[September 2015 – Elle] Lee Chul Min – Scene Stealers (Part 5)

Elle - Lee Chul Min

Strong gaze? Well, if you go around with an intense gaze, your eyes get ruined (smiles). When I was in college, I got cast in “The General’s Son” and my classmates got jealous. Of course, who starts first isn’t what’s important, though. Being chosen in an audition where martial experts were predominant was odd. The movie producer told me “there will really be almost nothing to see, but the director said he liked your gaze”. That’s why without having any line to say, only with my gaze… (smiles)

One scene of my life like a movie During the second semester of my senior year in high school, I found my elementary school diary. My dream wasn’t to be the President, a doctor, a soldier, a judge like other kids this age. I had written down that my dream was to become an actor. Thinking that one should follow his dream, I suddenly changed paths which got me in trouble at home and at school (smiles). After some complications, I repeated my senior year, but I still failed to get into college. And I also had to go to the army, so I took the entrance exam of the Seoul Institute of Arts without telling my parents. The day of the results, I entered my test identification number and when I heard the voice says “congratulations. You passed!”, I felt like my heart would explode and this moment was really like one you see in a movie.

A snake, a bear, [t/n: I guess it’s a way to call bad guy], a boss, a convict and a pickpocket… I played a villain in my debut drama “A Place in the Sun”?, so it seems that I had a strong image. Then I played the quack help at the restaurant Choi Soo Jong hangs out at in “First Love”. It was a character somehow innocent and less nervous. I think people remember the powerful image. I played a lot of villains, but I also played many good guys like the nice major in “NLL” which premiered recently. Right now, I’m playing a strong character in “Last”, though.

The Jang Jin division I think I worked with director Jang Jin in 97~98% of his work. However, I kinda feel sorry when people use sometimes the expression “the Jang Jin division”. We’re more like family or relatives?

The movie that made me cry is… I cried a lot while watching “I Am Sam”. I think it was because I was going through a hard time after getting married and the birth of my first daughter. I felt very sorry toward my first daughter, so that might be the reason I get so sad when there are discussions about a father and his kid. That’s for that reason I found the movie “The Piper” with (Ryu) Seung Ryong so touching.

The person that makes me the most nervous is… My hoobae who is my wife. When we attended school, I always played supportive characters or small characters, but my wife was always lead. She had a good sense of acting, so she was a promising student. As soon as we got married, she had our kid and gave up on everything else. I’m the most scared and nervous when the person judging my acting is my wife.

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