[September 2008 – Segye] So Ji Sub – Interview

Rough Cut - So Ji Sub

So Ji Sub (32) came back. With his gloomy gaze, his dark expression, but his features are bit stronger. Standing again in front of the audience 4 years after the drama “Sorry, I Love You”, So Ji Sub is playing the lead role in the movie “Rough Cut” (Korean title: “A movie is a movie”) which premieres on the 11th. As his character is a gangster whose dreams is to become an actor, So Ji Sub reveals every aspect of the frightening and lonely existence of this gangster life. We met him in a café in Apgujeong-dong. Just like his character, he gave off this rough and melancholic vibe. However, his smile appearing once in a while softened everyone.

△ I went to the regular premiere. People clapped once the film was over. What did you think of the movie yourself?

(his face lights up) Really? I’m satisfied because it came out better than what I expected. It’s a movie with humor, action and even a romance between a man and a woman. It really makes me happy that so many people enjoyed it.

△ The harmony between the two main male characters was awesome. However, the ending was kind of shocking. What do you think?

To be honest, the ending has three different versions. (shakes his head) A difficult and artistic ending, then a commercial ending. The one that you saw is halfway between the two.

△ You mean there’s something more shocking than the movie ending?

I mean the current ending is satisfying. There’s an ending difficult to accept. I think the director found the appropriate midpoint. Personally, I really like this ending that can give you various thoughts.

△ It’s a low-budget movie and you even personally invested some money in it. It seems that you could have come back through a blockbuster?

I really liked the scenario. No matter how hundred billion won can be invested and a few million people liked it heard it, there are many times when there’s no internal stability. I think there are many bubble projects.

△ It’s been 4 years since your drama “Sorry, I Love You”. You must have had many worries since it’s a projet you did after a long time.

I was very nervous in the beginning. I was more worried about being able to act again than worried about the fans being there for me. I didn’t have this “sense/feel” about acting either. However, once filming started, this “feel” came right away and I was able to enjoy filming. I think I worked well with Kang Ji Hwan because we’re the same age.

△ The movie show a movie set. What was the difference with a real movie set?

It was exactly the same. We filmed like crazy just as if it were a real movie. The staff in the movie is the real staff. I hope it will be more of a movie that friends who see it together will enjoy talking about it than a movie people watch to find out about a movie set. I feel this is the purpose of a movie. Everybody would shoot movies.

△ Was the final mud scene hard to film?

We matched each other’s moves, but it was  in the mud so it turned into a real fight. We did hit and strike each other a lot.

If Kwang Ji Hwan and you were to fight in real life just like you did in the movie, who would win?

We don’t fight. We discuss. (smiles)

△ How was your time in the army?

Don’t call it the army. Some people might get angry. (smiles) I was just a public service worker. One day really felt like a year. Of course, for those who are on active service, a year probably feels like 10 years. That made me miss acting eve more.

△ Was there any role in the TV shows or movies that you watched during your dramas that made you think “I wish I had played this role”?

Absolutely none. Being an actor is about portraying directly the character to make it your own. I watched TV in the beginninf, but I stopped.

△ So you entered your 30’s at some point. How does it feel?

I really like the time I’m living right now. When I look at my face in the past, there’s this empty side. However, my face right now gives off this full feeling, this masculine actor-like vibe.

△ You were recently chosen in Japan as a star who wears denim well. What’s your secret to maintain your figure and your style?

To be honest, I don’t have a great body. I have two hyungs I know very well. I think Song Seung Hun and Kwon Sang Woo both have great bodies. When I eat, I gain weight right away, so I work out constantly. I don’t exercise to have a great body, I exercise to maintain the body that I have right now. I exercise one hour, one hour and a half every day, if you want to call it a secret, then that’s my secret.

△ It was recently confirmed that you played the role of a singer in real life. (it was revealed recently that singer So Ji Sub released the album “G” last month)

I was planning to reveal it later. It wasn’t my intention that people find out about it. I’ve always liked music and I really love hip-hop. That’s why I ended up rapping because the opportunity was offered to me. Even if I can participate in other projects from now on, I won’t do singing activities. I’m an actor.

△ Do you also like the hip-hop fashion style?

I like it. However, I’m in my 30’s now, so even if I like it, I can’t wear it. (smiles)

△ How’s your real life personality?

How do you perceive me?

△ Hm… How to say it… If I look at the chic image with this indifferent look that female fans are following, you remind me of Seo Tae Woong in “Slam Dunk”.

Really? It’s the first time that I hear it. I hear a lot that I’m like Kang Baek Ho.

△ Doesn’t Kang Baek Ho have a bright and cute style? To me, you’re closer Seo Tae Woong than Kang Baek Ho.

People around me say that I’m like Kang Baek Ho. I think it’s the fact we’re similar when it comes to be passionate when we’re into something.

△ People were recently shocked by the death of Ahn Jae Hwan. It seemed that people realized that celebrities may look bright and fancy, but there’s also this dark side.

I also think it’s very unfortunate. The crazy stories surrounding his death are what I hate the most.

△ It’s obvious that the celebrity life is different from the ordinary life. What do you think is this job called “entertainer/celebrity”?

I can’t define it in one word. I’d say being a celebrity may look fancy, but it’s a very lonely life. However, the fact that you can feel the love of your fans is something that can make you happy.

△ Is there an actor that you consider as your role model?

I don’t have a role model, but I like Edward Norton. He’s really the best when it comes to showing various changes in his acting.

△ A movie that you enjoyed recently?
The one I enjoyed the most is “Rought Cut”. (smiles) I’m joking. I enjoyed “Dark Knight”. To be honest, I really want to play a villain, so I definitely want to try to play a character like the Joker. However, since I’ve played a lot of dark characters, I want to try a bright character right now. I’m scared to stay stuck in one direction.

△ What do you think is the meaning behind the title of your movie “Rough Cut” (A movie is a movie)?

As it says, a movie is a movie. More than looking for many things in this movie, what I hope is that friends who see it will talk about the movies even if it’s just for a short moment. I think it’s the purpose of a movie.

Segye via kimjihee
Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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  1. kfangurl says:

    Aw. I’m not a serious SJS fan, but I’ve always liked his earnest passion for the stuff that he enjoys. I love that little detail about his face lighting up. That sounds just like him, to be so sincere, and with a touch of little-boy on the inside (in a good way!). I also love that he does and pursues stuff that interests him, never mind the money-making potential. Not just his foray into hiphop, but also Rough Cut, as mentioned in this interview. It shows that he’s driven more by passion than by money, which is quality that I find worthy of respect. Thanks again for your hard work, Sunny! 🙂

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