[June 2015 – The Star] Yeo Jin Gu – Interview

The Star - Yeo Jin Gu

– It’s my first hearing your voice so closely. It’s thrilling.
▶ Thank you. My voice is mostly something hereditary. Every member of my family has a nice voice. To be honest, I really hated my voice when I was going through puberty, so I was trying to hide it. Right now I’m just thankful that so many people like it.

– So you have a flip cell phone?
▶ It’s a flip smartphone. Honestly it makes me uncomfortable. I bought this one because smartphones make me uncomfortable and I think I need to avoid them. When I’m into something, I keep being into it until I’m bored. If I get into smartphones, business is over.

– You’re taller than I thought.
▶ Really? My height has been this way for a long time. Up to a few years ago, I wanted to reach 180 cm. Of course, it’s nice to be tall. However, it’s not everything. These days, I think it’s more about broadening my emotions than being tall.

– Are things being hectic for you because of the filming of drama “Orange Marmalade”?
▶ The drama goes back and forth between the past and the present. Soon, we’ll start shooting a sageuk taking place 300 years ago. I’m preparing myself for this. It’s a big deal.

– How do you usually spend your days?
▶ I read the script, I exercise, I go to the set if I have scenes to shoot. The days I go to school, I wake up around 6AM. I usually sleep in on weekends.

– Do you often go to school?
▶ I always go whenever I don’t have filming. However, my grades have beginning to drop a little. When I was in middle school, I could pass with some last-minute cramming. I was able to maintain myself in the upper middle. When you’re in high school, you must invest time into your studies in order to get results. I break into a cold sweat when I receive a test paper now.

– Do you do after-school study?
▶ I’ve never tried. That’s why I should definitely try. Funny story. I think the reason I actually want to try after-school self-study is because I want to flee. I wonder if the teacher would catch me or not. Then the next day I’d get scolded. I have never experienced something like that.

– In the drama, you portray a popular high school student. How would you compare your school life to his?
▶ I’m not really popular. Instead, I just get along well with my friends. When I don’t have a schedule, I go to the PC bang with my friends. I’m not really good at playing, so my friends don’t really let me play, but it’s still fun. And it’s always nice to eat a cup of ramyeon at a PC bang.

– Your character in a love triangle with Seolhyun and Kil Eun Hye. Which one is the closest to your ideal type?
▶ Ah, I, I, I… Ah, I… Do I must choose? I don’t know. It’s really difficult. I never thought about it. Should I absolutely choose between the two of them?

– I’ll just write the article saying that “none of them is Yeo Jin Gu’s style” (laugh). Do you have a funny story to share about filming?
▶ Jong Hyun-hyung and Seolhyun-nuna play vampires. That’s why they were given fangs and it looked so good that I also asked the special effects team if I could have fangs too. Even if I don’t use them in the drama, I’m planning to wear them at home.

– What is your vision of what being human is?
▶ Someone who carries sincerity no matter what the outcome is, whether he does something because he likes it or because he’s forced to do it. That’s the feeling I get when I see someone trying not to be careless whatever they do.

– “So this is acting”, when did you start getting this feeling?
▶ I think it’s been since middle school. As I was experiencing my adolescence, I really liked acting, but I was really hurt because it wasn’t something done out of my own will. That’s when sometimes I told myself “so I can’t do that either?”. That’s when I started asking advice to my sunbaes.

– Where do you find the emotion when you have to shoot a crying scene? Do you have sad thoughts?
▶ I try to immerse myself in the sitution the character is dealing with. Tears can come as you think about other sad things unrelated to the situation. Those tears are fake. It’s just an expedient to avoid the problem. I’m embarrassed to watch a scene and think about such acting that shows no committment. So when I struggle to capture the right emotion, I say to the director and the staff “I’m sorry. Please give me a moment.”

