[September 2015 – Elle] Park Hyuk Kwon – Scene Stealers (Part 11)

Elle - Park Hyuk Kwon

Director Yoon Sung Ho’s persona… Persona, what? They were roles you want to make someone else do because the characters mostly have negative sides (smiles). To be honest, my standard isn’t if I want to play the character that must come out through me or if I don’t want to. To me, it’s about planning and thinking about what I must do to portray the character I embrace. I’ve been tinking lately that I’d like to try an action role.

First acting gig… It was probably for a play. I think my first movie role was a bar owner in a short movie for a graduation project at the film academy. Around the time I met director Yoon Sung Ho, I portrayed homeless 2 or 3 in the movie “So Cute”. I got know through the fake monk role in “To Catch a Virgin Ghost” because it premiered first, though.

Nicknames like Hyuk Kwon the Great, Olaf doppelganger… I like it, I’m thankful. Seems that I look like him (smiles).

A little while ago, the “momjjang” [= nice body] of the fitting room… It was no joke back in the day, it changed with soju. I haven’t been drinking much lately because I’m busy, so it became a bit more natural now.

The decision of becoming an actor I was like 22, 23. I woke up one day and opened a sports magazine. There was a recruiting ad of a theater company looking for new members. I gave them a call, they told me to come and that’s how I started. Since I had started, I wanted to do things the right way and I enrolled in the Seoul unniversity theater department and I told myself “let’s try just this year”, “let’s try a bit more just this year because I guess I have no other choice now”.

The unforgettable scene of my life…  There was this one time when I was so embarrassed during a movie preview to the point I even thought “this is a problem, should I quit acting?”. Once the movie was over and the lights were turned back on, I couldn’t even stand up. I pulled my hat over my eyes, and I cried hard with my mouth open because I was scared people would hear me.

Robert de Niro I want to go to the Tribeca film festival he created in New York and show him the pictures of the photo shoot I did today. I would tell him I put so many of his pictures on the wall because I’m his fan (smiles). A few years ago, director Yoon Sung Ho was invited to this film festival, but I don’t know why he didn’t go.

Your acting theory is… You must become realer than reality because it’s fake anyway. If I make a paper flower, my goal is to make you say “what? You say you made it with paper? You’re lying, it’s a real flower, isn’t it?”. It’s about emotions for some aspects that make you wonder if I’m really mad, if I’m really having a good time, if I’m really rude.

What you enjoy is… Swimming in the sea and snorkelling. That’s why it was nice that the “Scene Stealer” festival was in Jeju island. Since “Punch”, I didn’t get to take a break and I won’t take one until March next year.

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