[February 2013 – Vogue] Kim Young Kwang – Reality Bites – Interview

Vogue - Kim Young Kwang

Ki Joong was a complicated man. He was carefree and saw marriage as a business. After many twists and turns, he ends up marrying with a wedding in his own style. Do you know someone like that in real life?

This drama told stories that are hard for me find in the limits of the reality I know. Almost none of my friends are married. Two of my friends are still preparing for the civil service exam.

What did you think when you came across a project like this?

“Ah, marriage is quite hard. Will I go through moments like this too?”. If this is what marriage is, I don’t really want to get married. This is what I thought.

As an unmarried woman, I do feel like the drama kind of made me immune to marriage. Did all the characters have many lines? You were the one with the most indifferent way of speech with a down tone. It was probably not easy to keep up this tone when you had long lines to say.

It was hard. More than having many lines, the sentences were very long. The writer has this writing style with a bit of a twist, so the subject of the sentence was often at the end. So when I went for two or three lines, I had to say them fast and it felt like they didn’t end.

You started acting a little bit earlier than Sung Joon. Do you still take acting lessons?

It’s been a while since I’ve had an acting teacher because acting can also come out when you’re all by yourself. When I think things over on my own, I feel like I can show good acting with depth.

What does your face represent for you as an actor?
I think it’s fit to use. Haha.

And what about being tall? Even by tall actors standards, you are very tall. As an actor, is it just a cool elementt to be handsome?

Taken as a basic physical condition, it’s a good thing anyway.

Model turned actors are everywhere. You all know each other since your modelling days and there must be a subtle war of nerves between men of the same age. Sun Joon and you belong to the same agency and you did this drama as two leads, so there was a comparison between the two of you.

If you want to talk about competition in good faith, then it should be when we’re doing a different project around the same time. When we’re in the same drama, we must help each other out. Sung Joonie is a cute dongsaeng.

Is this a meaningful reference to the behaviour of models turned actors who already secured their spot?

Hm, we all worked a lot, “dokkodai” style [t/n: it’s a Japanese word. I think it can be translated as “kamikaze”], so… If you look at the big picture, I think we’re able to do well because the sunbaes paved the way for us. When you don’t see it this way, there’s no one influential, there’s nothing like that. So while we’re working too, there’s no time for us to worry about the hoobaes.

Are you doing a job you like right now? Or are you doing a job you know you can do well?

I’m fortunate to do a job that I can do well. There are so many aspects that I like about it, but there are times when I feel exhaustion before I get this good feeling. There’s always a lingering feeling when something good is over, but there are many exhausting and annoying moments while working.

You’re at the top in the male models world. Did you reveal your model poses during today’s photo shoot too? However, there’s still a long way to go as an actor.

Modelling isn’t an ordinary regular experience. It’s quite a special experience. Living the life of an actor, there were times when I got ignored and annoyed and it made me angry sometimes. However, now that I’ve started this and things are going well, I think I must do better than other people. And I do think it’s a fun job to do.

“I want to be the best”. Is this your dream?

Saying that you have a dream means that you can picture it in your head. To me, there’s nothing like that. “Let’s become this kind of actor, let’s become this or that”, instead of thinking this way, the first thing for me is to be at ease. My goal is to earn enough money to live comfortably.

As it is commonly said, “let’s work diligently for the future as long as I’m young, even by a year”?

But if I actually try to live like this, it won’t work. People who can think “let’s just do it for a few years and live comfortably later on” can make plans. It’s what they do because they have a vision of their future. In our case, we never know what will happen.

Sung Joon filmed the indie movie “Dangerously Excited” last year while you filmed “Runway Cop” which was a big mainstream production. Was there a timing problem of scenarios coming in separately?

Indeed. It’s about taking roles while thinking “it might give me this or that image of an actor five years from now”. Even a one-act drama and not a mini series is a good thing. If I get offered a role in a good indie movie, I’m game. Even if that makes me run around like crazy, I think it allows me to widen the range of what I can do next.

You started with small roles in KBS “The World They Live In” or MBC “Triple”, then the importance of your roles increased with KBS “Love Rain”, Channel A “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store”. You even got the good opportunity as a rookie actor to play in the daily evening MBC sitcom “More Charming By Day”. How would you describe your level of satisfaction today compared to the time when you did this sitcom?

I really couldn’t act back then and I knew less about acting. I’m never satisfied anyway. And it was the same after I finished this drama.

And why is that?

First of all, it’s extremely rare to be satisfied with your acting. There are really not many actors who are satisfied with their own acting. I think the fact itself of an actor being satisfied with his acting is strange.

It’s a nice attitude, but there might also be some self rationalization. Every time you start a new project, don’t you wish to be a little bit more satisfied with yourself once it’s done?

To be honest, others’ satisfaction is often more important than your personal satisfaction. I’m more inflexible than I thought. If I think “don’t do it”, I really don’t.

It might be because you’ve been living well as a model who expressed himself without words, but you’re not trying to make yourself appealing. It would be a disadvantage to you during a job interview. It’s not easy to figure out one precise image of you.

I look dull, right? Haha. Well, my personality is a little bit like that. I try not to harm others and I try not to get hurt. When I see younger people and they try everything to be funny, I prefer simple things. I hate overdoing it.

Even as an inflexible 27-year-old man, if you’re in your 20’s and want to be the best because you earn a lot of money, don’t you have prepare in advance what you want to buy, what you want to do?

There’s nothing I’m crazy about. Being recognized and doing well, it’s nice. However, I still don’t know exactly which image gives me those things overall. A guy with a title looks cool.

How about this one? “I’ll definitely become a guy who rides in a Porsche”.

When I started modelling, there were many things that I found cool. And today, whatever I see, I just say “it’s nice” and I move on to something else. I don’t remember much things. I feel like I reached the state of Nirvana. Haha.

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