[October 2015 – Elle] Gong Yoo – Be Mine – Interview

Elle - Gong Yoo

I’m going to ask you honest questions about “the moments women love men”. First of all, cooking, which is popular these days! Are you a “yoseknam” [= short for “sexy guy who can cook”]? Yes, I like cooking. Nothing grandiose like French, Italian cooking. Like when filming takes place in the countryside and I share a dorm wit my manager for a few months. When it happens, I cook myself instead of eating take-outs. I also enjoy the cooking process and feeding others. I watched TV and tried all the recipes of Baek Jong Won. There are actually many menus appropriate with alcohol and accompaniments.

Next, driving. What’s your driving style? I like cars and I like driving. My driving style changes according to the car I’m driving… It’s like how the way you speak or your behave changes according to the outfit you wear. If it’s a sports car, I don’t realize that I press down harder the accelerator and if it’s a city car, my driving is gentle…

Sports? Sports is a part of my daily routine. I like watching baseball too.

Baseball fans know joy and sorry during the baseball season. Yes, I shout and get goosebumps while I’m watching videos. All baseball fans are the same. I like all sports with a ball and I enjoy all of them.

Is your beauty care game also strong? It doesn’t seem your face has changed since your “Coffee Prince” days? I try to do the basics. I use the Bodyshop skin lotion and if I still get pimples, I apply some tea tree oil. The tea tree oil effect is so excellent that it even makes me wonder? My mother likes the “drops of youth” line a lot. My mother is getting young. Haha. And I also go to the dermatologist once a week. To be honest, lying down can be troublesome, but I realized that I have to do what’s good for me as I’m getting older.

A music stuck in your head these days? To be honest, when I was in my 20’s, I looked for new songs and I felt superior when others didn’t know the songs I knew. I was like “y’all don’t know this song?”. Recently, it’s been Hyukoh band. It’s very sad that they became so popular since they went to “Infinite Challenge”.

It does exist. The “I wanted to be the only one to know” mentality… You’re right. The artist I listen to the most these days is Honne. I take a drink, I put it in my cell phone holder and I listen to the music. When I’m driving and it rains, this music also comes to my mind and I listen to it.

It’s beautiful. And listening it with earphones makes it even better. Indeed. You must listen to it by yourself.

Now it’s the fast answer game. Pick one answer. You must be honest. First of all, kimchhi jjigae vs. pasta Kimchi jjigae.

Soju vs. beer… But somehow I have the feeling you will answer somaek [soju+beer] I do drink a lot of somaek. It’s refreshing for the first round and after that, I drink soju. To be honest, it’s a difficult question like “do you prefer your mom or your dad?”. Still, I’d say soju. Beer doesn’t fill me. And it’s annoying to go often to the bathroom.

What do you think of the fruit-flavored soju which is trendy these days? Heyyy, I can’t drink that. The taste is really nasty. But I thought alcohol like this was more dangerous? You must be careful so it doesn’t leave you unable to walk.

Americano vs. latte Americano… And there’s also a place where the latte is especially good. You must give me latte coming from a place like this.

Training suit vs. suit Training suit!

Sedan vs. motorcycle Sedan. Motorcycles are dangerous. That’s what my father says.

K-music vs. Pop Hm… I like old K-music. Like Lee Seung Hwan, Lee Moon Se, Yoo Jae Ha… However, among the current musicians, I think GD and IU have really nice sensitivity. They’re really cool. Anyway, after taking a drink, the music I play is from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s. I’m really getting old, right?

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  1. Hazel says:

    Yay, a rare Gong Yoo interview! I wish it was longer, but I’ll take what I can get. 🙂

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      Thznk you 🙂

  2. Foong says:

    Like this very much. Thanks for sharing.

    1. 1sunnylady says:

      And thank you for reading!

  3. Akutane says:

    thank you so much, please keep doing. Love you, from a Gong Yoo fans.

  4. aisling says:

    Wow , no wonder he has such a skin when he goes to a dermatologist once a week 😀 Thanks for the interview!

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