Day 12: the debut song of your favorite female idol

Okay she’s not my favorite female idol, but just because I don’t want to keep repeating myself. I’m choosing IU this time. Her debut song was “Lost Child”. Oh my god, this song is so good. I actually remember talking about her when she first debuted. None of my online friends could be bothered. The song wasn’t cute enough for them. And it’s true. IU was like 14-15 when she debuted and it was a song too dark for K-Pop back then. Actually, I think that if a teenage girl were to debut now with a song like “Lost Child” now, she would have a good chance to make it because the idol groups cycle is in its low phase and it’s time for solo artists to go back to the top for the next two years.

Back to IU, she nails this song. Of course, her popularity only began when her agency switched her image and focused on a cute concept for a while… but * shrug * when you’re talented like her, you can afford to do so because your musicality gets recognized sooner or later.


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