[April 2013 – Cuvism] Kim Won Joong – Interview [2/2]

Kim Won Joong

The life style of model Kim Won Joong who is like a boy

What do you do during your time off?

I think it depends of what my friends want to do. I’m always spending time with the same friends. My mother is running a store, so I either go see her or we go play bowling. And my friends have been into going to the PC bang these days. They’re going old school and play Starcraft. And we usually have a drink and attend parties.

You have a bigger fandom than some current celebrities these days. It can be uncomfortable in your daily life. How is it?

Of course, it can be uncomfortable sometimes, but most of the time it’s not. If you want to talk about what makes me feel uneasy… Hm, the thing is that I’m just Kim Won Joong sometimes and I’m model Kim Won Joong other times. However, when I meet my friends, I’m just Kim Won Joong, so when a fan suddenly appears in front of me, asks to shake hands or for a picture, I feel very apologetic towards the friends I’m with.

What was your friends’ reaction as they saw you becoming a top model?

I think they didn’t have one specific reaction. I used to live in Busan, and I moved to Seoul when I was in high school. Some of my friends would see me and contact me once in a while. I’m happy, but I think the friends I meet and do the same work than I do, who live by the same rules are the ones I’ll stay friends with for a long time. I thought the people I’d meet in my professional environment wouldn’t be long-term friends, but it really seems they will be, so that makes me even wonder if [we’ll stay friends for so long that] we will attend each other’s funeral. (laughs)

So you came from Busan. Do you ever use the Busan saturi?

When I’m at home, I do, but when I’m outside, I’m really good at using the Seoul speech. (smiles)

So are you currently living with your family?

Until two years ago, I was living with my older sister. My mom’s health isn’t at its best, so she’s currently living with us.

I think your family must look at your differently compared to the way they looked at you when you started working as a model.

I think there’s a bit of a difference. The fact that I might look cocky, that I wouldn’t earn money, I think they looked at it in a negative way. They made me keep studying, but I think they know now that studying isn’t for me. (smiles) They’re more favorable about it than they used to be.

I’m curious to hear about your ideal type.

I like thin women. I’m in a free love dating situation right now. (smiles)

What are your dating standards?

People think I have a cool perspective about dating, but I have a very conservative perspective. I get very jealous when she contacts other men and stuff like this. (smiles)

What are your religion beliefs?

I’m a Christian. If I get married, I want to get married at church.

You’re a member of the model 87′ line. It’s really not easy to create such group of friends. What kind of friends the 87′ liners are to you?

I think today’s situation is very lonely. There’s this problem of Korean people who must drag other down when they go up. I did go up and reached a certain level. I don’t know if I’ll reach the sky, but there are clearly friends who will try to bring me down, who will be jealous of me, but the 87′ liners aren’t like this. That’s why we can embrace each other even if we can’t push each other. I think it’s really great. And when there are many people who are ambitious and who cheat their way into the professional world, all of my friends are very nice. It’s even strange. Every time I see them, I feel like I stepped into a weird world because they’re just too nice.

Which 87′ liner gives the most good feedback?

It’s definitely Ji Woon. Because we worked together. There’s also Kim Chan who has a styling code I like and he truly has an interesting way to wear his clothes. Then there’s Chan Yi and I who like clothes in a sort of crazy way. That’s why it’s fun for me to talk about stuff like this with Chan Yi.

Aside from the 87′ liners, who else are you close with?

There are many good people around me. Like photographers, editors, editors-in-chief, publishers. I’m close with various people who work in the fashion industry.

Photograph Raccoon has many candid pictures of you on his blog.

Yes. For Raccoon-hyung, he’s someone I was close with before I reached this status. However, he had always been taking pictures of me, so after I started getting famous, some people said he took bad pictures. There was a lot of talk about it, but he is a good photographer. This was hard for him, so I hope he will stay strong. Hyung, fighting!

What’s your daily style? It seemed that you’d usually wear loose pants or you’d enjoy a tomboy look…

I dress this way almost all the time, but I think it’s a mistake to dress like this all the time. It’s not organized. I just dress accordingly to the time, place and occasion. I also dress according to the way I feel.

Which styling aspect do you care about the most?

