The Sunny Town – Let’s Talk


And it’s June. Sixth month of the year… A year ago, I posted the first “Let’s Talk”. I’m still amazed how fast time goes.

I ended my “Song Chang Ui – Celebrity of The Month”. It was fun, at least for me ^^, to find out more about him. Summer project is still on. I’ve been writing and fighting with the muse.

And I’m taking a break from translating for now. I need to put things back into perspective and find my initial motivation. I have a couple of translations ready, so the blog won’t be inactive in June at least.

See you in July!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. kfangurl says:

    You’ve been on fire, posting SO MANY interviews lately! *salute!* A break sounds much deserved. We shall be patient in the meantime.. thanks again for all the translation that you do! Very precious to fans indeed!!

  2. Foong says:

    Thanks for all the translation too. Have a great break!

  3. Myra says:

    You worked well! (*I can’t write it in Korean) 😀 You deserve a break,. Are you going on vacation or chilling at home or with friends?
    Enjoy your free time! I’ll continue to come here, just to read interviews I didn’t read before ^^

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