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Hey everybody!

Update 08/22: Hello, hello… So I’m here with a short update on my situation. Well, doctors I’ve seen so far actually don’t know for sure what I have, so I was discharged from this hospital and was directed to another hospital specifically treating cancer and I will have to go through more tests first before surgery which won’t happen in August. I’m home for a couple of days to rest before I start the new tests cycle by the end of next week. I was hoping to put this behind me by mid-September, but looks like it’s going to be more likely in October. I won’t keep updating you on my situation until everything is over b/c this isn’t a personal blog and the Sunny Town is only dedicated to entertainment not “depressing” posts. At least, you’ll know the reason if there are irregular updates, although I had some translated OLD interviews that I was saving for occasions like this. Thank you for your kind and sweet words. 🙂

This will be short. First of all, happy birthday to the sunny town. It’s been two years since I opened this blog! Time just flies by.

So posting has been all over the place for the past 2 weeks because those were translations I had planned in July and they weren’t really ready to be posted, especially the So Ji Sub ones because I was working on other translations to make him my Celebrity of The Month. The few translatations I had ready are scheduled and will be posted some time around this month. Please, if you share my translations, don’t do full repost. Use the social network buttons to share, copy paste two answers you enjoy in the interview and let’s all support each other.

So here’s what happened. I’ve been hospitalized for the past 2 weeks. I’m feeling much better now. I’m home for two days and then I’m going back to the hospital for additional tests before surgery and then I’ll have to rest and not move for a while. I should be back by the end of September. Everybody, stay healthy, stay happy!

PS: Summer project is over. I already missed 2 updates. I just posted the full Dr. Frost oneshot and the Healer epilogue.

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  1. kfangurl says:

    Oh my. So sorry to hear you’ve been in hospital, and are still in the midst of tests, with surgery coming! 😦 May you feel much better very soon, chingu.. Rest well and take care, everything else can wait.

    Happy 2 years on the blog as well.. you’ve been providing a wonderful source of subbed interviews to fans everywhere, so you should give yourself several pats on the back. 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Thank you 😀 I have a good reason for wanting September to be here. I can’t wait for this surgery to be done. * sigh you *

      And let’s all pat each other on the back.

  2. Oh, wholeheartedly i hope for the best for you sunny lady lady sun chingu! Please be well and know that Know Kwon knows that everything will be fine with the surgery and you will be more than fine to forge new food memories! 😀 And happy birthday to the sunny town where sunny lady lady sun lives in and writes about k-thingies! 😀 I will invite you to dramajjang’s 1st birthday this October! 😀

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      thay’s very sweet of you! thank you for your kind words 🙂 i’m not too sure i’ll be around in October. I have yet to get a date for my surgery b/c they need to run more tests… Which means I must keep waiting and keep hoping they won’t find something that they can’t cure :/ but i must keep a positive mind.

      i actually thought your blog was older than mine. you guys are doing great!!

      1. You’re very welcome and thank you for the sunny town sunny lady! 😀 Of course you must keep a positive mind because a sunny lady can’t be cloudy lady since she’s sunny lady and mayor and food-memory dictator of sunny town! Everything will be fine, Know Kwon knows! 😀 Please keep us updated on the good knews in any way you want to, any time you want to ^-^
        We’re younger than sunny town! 😀 Gomawoyo!!! I should find such a job: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIfqKJNvEtM XD

      2. 1sunnylady says:

        well if I didn’t know before that Kwon Knows, I shall know it now. haha. not gonna lie. The first time I read it in the previous comment, I was so tired that I didn’t actually understand what you meant. My eyes just saw a bunch of k, n, o and w and i just gave up and moved on to the next sentence. OH.EM.GEE that is the cutest thing everrrrr! Awww it’s all about the minions now and Pikachu is like old-school cute but still cute nevertherless. it made me smile. thank you 😀

  3. jandoe says:

    Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry to hear -and so late to this news too!!! – that you’ve been in and out of the hospital and not feeling well. Sending you hugs and lots of healthy, good spirit in cheering you on for a clean slate recovery (or at least definitive diagnosis -non-threatening).Take all the time you need to sort out whatever, when you’re ready to be back here we’ll be around! ❤

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      You’re so kind.Thank you 🙂 * hugs *

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