[September 2015 – Elle] Oh Kwang Rok – Scene Stealers (Part 6)

Elle - Oh Kwang Rok

The occasion that made me start acting is… In my school days, I saw a theater play and told to myself you couldn’t lie on stage. I felt the raw sincerity in the breathing the actors convey to the audience because there’s no special skill to breathe. Such sincerity really touched my heart.

The role that got me known is… The psycho boss in the movie “She’s on Duty”. Although it was a villain, I wanted to express his feeling of loneliness. I focused on how much his life must have been sad and heartbreaking for him to become someone everyone is afraid of, or was it because he got caught up in the illusion that he was so cool.

Living as an actor is… Even if the lines and the setting are exactly the same, the final outcome is completely different, according to the actor. That’s because any role is filled with the actor’s take on life. This take on life becomes the breathing, the gestures, the gaze. That’s why what they think of the world and environment they live in and how they lead their lives are important things for actors.

Besides “scene stealer”, another keyword I’d like to be mentioned with… Familiarity. I want to be an actor whom the audience is used to but always gives off a different vibe.

My limit as an actor is… You can show standardized acting without being aware of it and it’s not a good direction. Diversity can also be beautiful like flowers that come in all sizes and colors in a field. I want to tell the young people who are starting walking down the acting path to cultivate well their take on life and their disctinctive style.

An actor I like is… Clint Eastwood. There’s this youth energy in the movies he made once he turned 70.

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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  1. kfangurl says:

    Aw, this actor always manages to be endearing in his roles. He was a highlight in High School King for me, even though I wasn’t loving the show. And he was fab in Healer too. Like him a lot! 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      whenever i read healer, “ALL MY LOOOOOOVE IM ALL YOUUUURS” come to my mind. It’s going to be a year and I’m still not over this drama

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