[May 2015 – Elle] Go Jun Hee and Han Ye Jun – Young & Restless – Interview

Elle - Go Jun Hee et Han Hye Joon

“Ye Joon’s ears turned red!” With his face red like a boy at the laughter of the staff, the man turns his head to look to the side. The woman behind him with her smooth legs wrapped around him is actress Go Jun Hee. As her movie “Intimate Enemies is aout to premiere in June, Go Jun Hee suggested a photo shoot one couldn’t dream of for her PR work. A couple photo shoot with rookie actor Han Ye Joon who is in the same agency. “I met Ye Joonie for the first time three years ago when he was a high school student. He was a rookie my manager was planning to sign, and he asked if it’d be okay. He was a baby back then, he’s all grown up now (laugh).” After doing modeling activities for a short time, Han Ye Joon turned to acting. He landed his first role in jTBC “Seonam Girls High School Investigators” that was broadcast not long ago. The check coat he wore on the day of the drama press conference was from Go Jun Hee’s collection. “I’m a rookie, so I wasn’t in a situation to get sponsored clothes. It’s a coat that Jun Hee-nuna bought and was planning to wear as an oversize item, but she said it’d look good on me, so she lent it to me. I can only be thankful to have this beautiful sunbae worrying and taking care of me.” This promised fashion photo shoot they’d do together one day was a celebration for the movie premiere Go Jun Hee was looking forward to and Han Ye Joon’s Coming-of-Age ceremony he’d have in May. One afternoon filled with the Spring sunshine, the 31-year old actress and the 20-year old rookie stood as lovers in front of the camera. Here bloomed “the same bed but different dreams” situation of this man and this woman who look out for each other in the past and the future.

Go Jun Hee who knows everything

The poster teaser of “Intimate Enemies” brought attention right away. This non-pretty Go Jun Hee’s image was refreshing.
Photographer Hong Jang Hyun told me “let’s do it without pretending to be beautiful, without pretending to be charismatic”. He was worried that Ryu Seung Bum and I would give off a photo shoot feeling. We held a photo shoot without caring about the camera and just had fun.

You said this the project took quite some time. Director Lim Sang Soo and I definitely wanted to work together. The scenario and the characters were nice. I received the scenario two years ago, but filming got delayed here and there. I worried that I’d miss out on this movie because the timing wasn’t right, so I purposely waited and didn’t get into another project.

I wonder what the movie is about, what the role is about. I’m not the the daughter of a forever rich family (laugh). I play a woman called Nami who drives a tow truck. Seung Bum-oppa plays Jinu. By some coincidence, we get our hands on a bag full of money which gets us into trouble. It’s a joyful and lively movie that can bring a lot of entertainment to young people.

You must have been quite happy to portray a new type of character. There was a few action scenes, so I was a bit scared of getting hurt. I’m not someone with a strong challenging spirit, so I spared myself at first, but when people encourage me, I go “oh oh” and I do everything.

You were quite impressive today because you were active in leading the photo shoot, although you wore revealing clothes. When I work, I’m always trying to be confident. That’s because for a photo shoot like today, if I’m hesitant, the photo shoot takes longer and we don’t get good pictures. I must keep my mind clear in order to do well and to get good results and put the staff at ease. I’m relatively comfortable in front of the camera, but being in front of a lot of people is still hard for me. When I’m at an event like an award ceremony, my heart races like crazy and I’m so nervous that my voice sounds like a goat’s.

How was it to work with Ryu Seung Bum? It was really great because he’s very talented and he’s someone you can learn so many things from. During filming, he didn’t just give me advice on my character, he also shared many good life stories. Right now he doesn’t have a house in Korea. He told me about the trips he’s going on here and there with Paris as his home base. He told me I should also travel a lot and live as an ordinary citizen. On this project, every actor, every staff member moved me. Although we filmed until dawn, everybody stayed focused until the end and there was not one single person who got mad. It was three months of happiness.

Aside from preparing the movie premiere, what are you doing these days? I went back to college (the theatre and cinema department of Kyung Hee university) this year, so I’m busy every day. There are movies that I must watch because I’m also attending lectures and there is homework too. As I was working, I didn’t get to go back to school during my 20’s, so I must go now. What I studied the best was to start a conversation with others. There was this girl who was born in 1995. I told her that we had a ten-year age gap and she said “unnie, I thought you were 26”. I asked here if there was something she’d like to eat. Haha.

You seem getting along quite well with young students. That’s why I feel a bit weird these days. I worked with pros, but I feel like these kids who are amateurs are the ones giving me motivation. I’m currently preparing the school drama festival. I said I would be a part of the staff, so the students in charge of the production ask me about the outfits. I’ve always received help from stylists, and now I must personally prepare outfits (laugh). Since I’m getting along with the students in their 20’s, I wonder if I lived my youth like they did. So many of them are smart and talented.

