[July 2014 – Ceci] Lee Sung Kyung and Lee Tae Hwan – Interview

Ceci - Lee Tae Hwan et Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung

DOB August 10th of 1990
Height: 176 cm
Sign: Leo
Career: Countless of fashion shows, photo shoots for fashion magazines and portraying Ahn So Nyeon in drama “It’s Okay, It’s Love” that will be broadcast on July.
Ideal type: A man who goes to church on a regular basis, who is wise and reliable.

Lee Tae Hwan

DOB February 21st of 1995
Height: 188.6 cm
Sign: Pisces
Blood type: B
Career: Graduated from Hallim School of Arts in the fashion model department. Has been a model for three years. Member of actor group 5urprise. Rookie actor who plays Oh Tae Suk in drama “High School King of Savvy”.
Role Model: Cha Seung Won. Wants to learn how to always take on new challenges through his characters.
Ideal Type: A big-eyed woman.

T/n: the interview format was all over the place. I think they were supposed to ask each other questions, but the answers got mixed up. I tried to make sense of everything.

Lee Tae Hwan: What’s the hardest thing about acting?
Lee Sung Kyung: Everything because I didn’t study acting. The director was looking for an ordinary image, not for skills. It’s actually not easy. It was my first time acting, so I wanted to do well. Following this desire, it felt like I was being artificial. In the end, I think it’s a fight with yourself. Calling myself an actress is still awkward. It feels like I’m wearing someone else’s clothes and the word often makes me giggle.
Tae Hwan: It’s the same for me.
LSG: I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been a fashion model longer than I’ve been an actress, but I’m very comfortable during photo shoots like today.

CECI: What’s the biggest difference between a drama set and a photo shoot set?

LSK: The level of concentration required. A fashion photo shoot isn’t about staying in a fixed mold, so there can be some freedom, but acting is about how you work with your partners, the staff. You need a high-level of concentration because the script is there as a clear evidence of what you should do.
LTH: How did you feel during your first filming?
LSK: I was calmer than I thought I would be. I wasn’t nervous. I felt like I had accomplished an important mission. Once I got home, I felt a sense of emptiness. It’s when I realized that the first scene of my life ever was the beginning of something.
LTH: What was this memorable first scene?
LSK: I’m in front of a convenience store and I ask Jo In Sung-sunbaenim to buy me cigarettes. It’s something that would never happen in real life. It was completely nonsense, but it was fun. I think that’s the charm of acting. I mean being troublemaker high school girl Ahn So Nyeo who orders charismatic Jo In Sung-oppa to run errands for her. Tae Hwan, were you very nervous on your first day of shooting?
LTH: Extremely. (nodding) It was the chaos in my head because I couldn’t figure out if I was doing things right or wrong. The director kept encouraging me, so I worked hard.
LSK: How was the atmosphere on set?
LTH: The atmosphere on our set is really great. And it’s a rom-com, so it often happens we burst out laughing. I get along with In Guk-hyung. We even entertain each other sometimes. (smiles)

CECI: Don’t you miss modeling?

LTH: Of course, I do. I want to be on shows later on. Now is just not the time. It’s not that I won’t be on the runway, it’s just that this time will be delayed a little bit.
LSK: Acting is fun.
Tae Hwan: It’s really fun. (laugh) You must enjoy what you do and that’s what makes it fun. I think you must have fun in order to do well.

How did you get cast for “High School King of Savvy”?

LTH: I auditioned for the role. I did a reading with an actress. It was for the first round. For the second round, I took a similar audition and I got the role. What about you, Sung Kyung-nuna?
LSK: In one word, me getting this role was luck. My modeling activities became a big foundation for me. I got the role because the director was looking for a new face and my work caught his attention more than others.
LSK: It was a high school student role.
LTH: Right. I played a blunt ice hockey player. He seems a bit ignorant, but he is aware of what’s going on.
LSK: You got to wear a school uniform!
LTH: Yes. I keep wearing a school uniform!
LSK: It’s exactly the same for me. I was excited because I got to put back on a school uniform, but now I want to wear pretty clothes. Don’t you feel the same?
LTH: True, true. I really want to. (smile) All I wear is the school uniform and the ice hockey player uniform.
LSK: The first episode will be broadcast soon, but I’m not scared. My daily worry is to wonder if the word “terrible” won’t be attached to my acting.
LTH: Me too. (smiles)

So it’s not about preparing for a long time then come out and be like “tada” that and you will do well. It must be also about finding a good project, working with the right staff and making even more efforts. In the end, isn’t it about finding the right timing?

LSG: Right. It’s about timing. When I said I’d get into acting, people around me weren’t as surprised as I thought they would be. They all said it was in the natural order of things. (CECI: It’s true that you starting off in such great projects was not a little surprising itself)

CECI: If you were to say one word to each other?

LTH: I think you will succeed because you have a distinct personality. A rare personality.
LSK: That’s… a compliment, right?
LTH: Of course! You’re completely charming.
LSK: Please show us different reversal charms with witty characters matching your age.

We really enjoyed this time with the two of you we chose as rising stars. Do well and come see Ceci again.

LSK/LTH: Of course~ We won’t forget. Céci!
LSK: I really enjoyed it because it felt like meeting a new colleague.
LTH: Same for me. I laughed a lot and I was ina good mood. Next time we meet on a set, I will be glad to greet you.

Original article: ceci
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com

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