[September 2015 – Elle] Ahn Gil Gang – Scene Stealers (Part 8)

Elle - Ahn Gil Gang

Why do directors look for you? I think it’s my rarety. Because there’s no one in my age group with a height and a face like mine.

The type of role you played the most… Low-life, gangster, warrior? After playing many strong roles, I started playing fathers and other heart-warming characters two years ago. However, it’s a bit frustrating for me now. I want to play intense and strong characters now, so I’m looking for this kind of project.

Is your real life personality like a cat or a tiger? It’s close to the tiger. I’m a bit scary when I get angry. However, before the person I’m facing touches me, I never attack first. If I can, I try to endure it and be patient. Considering the face that I have, there can be prejudices against me, so that makes me even more cautious in my daily life.

The reason you don’t play in melodramas… I never played a family character until my two daughters Yeon Su and Eun Su were born. Because I can’t play through a lie when I didn’t experience something. It’s also why I avoid melos. I think I don’t have this heavy and profound emotion or feeling inside of me.

Current thoughts about your acting… In the past, I felt this electrifying feeling through my body after a scene. However, I think I got used to it after some point. I guess it was because I got a bit comfortable, but I feel like I’m in defensive mode when I’m acting. I wonder if my body won’t start reacting again after resting for a month or two once the drama filming is over.

Joys of life… Baseball, Pittsburgh, Kang Jung Ho. Every Saturday, I play baseball with the movie staff, and I play with a celebrity baseball team. I’d even wish to be a baseball player in another life.

Acting you want to try… I have no such desire. I think I excedeed my goal just just being where I am today. I just try my best to portraay the roles I’m given within the range I can do. Without being harmful to others. I got married late, so my kids are 7-years-old and 8-years-old. I must take care of my body and my health in order to be an actor for a long time. Being thin and living long [t/n: it’s a Korean expression a bit hard to translate. It basically means to be moderate in anything you do to live a long life] (smiles).

Translation: @thesunnytown – thesunnytown.wordpress.com


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