How were your 20’s? I think I thought too much. I hated the city girl, the cold girl image I had when I was a rookie. I wanted to try innocent roles or Cinderella roles. I rejected every fashion-related offer because I was afraid it would reinforce this image. As I had yet to find a character to call my own, I had many useless concerns. Until I reached the second half of my 20’s, I wondered if this was the right path for me. Although I was working, I didn’t know it could be so much fun. I changed my mindset when I was around 26. I was lucky enough to be recruited by a large-scale agency and many good offers came to me. I felt that it was childish of me to hesitate to do things because I was worried about my image. From that moment, I joined fashion programs, I didn’t get picky about the roles too and I realized it actually created a synergy.

So did you feel at ease when you turned 30? No. I really had a hard time. I felt indifferent until December 31st of the year I turned 29. My mind started being preoccupied starting from January 1st when I turned 30. I felt like I was back to my early 20’s when I wondered “what am I doing? What should I do from now on?”. I even felt this way until the beginning of this year. Things started clearing out around April.

You’re a good sunbae to Han Ye Joon, do you also have a sunbae you’re thankful for? Go Hyun Jung-sunbaenim whom I filmed “What’s Up, Fox?” with. It was my first mini series. Her energy itself was amazing. And I can’t leave out Son Hyun Joo-sunbaenim I also worked with at that time. He told me “I’m doing this project to make you shine”. These words from a sunbae to a rookie are unforgettable.

How is your actress life? Each job has its own problematic aspects. Being an actress or an entertainer is just a job. I don’t think it makes me special enough to receive some princess treatment wherever I go. Even if I don’t think there should be a special treatment, being an actress is clearly the reason why I receive favors for some things. However, I didn’t know back when I was Ye Joon’s age. If people compliment you and are nice to you, you think it’s right. That will make you think of popularity as a foam bubble, right?

So I heard you were upset that your Facebook account got suspsended? Someone looked at my Facebook and reported me for impersonating Go Jun Hee and that’s why it got suspsended (laugh). It could have been because I didn’t upload pictures of myself and didn’t accept all the friends requests I received. Even if it’s someone you don’t know, “lurking” to see how they live is fun, but not being able to log into your account suddenly is frustrating. I don’t even check my smartphone much these days.

How does a Spring day make you feel? I’ve come to like flowers. Before, I used to think that flowers were bought and then they’d turn soon into trash, but I’m feeling like having flowers in my house these days. When I was a kid, when there was something I wanted to have, it even showed up in my dreams, but I’m not that sensitive to what’s popular now. Instead of going shopping for clothes, it’s more fun to go to a living fair with my mom and check what they have here and there. I also enjoy getting along with the younger students in my class. I feel like precious things came into my life. I’m in a mood I didn’t know when I was 20.

Han Ye Joon who began shakin

Elle’s fashion editor remembers you as the “pretty male model”. I was less tainted that I am now (laugh). I was briefly a model because I was introduced by a friend when I was in my first year of high school. I chose to become an actor because I felt the charm it had as a job.

How do you feel about your debut in “Seonam Girls High School Investigators”? I think I felt every emotion rookies can experience. Sometimes, it was hard. Sometimes, it was thrilling. Sometimes, it was fun. Sometimes, it was scary. My first line was “be quiet! You won’t get hurt” and my friends are still teasing me about it today.

You must have enjoyed filming with so many actresses of your age. It was a feast for my eyes. Although they were younger than me, they were my sunbaes so I learned a lot from them.

What are the things you like? Acting and exercising are the only two things I’m interested in these days. When I was in middle school, I started playing golf and I’ve been spending more time at the golf simulator these days. When I meet my friends, we either go bowling or we have a drink like people in their 20’s do.

You turned 20 this year. How does it feel? At first, I was happy, but around April, I got over it. Everything is just exactly the same.

On your profile, English is written as your speciality. When I was in middle school, I studied abroad. I went to the US and to England. Experiencing other cultures and having foreign friends were nice. However, if I were told to go again, I don’t think I would. Living without your parents at such a young age isn’t easy.

Isn’t it hard to create good relationships? It’s probably thanks to the fact I lived abroad, but I have good social skills. Especially with people much older than me. They like me and they like taking care of me. Most of the friends I’m in contact with are hyungs. I think I’ll have a good time when I go to the army later (laugh). I have a lot of hyungs around me, so I enjoy listening to old school music. Kim Dong Ryul and Bank are artists I like.

The reason you have an Instagram is… It was for people who have been liking me since I started working as a model, and it’s also for the fans I got through this drama. I want to communicate with them with those pictures. It might be because I’m weird, I actually don’t want to upload only nice pictures that came out well. I also upload a lot of pictures where I smile, where I’m goofy too.

What do you expect for your next role? A role that can show the bright and lively image of a 20-year old. I’m usually very flippant. I’m willing to challenge myself about anything, but I’m reluctant about playing in a horror movie because they really scare me. Just the sight of an insect makes me scream and run away.

What was the most stressful time today? When Jun Hee-nuna and I had to pretend to kiss or to speak.

What do you think about being in a relationship with an older woman? I’m just starting to work, so my mind isn’t into dating right now, but… Should I just ask Jun Hee-nuna out (laugh)?

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