[December 2013 – Cuvism] Model Min Jun – Interview

Min Jun

“Min Jun”, who is he? I tried to find info about him before the interview, and I want to relay the hearsay that it was a struggle indeed. He became a hot issue with just a couple of photo shoots, the shouts of netizens looking for more info about him were great, but it was still hard to find precise info other than the name Min Jun. With eyes that seem tearful even for a second, a face as big as the size of a fist, he’s handsomely tall, he’s showing off his unrealistic proportions. That man netizens made research about everywhere, Cuvism finally got to have an exclusive interview with “Min Jun”, “the Cole Mohr of Korea”. Behind this image wrapped up in a veil of mystery, he shared stories that you wouldn’t think to hear from a teenager full of life. Is there a better Christmas present than this? Let’s hear the story of model Min Jun, the one who was hiding behind a veil until now. I guarantee you will find a joy beyond your expectations when you scroll down.

Model Min Jun, the Cole Mohr of Korea

Hello. Please introduce yourself.

Hello! I’m Kim Min Jun, early 96′ liner and currently studying at Hallim High School of Arts. (laugh)

Thank you for coming all the way here after school. Are you usually a diligent student?

I’m trying my best to be. There are days I can’t go to school because I have something on my schedule. Still, I’m trying my best to attend all my classes. (laugh) I’m trying really hard because it’s my last year of high school. (laugh)

If you’re in your 3rd year of high school, the road of pain will be bright in the future. (laugh) It seems that a lot of people don’t know clearly how old you are. Please tell us honestly today. (laugh)

I’m an early 96′ student. (laugh) I realized that other medias didn’t really mention clearly my age in the past. (laugh) I’m actually 18, but I get along well with all my friends who were born in 1995 since I was born early in 1996.

[t/n: in case you didn’t know, the Korean school year system means that children born between January and March of a year attend school with children born between March and December before. This may be a problem because of the different year of birth with children taking the age difference as a justification to order around or even bully those who will always be younger than them all through their school years.]

You’re known as a model, but you’re signed with JWIDE Company, an agency that manages mostly actors like Go Joon Hee. So what do you do precisely?

I’m a model and I’m preparing to debut as an actor. I’m taking a little break from modelling these days and I’m working really hard for my acting debut. It’s not to the point that I have already been on a filming set yet, it’s just hard training. (laugh)

Before the interview, I really had a hard time finding info on you online. Is it because of a mysterious concept? (laugh)

To be honest, it’s not because I was purposely trying to go for a mysterious concept. (laugh) It’s just that I don’t work that much, so I think I still have little preparation so far. I wanted to show you many things about me when I think that I’m ready for it at some point. (laugh)

Although you’re maintaining this mysterious concept, is there a particular reason for you to do this interview with Cuvism?

I did short interviews while I was doing photo shoots, but this Cuvism interview is my first real official interview. (laugh) To be honest, a lot of my model friends did an interview with Cuvism magazine. (laugh) So I thought to myself “why not me?”. (laugh) Being able to meet Cuvism readers this way is a real honor. (laugh)

As a model, did you make some efforts in order to become tall?

My height is 181 cm. It’s actually short for a model. I mostly ate the balanced food my mother and my father gave me. (laugh) I’ve beend drinking a lot of milk these days. I’m still growing up, so I want to be taller, even if it’s just a little more. (laugh) I’m actually growing up a little bit more each day! (laugh)

There’s no doubt you can clearly be taller because you’re still growing up. (laugh) You triggered the audience interest through the photo shoot you did with Lee Ho Jung for Singles magazine. You received the nickname of “Cole Mohr of Korea”. (laugh) You used a concept that was somehow unconventional. How was the set atmosphere?

The skinship really made me weak. My ears get red when I’m embarrassed. (laugh) That’s why I couldn’t do much, I think Lee Ho Jung took on the lead for almost everything. (laugh)

There was a fair amount of skinship, so how did you feel back then? (laugh)

I was very tense. (laugh) When I’m very tense, I speak less and less, so I ended up not speaking it all and just posing for the pictures. (laugh) At first, our lips weren’t supposed to touch, but the photographer suddenly changed the concept. Made our lips touch. (laugh) I was quite embarrassed, but I’m a model, so what can I do? (laugh) It was only fair that I gave my all. My ears got red and my heart was beating 10 times faster, though. (laugh)

You couldn’t talk to Ho Jung, so don’t the two of you don’t talk to each other anyway? (laugh)

To be honest, Ho Jung and I are attending the same school. (laugh) However, even if we run into each other at school, we pretend we don’t know each other. (laugh) My memory of our first meeting was a blur, so it was actually difficult for me to approach her. (laugh) Ah not long ago, Ki Bumie, Do Hoonie were with Ho Jung and they called me. I asked them to tell her I say hi. (laugh)

Lee Ho Jung and Min Jun

Excluding your photo shoot with Ho Jung that received a lot of attention, what other activities did you do?

I mostly do a lot of magazine photo shoots. I already did one with a college student concept, one with a vampire feel for “L’Officiel Homme”, one giving off a dreamy but sexy vibe.

