands, hugging, having huge smiles saying they haven't seen each other for a while even though it's only been a few months, etc…. I'd also like to add that in an interview Kim Jiwon had post Heirs, she mentioned that she had photos of "pretty girls" on her phone and said that a few of them were of Krystal both on stage and wearing casual clothing (I'm assuming airport/event photos) hehe. I could seriously go on and on about these 2 but I'm sure you get it by now XD.

    4) Do you think you’re living your life at its fullest?

    I'd like to say I am but in reality… No I'm not, at least not yet. There is a lot that I am lacking but I'm pretty optimistic and think that the best is yet to come! The kind of life I want to fulfill is an ongoing project everyday. Unfortunately time is running but I believe that one day after much sacrifice on building my business and grinding hard for a few years, I will be able to say that I have lived my life to it's fullest. Until then, I'd like to say it's a work in progress.

    5) What would you like to change about this era?

    Hmm.. tough question but I'd say the reliance of technology in this era. I've seen a few people go crazy beyond measure over having their internet/phone/console not working for a certain period of time and I think it's just not healthy.

    Anyways those are my answers haha I had fun answering them although I took a little long. I hope you enjoy them and I thank you for nominating me although I personally don't think I deserve the recognition!

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Than you so much for replying! I so agree about 1)… Although I’m getting older now and I need longer time to recharge my batteries when i have a couple of sleepless nights in a row… but when you’re dead, you’ll have enough time to rest, so… I just keep going as long as my body can take it.

      That OTP was given, considering your Twitter lol but I didn’t know why you shipped them ;D now I know why.

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