I think it’s the shoes. Especially because there’s a long way from my knees to my ankles. My legs are a bit abnormaly long. Haha. It’s something I’m proud of. I think it’s the favorite part of my body. I usually wear even more cropped pants than regular pants. I also wear bigger shoes. However, I don’t think I’ll keep wearing big shoes.


Because my Achilles tendon goes out. I had an infection last time and it was really hard for me. I was told it was because I wore big shoes.

Who would you say dresses very well in your entourage?

Model Kim Chan I talked about earlier! I think he wore his clothes in a very interesting way.

So, if you were to give a styling tip to our Cuvism readers?

That you should style yourself according to your own figure? Of course that’s the way I do it. What’s important in styling yourself is understanding what looks good on you or not.

Is there a musician whose music you enjoy?

I enjoy listening to foreign music. As for Korean music, I like indie bands like The Black Skirts and Guckkasten.

You hear a lot that you look like Beenzino. Are the two of you close?

It’s true. Because of that, we’re becoming close. I thought the hip-hop scene was uncool. However, after meeting him, I got to learn about the hip-hop culture and there are actually many cool brands and cool people. I think I’m quite interested in it now. Recently, I bought Beenzino album. He didn’t give it to me, although he said he would, so I just bought it. (laughs)

So did you first get in contact through SNS?

Indeed. The friends who follow me kept saying that the two of us look a like. At first, I was like “who?” and that made me curious. And it turned out that it was singer Beenzino. This is how we got in contact and we ended up meeting each other. We’re still talking while using honorifics sometimes, but we decided to speak comfortably next time we meet.

Do you often watch movies?

I’m trying to, but I don’t watch a lot of movies. I enjoy SF, fantasy movies more than regular melo movies. Movies like “Iron Man”, “Transformers”? You know how movies are advertised through trailers first. If I get a good feeling when I watch the trailer, I go see it.

Do you do something specific to maintain your figure or to take care of your skin?

I was 26 last year and to be honest, until last year, there were times when I skipped a meal, other times when I did binge eating, or I ate at irregular hours. However, I realized it wasn’t good for my body. My skin was becoming puffier. That’s why I’m really trying to be careful about things like that this year and to be healthy. However, now that I changed my life style to live through a regular cycle, I think I can maintain it all the time.

Did you have a dream before you dreamed of being of a model?

My major used to be architecture, but it was so hard that I quit. I was interested into fashion, so I started rather late.

Between when you started working as a model and now, what do you tell yourself about modelling?

There’s definitely one constant. Don’t get cocky. Back then and now, I’m still telling myself that I shouldn’t be cocky and I must be always humble. The image, the taste, the values of model Kim Won Joong back then and model Kim Won Joong today changed, but this is one thing that can’t change. Because it’s something others create, I should change the less possible and the change must be good.

Is there a nickname or a pet name your entourage gave you?

There’s nothing in particular. Some people just call me “Jjoong”. Others just call me Won Joong. In the past, I had nicknames like “eo-joong”, which was short for “eo-joong-kan-ha-da” [t/n: it means “being uncertain, ambiguous”]. I think people just call me by my name now.

What would you consider difficult about being model?

The working aspect? It’s true that I’m working a lot these days and I must be thankful for the work I’m being given, but there are times when I personally want to change my own image. For instance, dyeing my hair with a unique color and changing my hairstyle according to it. However, I’m a model, so I can’t do it like that. I have to bear with it. (smiles)

Do you have other personal dreams?

My dream was to be a fashion designer. People around me said that when you’re a fashion designer, you usually don’t need more if you just create the clothes you want and you earn money to eat. To be honest, it’s a vision that makes no sense to me. I want to buy coffee too, I also want to go on dates with my girlfriend. (smiles) I want to work with no restraint about that and earn a lot of money. However, even if I do earn a lot of money, what I hope is to have it through a job that I enjoy and that I love.

You’re currently doing this kind of designer job through 87MM.

Indeed. It started out as a simple shopping mall, but I want to have an extension with a different name and make connections with another brand.

Please say a few words to our Cuvism readers.

I think health is important more than anything else. Cuvism readers, I hope you will stay healthy and always happy. Thank you. Fighting!

Original article: Cuvism
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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