[May 2015 – Cosmopolitan] Kim Rae Won – Sweet vacation – Interview

Cosmo - Kim Rae Won

Charming actor Kim Rae Won who makes your heart flutter just by hearing his voice, just by seeing his smiling eyes. These are his sweet vacations that remind him of a scene of the movie “Purple Noon” [?].

It had been a while since your last photo shoot. What do you think of Bali? Do you often go on trips?

I’m always awkward during photo shoots, but I think this one will give me special memories. It’s been a long time since I had some time to myself. I’ll remember learning shopping. I went on a golf vacations not long ago, but I will try to go trekking in Himalaya this year.

Do you enjoy doing various sports?

I do. I like sports such as fishing and golf, scuba diving. Every time I have a day off, I enjoy going for a walk.

You’re an actor in his 30’s that gives off this 20’s vibe overflowing with enthusiasm. As you’ve been an actor for more than years now, what do you think is the thing the most different about yourself?

I’m not too sure… More than talking about a big change, I think trying to maintain the passion I had when I debuted is what brings me strength.

There is the feeling that you grew as an actor with projects like “My Little Bride”, “Attic Cat”, “Sunflower, “Gangnam Blues”, “Punch”. What makes a role attractive when you’re selecting a new project?

Your question brought me back to the past. I don’t really think that much when I’m choosing a project. It can be because the scenario or the script are interesting, the fact that I can trust the team working on the project, if the character gives off this human vibe. I think it’s all of that.

The chemistry with the other actors in the drama “Punch” that finished airing recently particularly stood out.

Indeed. All of these actors are really good people. Especially Jo Jae Hyun-sunbaenim. I’ve known him for ten years, so that made things even better. He’s already someone funny, so things were natural when I was filming with him.

You have this charm of making hearts flutter just when we see you on the screen. Are you the gentle type or are you the blunt type when you’re dating in real life?

Do you want to go out with me? Haha.

Who could fit your definition of a “real man”?

Guido played by Roberto Benigni in the movie “Life is Beautiful”. Looking at how passionate he was about life, I thought to myself that this is what being a strong man in this world is about.

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