– Are you doing well as an actor?
▶ I can’t judge if I’m doing well or not. I always keep in mind that I want to do well and I must do well. Heo Jung Woo-sunbaenim said in a show once “the actor must “digest” the character well rather than just being good at acting”. I agree with what he said.

– Is there a role you’d like to play in the future?
▶ Evil characters really have their charm. I want to play a role like the Joker in “Dark Night”. An evil character is about understanding this person’s logic, right? There’s a reason for the Joker acting only the way the does. In the movie, Batman was also confused sometimes.

– What does being 20 means to you who have led a life a bit different from others?
▶ It’s excited and kind of scary because I have to be responsible for what I do. When I think about that first step that will lead me to get experience from an acting perspective, I’m anticipating it.

– You’re currently a model for a cosmetics brand. What did you think the first time you got their offer?
▶ I think I looked at myself in the mirror first. I remember being surprised andn telling to myself “is my skin that good?”.

– Do you know your snail cream rose as a best seller?
▶ Ah, really? It’s my first time hearing about this. Did I do something for it? Isn’t it because because the ingredients are good?

– So what is the the cosmetics product you use the most?
▶ I have dry skin. That’s why I care a lot about hydratation. And I have dark skin, so I apply a lot of suncream because I can tan easily. Although I speak like this, there are often times when I actually don’t care about my skin.

– Is there something different about your skin care approach between before and after you endorsed this cosmetics brands?
▶ I have the responsibility to have a better skin since they trusted me to represent the brand. In the past, it happened sometimes that I went to bed without removing my makeup. Now I’m so meticulous about it that I even do skin cleansing.

– If you were to use one word to express today’s interview with The Star?
▶ The magazine is called “The Star”, so thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this photo shoot that will make me shine like a star.

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. kfangurl says:

    Giggle. He sounds so cute!!! Tbh, I’ve seen Yeo Jin Gu in so many child roles but haven’t actually learned more about him like through this interview. He sounds really funny and endearing, actually. His answers sound natural, yet quite witty. Like how he deflected the credit to the snail cream’s ingredients rather than the fact that he endorsed it. On the one hand, he seems so mature, like in his approach to acting, and going for character immersion. On the other hand, he can seem like such a kid, like how he wants a pair of fangs to wear at home! XD Twas also really interesting to hear his perspective about school life when he’s not acting. Must be really tough trying to keep his grades up when his career is doing so well! Thanks for this, dear Sunny!!

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      I know, right? I’m always surprised to hear him being so humble and so mature in his answers. I like how despite not leading a normal life, he does sound like a happy teenager… He isn’t all angsty or broody. He just sounds genuinely happy. What I find interesting with K-child actors interviews is how they look very down to earth. I think it comes probably from the different working system compared to the US. From what I understand, K-child actors are rarely home schooled and “not going to college” is rather an uncommon choice whereas in the Western world, successful young entertainers rarely go to college and people would almost see it as a waste of time: “why bother to go to college? you’re already winning a bunch of money. Just enjoy it”. The young entertainers who do go to college rarely choose to remain actors afterwards. There’s also the fact that young men have to go to the army and be regular people for 2 years, so I think it helps keeping a sense of balance? It’s already tough trying to keep your grades up when you’re a regular student, I can only imagine how hard it must be when you can’t even attend all the classes and you’re running after the time to study. Thank you for reading 😀

      1. kfangurl says:

        YES. He sounds so amazingly well-adjusted, for someone who’s having anything BUT a normal adolescence! You’d expect a lot more angst then the average teenager, in this circumstance, but instead he sounds all mature and grounded, which is amazing. I’m sure part of the credit goes to his parents – kudos for bringing him up so well!

        Also, very interesting point about the different way the US scene and the k-scene views school and college. I never looked at it that way before, but it is true that I’ve come across quite a few k-artists who are balancing acting and college. I was a full-time student and even then I found it challenging.. How much more challenging must it be, to balance an actual acting career (where you get little time to even sleep!) with school!! 😛

  2. SADEGH says:

    I Like Yeo Jin Goo.

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