[June 2015 – Vogue Girl] Lim Kim – Alright, As Always – Interview

Vogue Girl - Lim Kim

What did you ask our fashion editor earlier?

Ah, I asked what was the brand of the accessoiries I wore during the photo shoot. The bracelet and the necklace were beautiful. (Do you go shopping often?) It’s not like that. I don’t have a feminine style. I don’t particularly enjoy dolling myself up, so I usually just dress neatly. I mostly wear t-shirts, pants and I add a jacket. When I’m under some stress, I sometimes go to the select shop or I shop online on Zicgoo?

You came back after 1 year and 5 months. How did you spend your days during your hiatus?

I mostly have a well-regulated life. For instance, I get up at 7 in the morning, at 9 if I sleep in and I definitely have breakfast. When I was a kid, my mom made me breakfast, so it became an habit for me. Then I either exercise or I study Japanese. Once I finish lunch, I take care of what I have to do or I go to the rehearsal room when I have to work. I usually finish my daily schedule around 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I usually meet my friends in the evening or make plans. Around midnight, 1 in the morning, I go to bed. When I work, I work and when I play, I play while I stay in shape.

With this mini-album, it was the first time you participated to the song making process?

I had been wanting to work with producer Pee Jay and Beenzino. I used to imagine how my voice would sound on a hip-hop beat. Beenzino-oppa’s rap is similar to a melody, so I thought that I could also use a hook like this and sing. We’ve been in contact since last year and the three of us gathered in the recording studio and we picked a beat, they made me listen to the melody and the lyrics they worked on and that was how I got to participate naturally to the song “Dear Wind”. I guess that’s why it makes it more of my style than other songs. The song also has its character. It’s the reflection in a tree of a woman who is in love, and who thinks a lot, is also unstable and soft as she flirts with different men. That’s why I tried to sing with a thin and strangled voice.

“Awoo”, the first single you revealed, was a song you received from Primary, right?

I fell for it as soon as I listened to it the first time. I wanted to do a song based more on this sense of beat than before. I probably listened to the song 100 times after I received it. It’s a song that I recorded nearly in one take. On the contrary, for my title track “Love Game”, there were many details I had to worry about and it took me a few attempts to keep the chorus alive.

You’re featured on many songs. Is there a reason your name always comes up on the featuring list?

I think people mostly request my featuring because my voice is aerial. The majority just wants me to sing the way I’m used to. And the artist who make me the offer always have a clearly defined personality. Ah, well, “Myungsoo’s Tteobokki” is a bit different. He said that the person who recorded the vocal guide had a voice similar to mine.

Your most recent featuring was for “Gondry” which Primary and Oh Hyuk worked on.

I received this song as it had been decided that I’d participate to Primary’s album. I like listening to the band Hyukoh because I like Oh Hyuk’s voice. To be honest, we’re friends through friends [?]. That’s why I got the opportunity to listen to Hyukoh’s album on Soundcloud before its release about 2 years ago.

It can be hobby, but what do you do when you have some free time?

I often walk around all by myself. I often go to Hannam-dong, Itaewon, Apgujung or Shinsadong because it’s close to where I live. I used to live in the Kyungbok Palace station area in the past, so there are times when I go back to this neighborhood. When my friends are in Hongdae, I go over there too.

It can be a hobby, but what do you do when you have some free time?

I often walk around all by myself. My house is close to Hannam-dong, Itaewon, Apgujeong or Shinsadong, so I often go there. I used to live in the Kyungbok Palace station area, so there are times when I go there, or I go to Hongdae if my friends are in this area. Right now, I live in Eungbong-dong, so I go take a walk to the Seongsudaegyo Bridge. The Hannam Bridge is my healing spot. When I walk across that bridge at night, the night view is wonderful. Was it last year? When I had finished my schedule and went home, I’d ask to be drop off on the bridge and I took a walk to go home. My managers teased me and said it was weird.

Because there aren’t many people taking a walk on the Han Kang bridge?

So it seems. However, walking allows me to organize my thoughts. Once I’m done worrying over something and mumbling to myself, when I take a walk, I get new ideas. When my body is moving, it can be to exercise, but I like how some new ideas come to my mind when I’m walking and I think I’m trying to walk more on purpose.

You have a healthy life style and a healthy mind.

I’ve never really been sick. I care about trying to stay in good condition. It was more possible when I was living with my family. I’ve never really been used to eat spicy and salty food ever since I was a kid. I like vegetables and fruits. I care about staying in shape these days. When I’m doing activities, I work like crazy, so I almost only eat salad and yogurt. The Starbucks yogurt and fruit and vegetable juice are the best.

You enjoy watching movies.

I haven’t been able to recently. I often go to the movies, even when I’m by myself. Before I started this round of activities, it happened that I went twice to the movies in a week. The movie I remember the most among those I watched recently is “The New Girlfriend” by François Ozon. I went to see it without really knowing what it was about, but it was more interesting than I thought. (V.G: It seems that you mostly watch movies in art theaters) I wouldn’t say it like this. Since I started doing this job, it’s been hard for me to watch blockbuster movies. I don’t know if it’s because my job is about standing in front of people, but I think I end up looking for small and cozy things. I like things whose scale allows me to focus right away. I watch movies when I have money and time to enjoy some private time. I hate being stressed while watching sad and dramatic content. Even the movie “Whiplash” was too intense for me and it was difficult for me to focus.

It’s already been 4, 5 years since “Superstar K3”. What do you think would have happened if you had joined an idol agency and not Mystic Entertainment?

To be honest, I did wonder in the past what would have happened if I had been in a girl group. When I go to music shows, many idol groups are made of people my age. However, if my voice had stood out in a girl group, it might have been really weird and make people shake their head [?]. Should I say that it’s only about the balance and not about my voice? Mystic is a label that respects its artists and doesn’t try much to change them. That’s probably why my image right now will probably be the most similar to the image I had in the beginning. Of course, there’s Teacher (Yoon) Jong Shin who manages the agency and most of the songs created under his direction show the influence of taking on new challenges, though. Like the song “All Right” I released last year. It had this delicate feeling without being a dance song or a ballad.

If you were to choose one question you were asked the most since your debut.

Questions about Dae Yoon. The “do you have plans to do activities with Dae Yoon” question follows me around like a shadow anywhere I go. It’s not that I hate being asked this question often, but since the situation hasn’t changed, it’s unfortunate that I can’t give a new answer. I’m used to repeat answers like Dae Yoonie is doing great. He’s studying in the US. Right now, I’m doing various activities as a solo artist, but there will always be the possibility to do activities as Two Months.

What will you be thinking about once the photo shoot is over and you’ll be crossing the Hannam Bridge?

“What to do in order to enjoy life to its fullest? What should I do in the future?”. I’m getting used to the life I’m leading right now and to my activities and I’m not used to live doing things I’m familiar with. A new question arose from time to time and I was used to remember suddenly this thought “this is something I must definitely do”. When I was going to an alternative school or when I was studying abroad, when I was participating to the audition program. When I worry over something, the answer is already defining itself through my instinct. I’m talking about finding the most honest answer for yourself. If I tell myself “hey, that won’t work” and I look the other way, if I actually listen to my heart, a good outcome will follow in the end.

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