[March 2015 – Céci] Seo Kang Joon and Gong Myung – Interview

Ceci - Seo Kang Joon et Gong Myung

Both members of group 5urprise, Seo Kang Joon and Gong Myung are reunited through the drama “Hwajung”. We were able to see in advance their synergy.

Seo Kang Joon, Gong Myung, it’s your first photo shoot together. How would you grade your chemistry?

Seo Kang Joon: We share the same room, so that made things even more comfortale for me. Today, we got up together, we washed up together, we dried our hair together and we left the dorm. (laugh) When I read the draft concept, I was anticipating it because I thought it would also go well with Gong Myung’s style.
Gong Myung: We’re also together at the dorm, so it seems that this couple photo shooting was done naturally.

Here’s the reason you’re here today. Because of MBC 50-episode drama “Hwajung” that will air in April. Since you’re both in this drama, you’ll be able to rely on each other more.

SKJ: I have many concerns about my character or the drama. It’s nice that we’re able to give each other advice. I play Hong Joo Wan, the son of the police chief, he’s from a prestigious family in the Joseon era. Later on, he falls in love with princess Jung Myung, so he works through difficult times with the help of Ja Kyung who is the guard in charge of her protection.
GM: I play the princess’ guard, so I’m happy because I might have a lot of scenes with Kang Joonie-hyung. Ja Kyung is a cynical and charismatic character, but he becomes more gentle when he’s with princess Jung Myung.

You have soft features, so it’s a guarantee that this role was for you.

That’s why I had many concerns about my ability to portray the character in the beginning. However, it’s not a character that is just about looking strong and being charismatic. It will be a good opportunity to show my version of charisma. I’m going to action school a little for this role. I’m lucky that I did taekwondo when I was a kid. Still, I get a lot of bruises. (laugh)

Kang Joon, you already have a lot of experiences in acting, what advice did you give him?

SJK: The members of the group don’t comment on each other’s acting because we all still have little experience and we respect each other’s acting ability. Gong Myung is doing well by doing things his own way.

5urprise is an actor group, so it seems that you’re pretty ambitious for your acting career. It will be a competition in good faith.

SKJ: On the downside, it will be a problem if it creates an inferiority complex, but it can be seen as a competition in good faith. Each personality is different, each acting is different. On the contrary, if we can motivate each other and grow, it will be a big help.

Kang Joon was in KBS 50-episode “What’s With Family?” and you’re running again with another 50-episode project. It must have been exhausting.

SKJ: Since I had already tried 50 episodes, I think it will actually help me. To be honest, during “What’s With Family?”, I could see nothing but my character Eun Ho. This time, I studied perfectly my character and I hope I’ll be able to see the bigger picture.

The ratings of “What’s With Family?” reached 40%. How was your well-deserved vacation?

SKJ: It was a 4 days and 3 night trip in Jeju Island. I had another schedule, so I was able to stay with them only for a day. That’s why my sunbaenims Kim Hyun Joo and Kim Jung Nan as well as Hyung Sik-hyung and Jihyunie decided to make it all about me and turned it into the “Kang Jon Day”. They said we’d do anything I wanted. The fact itself of being able to walk around freely gave me some healing. Hyun Joo-nuna brought me to a 4-wheel bike center. We took pictures on the beach, the fun was short but intense. I’m having dinner with the directors next week too.

Viewers ratings are something an actor must worry about at some extent, right?

I did worry about it in the beginning, but pulling the ratings up isn’t something I can do just by myself and I think that portraying my character right is the best way to help the ratings.

Well, as you’re filming MBC Every1 variety program “Match Made in Heaven”, what do you think is your charming point?

SKJ: Well, my height (laugh)… Or I want to act carefully because I think honesty and sincerity can be communicated anywhere and at any time.

Which kind of woman is your match made in heaven?

GM: A woman who gives off a healthy feeling. I like people who enjoy exercising.
SKJ: I can’t give a precise description. Someone beautiful when she smiles.

Heyyy, that’s boring. So let’s say you find someone you like, would you make the first step and ask her out?

SKJ: I hide absolutely nothing. Even if she says she can’t always realize it.

So what did you realize about yourself?

SKJ: It’s not something I hope to be appreciated, but I’m always trying to hide my feelings.
GM: On the contrary, I’m the type to convey my feelings because I’m an expressive person. (You seem to have a lot of aegyo) Not in my daily life, but I’m trying to show aegyo for the fans.

Gong Myung, if you could choose to film a variety program this time?

GM: tvN “Three Meals”.

Oh! Men who can cook are the trend.

GM: Lately… It’s not that. I just want to go to eat. (laugh) Because I like eating. I definitely want to film this variety program.

For the audience who still doesn’t know Gong Myung well yet, Kang Joon, please tell us what his charm is.

He may look gentle from the outside because there’s also this sexyness within his cute features, but when he’s working out, his shoulders line or the vibe he gives are very manly. You can call it a reversal charm. And he’s also very neat. Tae Hwan and he are in charge of the laundry and the dorm cleaning. He always does what other people hate to do.

When I analyze the interviews you’ve done so far, you either talk about “filming” or “rehearsals”. It’s a youth like fire.

SKH: There are times when it can be sad, but it’s just our beginning now. I think we must endure a few things because the things we can show are endless. And don’t we receive a lot of love and attention instead? That’s why we’re working hard no matter what.

It seems that this “passion” is proven by the number of projects you do.

SKJ: I had many opportunities last year, so I worked like a cow. (laugh) I think “Hwajung” will take me a lot of time this year. And the movies “Beauty Inside” and “Snow in Summer” are about to premiere.

Gong Myung, you must be feeling impatient somehow.

GM: Instead of feeling impatient, I’d say there are times when I feel sorry for the hyung who is so busy because I know he does it to make our group known. Besides, I’m focusing on practicing hard in order to master the basics skills because each member is in a phase of broadening his skills and his experience. I believe that opportunies will come when I’m ready.

So the most important thing for you right now is “staying focused”?

GM: My motto is “it always happens when you make efforts”. It does feel good when something happens after you made efforts for it.
(Kang Joon?)
SKJ: I can’t live while doing only what I want. Even if I end up doing something else, I think the most important thing for me is to move forward and carry on with the things I really want, the things that make me say “this is what I truly want”.

What’s your goal for this new year?

SKJ: I hope we will be able to reach this ideal image of “Hwajung” that we think about and we will convey it properly to the viewers.
GM: I also want to communicate with the viewers. It’s sad to say goodbye.

Is there something you want to say?

GM: “Hwajung” daebak! (That’s it?) Hm, well…5urprise daebak! (laugh)

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