[September 2015 – Elle] Fearless Go Soo Hee – Scene Stealers (part 10)

Elle - Go Soo Hee

The Go Soo Hee people remember Although it was 10 years ago, and I played in other movies with good box-office results, there are still many people who remember me as the witch in “Sympathy for Lady Vengeance”. It seems this role left a big impression on people.

Roles you’ve played the most are… I played various roles like a store lady, doctor, housewife, boxer, gangster. I played a teashop lady twice. I debuted with the role of a teashop lady who has epilepsy in the play “Ode to Youth” and I played a woman running a teashop in the movie “You’re My Destiny”.

A scene that remains in your memory In “Barking Dogs Never Bite” which was my first movie, there’s the scene in which I shove Bae Doo Na and smash the car’s side mirror with my foot. We did it a few times, so my body was hurting all over the next day, but the scene came out better than I expected.

The genre you think that would be shocking when people talk about you… Wouldn’t it be a melo character? Personally, I like the movie “One Fine Spring Day”.

Your thoughts about your acting these days… To be honest, I never thought about becoming an actress. It was a coincidence that I debuted in a play. This naturally led me to movies, then dramas. I feel like I was fearless back then because I knew nothing. I tried to stay confident even when I made a mistake. Now, the more I act, the more difficult and scary acting is becoming for me. I doubt myself as I wonder “is there sincerity in what I’m expressing?”. This makes me work harder on these aspects.

The thing you are wary of as an actress is… I’m trying not to get used to acting. I don’t want to hear that I’m an actress who only show technique or that I’m good for a type of scene.

Other interest, besides acting… I’m really interested in humanities and people. That’s why the first thing I do when I receive a scenario is to meet and interview people who are in a similar situation than the character I must play. I won’t become perfectly the character, but understanding their life in an indirect way helps me in my acting.

A character to understand who you are… The character of Jang Mi in “Sunny” is similar to my personality. It was a character very ordinary compared to my previous roles, so it didn’t really stand out in the plot, but it’s the role that was the closest to who I am.

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