So which one is the most memorable photo shoot so far?

There’s this picture of me holding an ice cream in a “Vogue Girl” issue. I think the picture looked nice and it was the opportunity for me to get noticed by a lot of people. (laugh) I was very anxious, but it was nice to see a good result after worrying so much about my pose or my expression. (laugh)

You’re very shy, so how was your first photo shoot?

It was a photo shoot with model Lee Som, and I was criticzed a lot. (laugh) It was my first job, so I was very awkward in my expressions and my poses. Thinking about it even today, I feel like I’d be criticized again. (laugh) I’m sorry. (laugh)

You’ve already walked the runway for a collection. What show was it?

I walked the runway twice for designer Son Sung Geun. The year before last and last year. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to be on the runway this year. (laugh)

You shot ads which is exceptional for a rookie model. How was it?

I have experience as an exclusive model for “NBA” and I was also a model for the brand Pancoat.

So this is model Min Jun who keeps digging into new activities that make him stand out. (laugh) So is there someone alive you’d consider as a role model? Would it be “Cole Mohr”? (laugh)

Today, yes, but to be honest, I didn’t have a role model before. (laugh) Many people told me that I looked like Cole Mohr, so I looked him up. He’s someone very famous and very talented. This image of being open and never feeling small wherever you go is something that I’m very jealous of. His dignified attitude and his talent, I hope I will be able to be the same in aspects like this.

By any chance, have you heard about the Celuv Store Cuvism sponsored not long ago? In the “Celuv Store” video, Lee Ee Soo, Ha Dong Joo, Kim Ki Bum, Ki Do Hoon revealed there was a freshman in their “95′ Line”. Have you seen this video?

Yes, I did. (laugh) I didn’t know they were talking about me at first because they only said “freshman”. (laugh) However, it turned out that they were talking about me indeed. (laugh) I was puzzled but happy at the same time. (laugh)

Ki Do Hoon especially raved about you as he talked about your “deer eyes”. (laugh) Do you have a special relationship with Ki Do Hoon?

Do Hoonie and I first met when we both walked the runway for designer Son Sung Geun. We were young and after that, we didn’t have many occasions to contact each other. However, we’re both preparing to debut as actors, so there are many things we can relate to. That’s why we’re quite close these days.

The support you get from the “95′ Liners” is amazing. (laugh) I wonder how you first joined the “95′ Line”.

I was only friend with Do Hoon in the beginning. Then Do Hoonie introduced me to Ki Bumie and I think I just naturally got along with the rest.

The “95′ Liners” always says “but we’re really not close!”. (laugh) Are you really not close? Please represent the 95′ Line members and tell us the truth. (laugh)

We actually met last week? (laugh) We also planned to meet this week. They’re only saying this. (laugh) Because we’re all too close even for our own good. (laugh) Even worse, I get constantly notifications from our group chatroom even right now? (laugh)

There’s a “95′ Line” chatroom? I’m curious to hear about this chatroom, please tell our readers a bit more about the atmosphere in this chatroom. (laugh)

First of all, Ee Soo, Kook Jongie, Hyun Junie are the ones who talk the most. (laugh) What we talk about is mostly personal stuff about our daily lives. (laugh) Like do you have plans for Christmas? who is doing a photo shoot today? Things like that? (laugh)

When you first entered the “95′ liner chatroom”, (laugh) how did you get introduced to the others?

It seems that they knew about me before I joined the chatroom. Without even knowing why, Do Hoon invited me to join their chatroom. (laugh) To be honest, I was a bit embarrassed. (laugh)

So, what’s the average number of comments a day in the “95′ Liner chatroom”?

Here’s a very simple example. If I don’t check my phone for one hour, there can be 100 messages. (laugh) My friends usually talk a lot, I just read. (laugh)

If they were all born in 1995, you’re still in school. (laugh) Don’t you talk about girls?

In a very healthy way. (laugh) We sometimes have healthy discussions quite often about girls. (laugh)

Healthy discussions about girls, I will trust your words on that. (laugh) Working at such a young age must have not been easy, what’s the hardest thing for you?

The thing that is the most burdensome for me is the fact that I must responsible for anything I do, although I’m still young. To be honest, I’m the type to enjoy a simple life, I don’t have negative thoughts and let thing happen. (laugh) There’s one good thing about it! I’m still young, but I think being recognized in a professional way at some extent is nice.

After debuting as a model, you’re preparing to make your acting debut. Is there other fields you’d like to work in?

I want to run my own business. I want to open a sushi restaurant in Busan or somewhere by the beach. I really love the beach. If I earn a lot of money, I’ll create a club in a big building later on. (laugh) I have never been to a club yet. That’s why I have this perfect fantasy about it. I think it will be fancy somehow, it will be cool. (laugh)

“Min Jun’s sushi restaurant”, it’s a refreshing answer that would be hard to hear from an 18-year old boy. (laugh) Which title would you like to be added to your name ten year from now?

I want to become someone who is recognized as an actor at some extent. Even if I’m not a famous actor that everybody knows, I think there will be nothing better than becoming an actor that is satisfying with his own acting. (laugh)

Min Jun, the man under the veil. Let’s dig into his life!

