[May 2015 – W Korea] Lee Sung Kyung – Wild on The Side – Interview

W - Lee Sung Kyung

A lot of reviews said your acting in “Flower of the Queen” is beyond expectation. You have as many scenes as your role is important, but you seem to adapt just fine.

Isn’t it because everyone had low expectations, so they see me in a more favorable way? As time goes by, I can’t watch my acting less and less because I see nothing but my flaws. It’s my second project.

What difference do you feel between “It’s Okay That’s Love” and now? Now that you have more experience, some things are probably easier, but since you have a lead role, some things must be more difficult too?

First of all, the character’s personality is very different. There’s also the fact I need to take into consideration things like the way to express myself and acting skills because the weekend drama target is different from the miniseries target. To be honest, this is a lot of stress. I’m not usually the kind to feel the pressure, and I’m trying to do everything with a happy mindset, but that’s how it is this time. However, I’m thankful because it makes me worrying about things that it was necessary for me to worry about. It’s definitely good and necessary stress.

Is there a scene you struggled with because it didn’t go as planned?

Any scene is difficult. I had a few emotional scenes and I struggled because my focus was often scattered. Of course, skills must make it up for it, but since I’m lacking experience, I think relying only on calcuation and technique will make me pass on sincerity. That’s why I’m trying to find the limit between expressions full of sincerity and effective skills.

Do you have any learning experience about acting?

I don’t. I’m learning with the great teachers [t/n: she means the experienced actors] I’m working with on set.

It was a coincidence that you got a role in “It’s Okay That’s Love” and you made your acting debut. Had you ever taken into consideration being an actress before?

At that time, I was just happy with working as a model. Then when I entered the second half of my 20’s, I got hope to try doing musicals. Right when I was about to start preparing seriously for that, this role was offered to me.

Since we’re on the musicals topic, your singing skills were revealed suddenly in “Flower of Queen”. Was “Love is Like Cooking” a song you already knew?

The writer chose this song. I heard it for the first time thanks to this drama. The writer knew I was a piano major and asked me to sing while playing the melody.

You were a piano major, so how did you start working as a model?

I thought being a pianist was the natural path for me. I started playing at an early age, so I never had other dreams. What I think these days is that when/if I have a kid, I want him or her to experience freely what he or she likes from an early age. I mean I don’t want my kid to set limits to his/her dreams. I started modelling because my parents suggested it to me. At first, I was against the idea, but when I actually experienced it, my satisfaction went beyond my expectations. I told myself at the beginnning “so I can do a job that makes me happy like this”.

It seems that you started modelling and actings more because of the suggestions people around you made than because you were willing to. You followed your luck, but your ability is what gave you new opportunities in the end.

The unnies I auditionned with or I was in competition with will remember too. I was always smiling. It wasn’t because I was annoyed for skinning my heel, I was in a good mood because I felt like I had proved how much I had rehearsed. I realized that when you cling too much onto a result, it makes the working process burdensome and there’s no fun to it. Even if I were to go back to that time of my life, I think I did as much as I could, so I wouldn’t be able to do better. Even if I received 70 points and not 100 points, I’m satisfied when I work as hard as I know I wouldn’t get a better result if I were to do it again.

You were a model for the Seoul Fashion Week not long ago. Do you plan on keeping on doing your modelling career and acting career simultaneously?

I want to, but unavoidable situations will arise. To be honest, I was planning to do the Beyond Closet show during fashion week. However, the drama filming ended very late that day, so the schedules didn’t work out. It’s a show that I really like, so I was sad and very
upset because I couldn’t keep my promise and it was against my will. In the end, I went to a corner while I was on the set and I cried a lot. It seems that there are problems I can’t solve just with my will.

Do you cry a lot?

I used to never cry, but it seems that it’s changing these days because I’m going through many emotions. I didn’t acknowledge it at first because I thought I made a big deal out of it while I wasn’t even a great actress. However, things that I didn’t think too much of in the past are often really close. I’ve become sensitive.

Today, you’re doing this photo shoot as an actress and not as a model. You have a good reason to feel different.

To be honest, I felt awkward before. Even though I was doing the shooting as an actress, I wanted to make a mix purposely with this model’s feeling. I think I’ve gotten used to it [t/n: doing a photo shoot only as an actress] a little now. I’m adjusting to the “actress Lee Sung Kyung” title.

It seems that the plot of “Flower of Queen” is seriously taking off. How will Kang Yi Sol’s storyline develop in the future?

She’s pitiful. Won’t she continue to suffer a lot because she’s foolishly nice? That will make her grow up a little bit more each time, though.

What about you? It seems that you’re hardheaded and wouldn’t put up with unfair situations.

I was so timid that I couldn’t keep a straight face in the past. Nearly two years ago, I decided to overcome this by working on getting good manners about aspects of my personality that I thought weren’t right. I’ve been working for 7 years. As I’m getting older, I’m trying to express myself just as much. In a wise and sagacious way instead.

W Korea
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com

2 Comments Add yours

  1. JO says:

    As always, thank you for the translations.

    One thing I didn’t understand is what they mean by doing a photoshoot as an actress and not a model. I would think it’s not too different.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      About the difference between doing a photo shoot as an actress and not as a model, I think it is something more along the lines of being experienced. If you do a photo shoot as a model, you will use poses and fashionable expressions that an actress who isn’t a model wouldn’t used and vice versa. If she does a photo shoot as an actress, it will be about showing more of herself/her character and how her character understands the photo shoot concept. I don’t know if my explanation is clear… What’s she’s trying to say is that it’s not just about looking pretty in front of the camera. Every model turned actor says the same thing: acting and modelling are two distinct things. You can’t be an actor just by using what you learn as a model. You can’t be a model just because you’re a good actor… At least from the Korean perspective. That’s why the model turned actors are often asked during interviews “you showed your model poses”, “you did this/that as a model”. There’s a clear difference for them between being an actor and a model. >< I hope that helps. Thanks for reading 🙂

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