[May 2015 – Ceci] Song Jae Lim – Interview


Ceci - Song Jae Lim

It’s been 4 months since yout trip to Cambodia where you went to do volunteer service. Are you still in contact with Chek Pek, the child you’re sponsoring?

He recently sent me a drawing of a tree with bird(s) sitting on the branches. I must reply to him. I don’t know how to speak his language, so I thought hard about the way to reply to him. After thinking about it, I decided to copy the drawing Chek Pek had sent me, so I will send him a drawing of my cats Ola and Leon. It will be for his birthday which is on May 18th. Since he sent me a drawing, I think we should communicate through drawings.

You’ve been very busy since you became Plan Korea ambassador. From doing events to raising money, a partnership with a fashion brand you are modelling for. Why are you so actively involved?

It’s true that I’m crushed under work, but I must make time for this. I can’t be physically present on the site, so it isn’t much compared to those who dedicate their life to help others through Plan Korea. If this makes people participate to this volunteer work, I can only be thankful. For being in such system.

I heard fans’ reactions were good.

They told me that even fans living overseas made donation. I think the fact that I’m currently filming “We Got Married” has a lot to do with it. A lot of money was raised on “SoLim” ‘s behalf, SoLim is the nickname they give us. Up to 7,500,000 won. The average well costs 3,000,000 won. The reconstruction of the health center was up to 40,000,000 won. The fans help us so much that the process is going quite fast.

It was for a moment, but it was about sincerity.

I was deeply impressed by this image, so I started doing sponsporing. Honestly, 30,000 won a month isn’t a lot of money, but I couldn’t translate my intentions into a physical action. If you try to write a housekeeping account book, 30,000 won is really a lot of money. There’s never an amount of money that would be too little. We must show the good progress going on to people who can get the feeling that what they do is meaningful when they decide to donate and look back. This campaign I’m doing itself is linked to donation. I hope people will get encouraged to participate because they can see the result of what they do.

There’s a fan event going on and the prize is a dinner with you. Did it happen?

This event is going until May, so the winner hasn’t been decided yet. I [?] will pick the final winner. (Since you’re shy, aren’t you uncomfortable?) It’s true that I’m shy, but it’s my share to express my gratitude to the fans who participated to the event. That’s why I must create a dinner table they will enjoy or I could make them a surprise. (You’re rumored to be an event guy, so what plan are you thinking of?) If I tell you beforehand, it’s not fun. It’s a secret. (laugh)

I heard you’re planning to go back to Cambodia once the filming of “Unkind Women” is over.

We haven’t set a date yet, but I’m definitely planning to go back. It should be around June during my Asian tour. (During your last visit, you promised to come back a year later. Is there a reason for you to do this trip earlier that you had planned?) At first, I thought the Dream Village would take three years to come true. However, thanks to the help the fans provided, things moved faster. Although I’m busy with filming this drama, things are coming together thanks to my friends helping me out behind scenes.

The project is being completed faster than planned. Doesn’t this make this period of time even more profitable?

I was feeling the same way, so I wanted to buy and donate an ambulance, but Cambodia isn’t a place where cars can be purchased so easily. The roads are in bad conditions. They said it wouldn’t be that much of a benefit, even if I bought the ambulance for medical treatment. (Still, if you bring the interest and the sponsoring keep going through you, won’t the society develop too?) It should. Like the butterfly effect.

“Unkind Women” has been number 1 on its time slot 4 weeks in a row. Even if it must be physically exhausting, you must be happy.

Of course, I am. And the atmosphere on set is happy too. It’s possible thanks to the great veteran actors who maintain the balance. So the young actors have no reason to hold them back. This is what we told each other one day. We can do nothing but follow the lead of the veteran actors, just like the crow-tit follows the stork. So we’re happy and it’s a burden at the same time.

I feel like there are many similarities between your character Lee Roo Oh and you.

Before, I tried to portray a character. Now, my mindset is “I hope the character portrays me”, so I’m trying to have the character rub off on me. I’m trying to remove the words endings in my usual way of speaking, so I’m trying to present this changed image little by little. And I also think the writer has a good grasp of my personality and the script is fitting for me. It’s all thanks to that.

There’s still a long way to go, but what will you be left with once “Unkind Women” is over?

I’m still learning a lot, but it’s difficult to choose just a few things because looking back once the drama is over will also be a part of the studying process. Isn’t it only after some time has passed that I could know if there’s something left? I’m busy looking back right now because it’s a process of moving forward while taking on different challenges. As I reflect on the right reasons to be an actor while monitoring myself or why I acted a certain way, I’m also learning. This might turn into an opportunity to grow even more as an actor. (What kind of projects do you remember?) I have no thought of being overly ambitious and no desire of standing out. Helping the veteran actors, playing an indispensable role in the plot, being the radish or the anchovy that makes the soup taste good, it’s enough for me.

What is the thing you have been into lately when you’re not working?

I’ve been feeling lonely these days, so I joined a Harley Davidson club. We’re four guys and we can often be seen in Itaewon. The info is actually on my fans’ instagrams. With pictures of me riding my bike (laugh). (You’ll do the next photo shoot with your bike) I love that idea! I’ll come speeding here with my bike. Ah! And I like the saxophone too. It should be also included in the photo shoot (laugh).

What does acting mean to you?

I’m working harder since I realized it as my job and it’s a job that I’ve come to love. To me, acting is what makes me live and it’s my job. And it also has an artistic value. It’s the reason why painters can’t be recognized for their work if the public doesn’t look it. That’s why I feel that I’m quite lucky.

Among the movies/dramas you watched/read recently, was there one with a role you’d like to try?

My attention has been going to vampire or psycophath roles. (I think you’d be good at playing a psycopath). It’s not about showing madness or smiling in a forced way. I want to play a psycopath with self-control. I can be good at it.

So what’s your life goal?

The only thing I want is to be judged as a good person only by the people I love. I don’t want to hear it from a lot of people. This is the way I want to carry on with my life. Like the difference there can be between a good person and a gentle person, I just want to become a good and cool person.

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com

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  1. kfangurl says:

    Thanks for yet another labor of love, Sunny! Can’t thank you enough, for giving us all these translated interviews that we wouldn’t otherwise get to read 🙂 Y’know, it’s funny.. I feel like watching him in WGM has given me a sense of his “voice” – I could totally imagine him saying all this stuff, as I was reading it. His inner cheesy dork shines through, even here. XD I can just see him now, in his little Harley club, riding around and talking bikes with the boys! And yes, he’s DEFINITELY an Event kinda guy! XD

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      And thank you for leaving comments 🙂 I hope it will encourage other people. haha.

      I agree. When I translate, I hear his voice in my head and I giggle once in a while. Hahaha. Alone in front of my computer. * giggle at myself *

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