What do you usually do on your days off?

I listen to music, I usually watch a lot of movies. I went to the premiere of “On The Way Home” recently. It was so sad that I cried a lot. (laugh) I enjoy sad movies, but “On The Way Home” was such a sad story that I felt like I was the character and was empathic. I listen to music a lot too. I really love Maroon 5, so I listen to them a lot. I also enjoy listening to Korean music.

According to the info we got on you, you studied abroad. (laugh) I wonder how you got to go study overseas.

When I was in my first year of middle school, I went to England to study for a short period of time, then I went to the US. My parents always told me to look at the wide world, so I also enjoyed being overseas. That’s why I did it for three years. It makes it sound like a big deal to say that I studied abroad, but these were good memories of a time I enjoyed. (laugh)

I see. How was the overseas student life?

During my first year of middle school, my only pleasure in England was to go out and eat a pizza after school. (laugh) I was briefly in Scotland and I played rugby sometimes. It’s a sport a bit violent, but I’m surprisingly agile and I run fast. (laugh) When I was in the US, what I enjoyed was to play soccer with my older friends on weekends and have a smoothie at the doughnut store. (laugh) I went to Manhattan and did some shopping during vacation.

It’s a life you won’t forget. So, what is your pleasure now that you’re in Korea? (laugh)

I play golf at an indoor golf simulator with my friends who enjoy golf and I like playing bowling too. Ah, I often go to the jjimjilbang [t/n: sauna, bath house] with Ki Bum and Do Hoon. (laugh)

Going to a golf simulator set when you’re so young, is it really fun? (laugh) Tomorrow is Christmas. Do you have special plans?

I think I’ll have a small party with my close friends. It’s been a while since we’ve all gotten together, so we’ll catch up on what’s been going on in our lives, we’ll play video games, we’ll eat tasty food. (laugh)

When talking about Christmas, one can’t leave out Santa Claus. What is the most memorable gift Santa gave you?

I knew at a very young age that there was no such thing as Santa Claus. (laugh) Around Christmas, my parents asked me what I wanted to have and on the very day of Christams, I got the gift I had in mind, so I could only think that my parents were the ones giving me the gift. (laugh) Hm, a memorable gift. When I was in elementary school, Playstation was very popular. However, it was an expensive product. Still, I really wanted to have one. As expected, when my parents asked around Christmas what I wanted to have and I thought “that’s my chance!” (laugh) I told them playstation right away and on Christmas day, the playstation of my dream was there. (laugh)

It must be the question your fans might be the most curious about. What is your ideal type? (laugh)

First of all, someone who is gentle. A woman who is like a bear. (laugh) I think a woman who can only look at me, a woman with innocence. If we take a celebrity as an example, someone like Kim Sarang? (laugh)

Your outfit today is very nice. What’s the fashion style you’re usually looking for?

My house is at Seolleung Station, so I’m usually wearing training suits. That’s usually how I dress to go to the indoors golf simulator or to play bowling. (laugh) On special occasions, I enjoy wearing jeans and a coat.

Do you have a special item you enjoy wearing often?

Onitsuka Tiger has this silver and green model. It’s a special edition. (laugh) I think today was the day to clean, so I came here with clean shoes. (laugh).

I’m curious to hear about your “main area to have fun”.

I often go to a café with my 95′ liner friends. We sit down and talk. I think I often go to the indoors golf simulator and to the bowling alley. When the weather is nice, I sometimes play a round of golf outside, but it’s been cold these days, so I’m mostly spending my free time at the indoors golf simulator.

You’ll be 20 one year from now. Are there things your are planning to do when you’re 20?

Being an adult is the age when you get freedom as well as responsibilities. So there are some aspects I’m worrying about. The thing that I’m planning to do when I’m 20 is, first of all, being independent from my parents. Even if it’s for financial reasons, I’m relying a lot on my parents right now, but I want to be the one giving money to my parents. I want to become a son they won’t be ashamed of.

Filial son Min Jun, your parents must love you a lot, right? Unfortunately, the interview is already about to be over. Who is “Cole Mohr” to you?

People say we’re similar, so I’m very thankful for the comparison. (laugh) More than anything, I think his dignified attitude is his charm. I will also try to become a model and an actor who doesn’t lose his unique dignified air while working in many different fields. (laugh)

So what is the “95′ line” to you?

The friends that will be with me in the future. I hope, they will be a good influence on me for many things and we will stay friends for a long time and help each other out.

I’m anticipating the great activities this “95′ line” will do. Please say a few words to our readers.

This was my first interview. It’s an honor for me to do an interview with Cuvism Magazine that has interviewed so many of my friends before. I don’t have many opportunities to make myself known, but I think this will be an opportunity for a lot of people to know about me, so I really enjoyed this moment. I’m planning to keep modelling under the name Min Jun and I will be active as an actor under the name “Kim Jun Sung”. Please love both model Min Jun and actor Kim Jun Sung. I will work hard to show you a better image. Thank you!

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