[September 2015 – Singles] Sung Jun – Interview

Singles - Sung Joon

After your debut, you shot 13 projects in the span of 5 years. I feel like it fits the saying “running forward without taking a break”. It does feel this way. Fortunately, everything went smoothly with writer Ha Myung Hee’s “High Society” which is the drama I just finished with, so I didn’t have that much of a hard time.

When will you be able to see in your next project?
I’m expecting to change for a complete different image. I’m carefully checking various offers as I’m resting. There’s no role or image that I particularly want because be it a drama or a movie, the genre isn’t really important to me. On the contrary, what’s important if I’ll be able to work with nice people and how we will work together.

When you choose a project, is it only based on your own standards?
I’m trying not to cling onto what my inclination goes to. I’m trying to challenge myself with various projects because falling into manneurism is something I’m really scared of. I think I’m still lacking the instinct to pick a project. I think it’s normal because I’m young and I lack experience.

I prepared this photo shoot while thinking about the Sung Jun in his model days that I saw in the past. Instead of joking around with models your age, you’d be by yourself and you’d listen to some music or you’d be reading a book. This image of you left me a big impression. I like Jean-Paul Sartre. Reading thoughtlessly when  you’re a kid because you want to look cool, the words ended up going deep in my heart. I’ve been busy lately, so I can’t read. The last book I read is the novel “Temptation” by Douglas Kennedy. The text was similar to a movie scenario, so I read it in one sitting.

I checked your Instagram and it seemed you also do photography. That was also the reason the concept of this photo shoot was “Picture”. When I was in high school, I bought a manual camera. I pestered my father a lot to get it. I toyed with this camera I had struggled so much to get and I pressed the shutter button. I realized that the picture came out black. The exposure and the pin didn’t match, so it was the only result I could get because I had no idea of how the manual mode worked. However, this moment was nice. This moment when you press something and nothing comes out. It was a mistake, so I failed, but it made me realize that there’s nothing you can have easily. This camera gave me the feeling that it was the only thing I needed to have for me to do many things. I thoughtlessly went to a bookstore and I bought books about photography. I read them carefully, and I studied. I don’t know if it was clear. I just read them.

Don’t you want to make a portfolio with your own pictures? It feels like something you’d be greedy about.
I like it, do I have a reason? [t/n: I’m under the impression that this sentence belongs to the question, but the formatting places it in the answer, so…] It’s just because I like it. I do it because that’s where my heart is at. Calling it “pictures” might make a big deal out of it, but this is essentially like video games. I can stop whenever I feel I had enough. I have no target, no goal.

There many categories of pictures. Which kind of picture do you mostly like?
I can’t niptick about it, but I like pictures that reveals strongly the photographer’s subjective gaze. What I think, what I hope, what I feel, I want to put all that into my pictures. What I like more than anything is to play with the light. That’s why I want to take pictures that handle the light in a technical way. A friend of mine lent me his/her studio for a while and I worked on my portfolio. I’ve been busy lately and this friend moved to another studio, so I haven’t been able to work on it often, though.

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