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And it’s July!

The break is over. There’s still a lot of stuff going on in my life right now. I have to keep my priorities straight, but I feel ready to start translating again on a regular basis.

New Repost Policy

So I have already created the FAQ page. Here’s my new reposting policy. Basically, from now on, if you want to share my translations, I will kindly ask you to only post the link or excerpts and link back people to my site for the full translation. I have 2 reasons:

– my blog will turn 2 next month. It is growing at a slow but steady pace, but not in the way I want to… Am I being too greedy? Maybe, but that’s the just the way I feel. I did not expect to hit big numbers because I know I don’t translate about popular Korean celebrities, but when I see some of my translations getting 40, 60 comments or more than 100 notes on Tumblr and I get like 5 clicks on my blog or 5 notes on Tumblr when I’m lucky… Nah, I see the potential and I’m not being greedy.

– I don’t have proofreader minions, so it’s embarrassing for me to have translations floating around without the edits I make.

I’m aware that this new repost policy might make people stop sharing completely and keep away potential new regular visitors… But really, for my blog, it will make no difference anyway. I’d rather have low stats because they are low here and not because people would rather read my translations on other sites and don’t care where it comes from.

Summer Project

It is time to start my summer project. I decided to post it on Wattpad. Click on this link. I hoped that all stories would have been done and edited by now, but you know, you can’t rush the muse. I actually had two OS left. I started working on them, but they’re not finished yet and I want to take my time, so I’m thinking of keeping them for Christmas. Updates will be every Wednesday. My writing style isn’t poetic, but I hope you will enjoy these stories nevertheless.


Yes, I’m picking up the K-Pop challenge again. The posts are ready! I’ll start over with Day 6!

  Once again, thank you so much for sharing, liking and/or commenting my posts. 😀


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