[September 2015 – Elle] Two faced-man Jang Kwang – Scene Stealers (Part 2)

Elle - Jang Kwang

Jang Kwang’s face off”

The “The Silenced” principal I was quite worried after we finished filming. It was a difficult time for me. It was a role I accepted with an obedient heart as my whole family prayed for me. It was an evil role, but I’m always thankful for it because it was the opportunity to break the mold I was in as an actor and in my life.

Good-hearted character and evil character When I do nice expressions, if I’m limited only to heartwarming and nice things, there are many ways to express the villain’s diversity. That’s why I was attracted to it and I think it had a big impact on the audience too.

From being a dubbing actor to an actor… I was selected during the open recrutement in 1978 and I debuted as a dubbing artist. I’ve been working in this field for 38 years. I dubbed a lot of lead characters when I was young, but I wondered “I began as a dubbing actor, will I die as a dubbing actor?”. I lacked nothing, but I had worries such as “isn’t my future more than that?”. And then, when MBC PD Go Bong Man worked on the “Republic Series”, I played a general once. The scene was with the actor playing Jeon Doo Han. However, he said I was more like Jeon Doo Hwan than the other character as he cast me 10 months later for “Samkimsidae”. That’s how I started acting. I majored in Theater and Cinema and I did theater when I was in a college before starting working as a dubbing artist. I wonder if these few years weren’t the stepping stone for me.

A unique fashion sense When I was young, I was aware of the fashion trends. I even tried the denim fashion (smiles). My family and I, we say nothing about each other’s clothes. Sometimes, we’d give each other advice, like “this isn’t for someone of your age”, though. The reason why I wasn’t uncomfortable wearing the red beanie is because I had already worn it in the drama “Grandpas Over Flowers Investigators”.

Such nice skin… is because my father had really nice skin, I guess? (smiles). I receive skin treatment once in a while.

Face and gaze… When you’re in your 60’s, your face, your gaze, they all reflect your life. I think my face gives off a familiarity feeling. Of course, when you experienced some hardship, grief or sorrow can show, but I think I was worried to make people uncomfortable, so I tried not to show it. I guess the fact my mind is at ease now makes me look at ease. The scene stealer that comes to my mind right away is Park Chul Min. We met when we were filming “Love Clinic” and we recently filmed the Chinese movie “The Devil Must Die” [?] in Jeju. I play the head of a police station who likes drinking alcohol (smiles). Chul Min is quite good because he’s funny while being polite.

T/n: he was absolutely adorable in “Grandpas Investigators”. I couldn’t deal with so much aegyo. He was so fluffy.



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