[December 2013 – Elle] The Song Chang Ui way to express love

Elle - Song Chang Ui

The reason writer Kim Soo Hyun loves you is? I had a cameo in “A Thousand Days of Promises”. The second time we really worked together is “The Woman Who Married Three Times”. Ah, but is it true that it’s because writer Kim Soo Hyun loves me (laugh) ?

The Song Chang Ui’s way to express love is? I don’t know. I’m not good at expressing love. I have a clumsy side. To other people, I might look like someone gentle who is used to express himself, but I’m actually the type to speak carelessly and nonchalantly. That’s why my female sunbaes didn’t really love me when I performed on stage in the past. This job is about getting attention from a lof of people, but I can’t really express myself even with my fans, so that used to create misunderstandings. That’s how my personality is.

Are you craving for love? Of course. However, more than being loved by the majority, what I think is that I want to receive love from the person I love. It will be someone who knows me well, who knows my personality well. To someone like this, I’m clumsy and my true image will show naturally beyond that.

The analogue touch is… I loved the sea in the past, but I’m starting to like the mountain more and more. As I’m getting older, my vision about Nature is changing. As long as I want to see a bit more, I want to be closer to it, and I’m interested in camping and hiking. Once, I climbed six different mountains of the same area. I remember how happy I felt. I was planning to go to the Seoraksan Moutain waterfalls, but it started drizzling, then the raindrops started being bigger and bigger. I put on the raincoat I had prepared and I went climbing. I can’t forget how I felt back then.

Used to being enthusiastic… Actress Kim Yumi gave me a call and that’s how I joined the “Share Happiness” campaign. I didn’t hesitate because being apart of this campaign itself can help sick children. Personally, I sponsor an organization too. It’s religiong-related and it’s about Africa, so it adds to the sincerity value, but I’m also trying to be interested in things other people turn their eyes to.

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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