[April 2015 – Elle] Kim So Yeon – Another Fairy Tale – Interview

Elle - Kim So Yeon

t/n: Soon Jung means also “innocence” in Korean.

Your previous project was “I Need Romance 3”, and you’re back with another romance story.

After “INR3” ended last year, I went through some “illness”. I don’t drink beer, but I started drinking a lot. I’d be talking and suddenly I’d start crying. I spent three months living like this. Whenever I’m done with a project, I usually brush it off easily, but it was strange this time. And it was even stranger because it was after finishing a romantic comedy.

Was there a special reason?

My character Joo Yeon was someone who lacked social skills, she didn’t know her own feelings. Despite not knowing why and despite the fact she had a happy ending, I felt a sense of guilt for throwing away this foolish girl and being the one to escape. It was like being abandoned again, and I was too exhausted to think. It might be the reason I struggled to choose my following project and I ended up spending the year on hold.

Why did you fall for “Falling For Innocence”?

I read the script last fall and I made up my mind as soon as I read it. It was to the point the agency even asked me what I had seen. It just moved my heart. I felt there was something good about it.

You’ll know when the drama is over.

That’s what I think too. Once it’s over, I’ll definitely feel at ease. I met the director, so I was even more sure of my choice.

When I read Kim Soon Jung’s description, it says that she’s a strong-minded executive secretary.

To be honest, she’s not strong like that. To me, Soon Jung is someone who would probably exist in real life. Although, I don’t know if I should say she’s an ordinary woman, she also has a lovely side, she has a carefree side, but when she works, she’s heartless. I want to substitute my own sharpness.

Is this the kind of ordinariness that attracted you?

I don’t know if I wanted to show that I have also this ordinary side. It’s a worry I’ve had for the past 10 years. My worries in the future will probably be connected to my looks, though.

It seems that you still have unresolved worries.

I felt like I shut myself in because there were so many things I kept worrying about despite the fact that I lived comfortably. It was especially true when I worked. Last year, I had many toxic thoughts like that. However, I’m a little bit more at ease these days. I think it might be thanks to “Real Men”.

Did you go to the army because you weren’t able to make up your mind about a new role?

I often heard that there was something lacking about me. That’s why I was always worried, but my close managers recommended me to film “Real Men”. It was about creating a new kind of opportunity. At first, I wondered if it was a joke. Even after I decided filming, I wondered why I had accepted. I told to myself “just don’t get critcized”.

Do you feel satisfied?

It was an unusual experience because all you see of me is  what happens between the “standby cue” moment and the “cut” moment, but this was my regular image. It was fun and exciting.

What was the most exciting thing?

I thought it wasn’t okay to be on TV without make-up on. I thought I shouldn’t be caught like that. However, I realized that being seen like this wasn’t a big deal. And it wasn’t an image of me I had to hide. It was so insignificant that I even wondered what I was trying to hide for 20 years. Showing this casual image and people seeing me in a favorale way like that gave me courage. While filming “Falling For Innocence”, I sometimes went out of the camera frame and I wondered if it was because I felt comfortable on the set. The words “I know an image of me that I didn’t know myself” may seem a bit too much, but knowing that something isn’t much of a big deal is still achieving something, right? (laugh)

Why being on a set has been so uncomfortable for you for the past 20 years?

It’s exciting when actors say that a set is like a playground. I wasn’t able to do so because I was always anxious. However, I might have been feeling like this now because I’m older. It might have been because the director is someone I know, or because the actors are full of energy, but I’m full of energy when I go to the set.

It seems that we witness your ordinary life for the first time.

I realized that I wanted to apply this kind of ordinary reality to “Falling For Innocence”. Until episode 4, Soo Jung’s bag and shoes don’t change even once. It’s a bit strange in real life to see an ordinary woman changing purses every day. We wanted her to wear only two or three different coats from the beginning to the end, but the drama producers said they wanted the lead girl to dress a bit better, so we compromised. However, from my perspective, the reason I like Soon Jung is because I’m able to express this kind of ordinariness.

How was your first meeting with Jung Kyung Ho and Yoon Hyun Min?

It’s always difficult to speak informally and be close from the very beginning. That’s why there’s always hesitation during the first half. However, they’re both younger than me, but I feel like they’re the ones who helped me. They have a sense of humor and they approach me in a casual way, so I’m at ease. Compared to my other projects, we had enough time before filming began to rehearse and read the script a lot, so I think it put me even more at ease.

Are you awfully shy?

It was very upsetting. It’s getting better now, but being shy is an incovenience for my acting. Even when I watch myself in the first half of a drama, I can feel that I’m awkward. Others can be fooled, but I know it. Still, compared to my previous projects when I started a project and felt the pressure 100 times bigger, I’m excited and I’m anticipating this project.

What are your expectations for “Falling For Innocence”?

When I start a project, I always have my own resolution and my own goal. However, talking like this today is a bit awkward. I just want to show my natural image. Because it’s my first role since people know my regular image, won’t it make things a bit different? This is my expectation.

By the way, don’t you feel like you should also meet men outside of your dramas?

I should. I want to meet an easygoing person. Someone I feel comfortable with from the very first time we meet someone who is.

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