[September 2015 – Elle] Hwang Suk Jung – Scene Stealers [Part 1]

Hwak Suk Jung

Hwang Suk Jung, from an ugly duckling to a devilish lady

The secret to become “this year it girl”  It’s so great for me to catch people’s attention. It’s not in my personality to imprison myself artificially or to make myself someone that I’m not. To be honest, living was hard all this time. I often heard the words “why do you pretend to be weird? you will never get roles for actresses”. Why wouldn’t it work out? Why should I be here? I fought a lot with such doubts and I think that’s why many people enjoy this world of mine, this atmosphere I create. It’s not that I’m the “it girl”, isn’t it because people want to see more of their own image?

Your career before “Misaeng”… I see any role as precious because I make no distinction. If I was asked to do a role, I had to do it and I had to be good. I took countless auditions and I went back to minor roles after playing supporting roles. However, I realized there are people who care about these small roles too and who remember them. I was surprised because fans would recognize me in the street and even remembered precisely dialogues I said.

Living as an actress is… There’s no one who didn’t go through a hard time while living as an actor. This job is about engulfing a character and then bringing out again. You’re in pain when you don’t digest something well. I think the ghosts inside of me are fighting. While I’m acting, I feel like it’s very hard to understand and accept others. I think acting is really a good job to broaden your horizons and understand the world.

The Hwang Suk Jung’s playtime way is… Reading manhwas is a hobby of mine. I completely rearranged my workroom. I meet people often, and I don’t have time and I hate going to places like coffee shops. It’s a multipurpose space where I can read books, draw/paint and listen to music. I also installed a bar and a table tennis equipement. When I fold the tennis table equipment, the room turns into a dance hall.

Projects for the rest of 2015? My next project is the drama “She Was Pretty”. I play fashion magazine editor Kim Lala. It’s my first time playing such a fancy character. I also shot a movie and I think I’ll stay in the musicals field by the end of the year. It’s exciting and I’m anticipating it. You must live life to its fullest. It would be nice if I could find a mate too. Haha.

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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