Day 08: a song from your favorite K-Pop album

I’m so obvious that it isn’t even funny. “Wedding Dress” by Taeyang. It was released as a single first, then it was added to “Solar”, his first full-length album, one of the rare K-Pop albums I can listen to from the beginning to the end without skipping one track. The song is just perfect, but I think I like it even more now than I did when it was first released because I highly doubt Taeyang will ever come back to this R&B style that made me fall for him. Now, don’t get me wrong. I understand he wants, he needs to grow as an artist and if that means putting aside this type of R&B then I can only accept it. When you’re an artist, you should make the music you want to first without caring what the audience wants from you. Of course, you have to pay the bills, so the audience may influence your art, but… as long as the artist is happy with his art, then I’m happy for him even if I don’t necessarily like his artistic direction.  I can still listen to the songs that I truly enjoy.


La parole est à vous

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