[October 2015 – Elle] Suzy – Rome with Love – Interview (II)


Elle - Suzy (2)

It seems that even your drinking habit would be cute. Whay do you do when you’re drunk? I get happy suddenly and I talk much more. According to my manager who accompanies me, when I’m drunk, I keep texting “pooh!” to the people who leave the bar early… Is it cute?

I read an interview you did when you were 20 and you said the thing you wanted to do the most was to “have fun”. Did you have fun in the past 2 years? Hm… I thinK me saying “I want to have” fun was a formal answer. If I were asked the same question today, I would be able to give a sincere answer. More than “I want to play”, the answer would be “I want to rest”.

You probably have no time to rest because of your busy schedule, right? I treat myself more harshly when I work. I sleep less… Well, the thing is when you have a different life style, you create your know-how to deal with it. I’m trying my best to make time to take breaks because dying over work doesn’t mean you’d get a good outcome anyway.

The thing you’re the most sad about giving up to become a celebrity… The ordinary feel of a daily life. For instance, things like drinking a cup of coffee with my friends on a coffee shop terrace or going to an amusement park.

Among the sunbaes you met as you worked, which female sunbae do you think is awesome? Is there a sunbae that makes you think “I want to age like this person”? I won’t pick one specific person. And it’s not just in the entertainment industry, when it comes to female sunbaes who have been working for a long time in a different field, any of them inspire respect and greatness. It’s about enduring things and taking responsibility for what you do until the end, regardless of the many difficult situations that arise. I want to work hard like them and become a sunbae worth to be respected by her hoobaes in the future.

How do you want to spend the rest of your 20’s? I think I’ve lived pushing myself hard and staying busy so far. For the rest of my 20’s, I’ll get a bit more of a free mindset and worry accordingly about what I want to do exactly.

If you were given one month of vacation and didn’t have to worry about absolutely nothing? I’d eat every tasty food I want for a month with no second thoughts? Still, I put on weight easily, so I’m always worrying when I eat. Even if it’s the same dish, you know it tastes different if you eat it while being self-conscious or not (smiles).

What efforts are you making to be even prettier? I don’t receive specific extra treatment. If I work out a lot, I gain muscle and I look like I put on some weight, so I only do some brief stretching at home. I think eating less/moderately is the best method for me to be prettier.

During the photo shoot, you created a new lipstick color by mixing two lipsticks. You have the makeup skills of someone experienced. Whom did you learn from? I’ve liked putting on makeup ever since I was a child. Every time I had a day off and I was bored at home, I put on makeup all by myself, then I took it off, so my skills improved while I was having fun with it.

It’s your first time attending a fashion show so far away. How does fashion inspire or influence you? I’m really interested in fashion. I usually read a lot of fashion magazines and I do my own research on the pretty foreign models who catch my attention. Just like them, I also do a lot of photo shoots, so I learn a lot from that. It’s my first time attending a fashion show overseas and sit so close, so I’m very curious and impatient to see which image the models will have on the runway.

Do you like shopping? What’s the most recent purchase you personally made? From SPA (Specialty store retailer of Private label Apparel) brands to high-end brands, I like everything and make no distinction. I bought pumps not long ago.

If you get more opportunities to travel around, where do you absolutely want to go? I’d rather go to a place I already went to, even just once, but I’m familiar with instead of going to a place for the first time. I want to go back one more time to the Chamonix-Mont Blanc in France where I shot an ad once. It’s a small and cozy village. There was this quiet and serene feeling. Even if I walked arond all by myself, not one single person recognized me. It’s a place so perfect that I never thought once “it’s dangerous”.

What kind of music do you listen to in moments like this? If you were to recommend a song to listen to when you travel? When I travel, I play more bright and emotional songs than calm music. I recommend “Touching You” by Lala Sweet and “Shoot The Moon” by Norah Jones.

Would you want to be reborn as Bae Suzy in a new life? Since I have lived this life, I’d want to be someone with a job different from being an entertainer. As you know, I like getting dolled up, so I don’t want to be reborn as a man. In this life, I would try my best to be satisfied with what I do without regrets and show some love to Bae Suzy instead.

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